Thursday, February 18, 2010


Swift as a flowing river in spring
Faint as a breath on a butter-fly’s wing
Brief as the tear wiped quickly away
Simply a flicker on a canvas of gray

Precious as a babe in a new mother’s arms
Priceless its value beyond this world’s charms
One tiny foot-print in the vast blue sky
One tiny flicker before we die

One tiny flicker, one transient breath
One fleeting dance twixt life and death
One tiny flicker, one God, one Way
But two destinations on Judgment Day

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Just as man is destined to die once,
and after that to face judgment,
so Christ was sacrificed once to
take away the sins of the many people;
and He will appear a second time,
not to bear sin, but to bring salvation
to those who are waiting for Him. Heb. 9;27-28

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