Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Of Human Hearts

Years of education, books a square mile high
Some fact, some assumption to answer questions why
But when all is spoken there really are no charts
To clarify for certain the way of human hearts

Creatures of prediction and unexpected urges
Filled with intense emotion raging as it surges
Creatures of our choices in what this life imparts
But who explains the voices directing human hearts

Indeed we are so fearfully and wondrously created
The heart a combination of the flesh and of the spirit
God alone can understand love’s wondrous mysteries
For in each heart His love designed unique intricacies

No scholar ever can explain the touches of His spirit
Nor can anyone attain God’s knowledge or His merit
But God knows the full measure of each hidden part
And He can see the treasure of our human hearts

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart....Prov.3:5

I love the movie...Of Human Hearts! (James Stewart 1938)

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