Friday, February 26, 2010

No Doubts

If I told you that I’d never disappoint you
If I told you that I’ll never do you wrong
If I told you that I’d never say the wrong words
I don’t blame you dear for doubting my fair song
So I won’t make a never-ending promise
About the things that I won’t ever do
But above all things my darling you may know this
You will never need to doubt my love for you

I have failed you more than I care to remember
Without meaning to I have made love a lie
But as surely as a Christmas in December
Or the warmth of summer sun-shine in July
There is one thing you will never need to doubt, dear
In spite of all the things I never do
Tis my love you’ll never need to live without, dear
So you’ll never need to doubt my love for you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Just another love poem.
I was vacuuming when.......

I have a feeling the love theme
will carry through March with Easter being
on April the 4th.

By the way.....CONGRATULATIONS!!
Canadian Women's Hockey!!! You did it!!!
We love you!!

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