Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Comfort Me

Your Presence like a starry shawl wraps around my shoulder
As the twilight shadows fall across each field and boulder
You gently soothe the aching heart with whispers from the sky
A blessed comfort You impart in heavens lullaby

I don’t offer fancy words or flowery repetition
In this silence I am stirred to quiet contemplation
As you usher in the night with deeper shades of blue
Offering a brief respite from duty’s glaring hue

I have no words to bring to You, with weariness I’m fraught
Beneath the evenings gentle blue you behold each thought
And you behold each silent tear, each wordless confession
For the pleas I cannot bear You make intercession

As the twilight shadows fall across another day
I draw upon Your starry shawl to keep night’s chill away
And I can feel the gentle glow Your mystery imparts
I feel the comfort You bestow wrapped around my heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Rock of ages cleft for me
Let me hide myself in Thee
Let the water and the blood
From Thy riven side which flowed
Be of sin the double cure
Save me Lord and make me pure

Should my tears forever flow
Should my zeal no languor know
These for sin could not atone
Thou canst save and Thou alone
in my hand no gift I bring
Simply to the cross I cling

When I draw this fleeting breath
When my eyes shall close in death
When I rise to worlds unknown
And behold Thee on Thy throne
( I 've forgotten the last two lines!!!!)
but the words to this beautiful hymn
just drifted across my memory:):)
When the last two lines come to me I'll fill them in.
Yes, I could go and look in a book but
what would be the challenge in that???:):)
God bless you and may He be your true comfort,
This blessed Rock of the ages!!!

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