Friday, February 12, 2010

I Thought I Had a Lifetime

I thought I had a lifetime, little girl
When I held you I thought I held the world
Now you are getting bigger every day
And time just slips and slips away
So many little joys already past
For you are growing up so very fast

I thought I had a lifetime, little lad
Soon you will be taller than your dad
As time is stealing you away
Just a little every day
While you dream I softly sigh
For the moments slipping by

I thought I had a lifetime, I was wrong
A lifetime isn’t really very long
I didn’t know that it could fly so fast
How soon it rests in shadows of the past
I thought I had a lifetime way back then
I wish I had that lifetime back again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

We were looking at our old photo albums
I should put a warning on the cover…
May cause heart-tugs!!!!

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