Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Dying Soldiers Thoughts

The sky is such a lovely shade of blue in early May
The clouds look soft and fluffy; I’ll be touching them today
At least the grass I’m lying on is soft and emerald green
The color of the spring-time lawn back home in Aberdeen

God, there was so much that I had hoped that I could do
But it looks as if today I will be meeting you
And all the things I’ve thought worth-while seem suddenly so small
I can’t help but smile to think we fuss ‘bout life at all

The only thing that matters is this moment now impending
The seeds that I have scattered will grow though my life is ending
God, it is so little that man-kind will ever know
I'm glad that I am not afraid because You love me so

There’s a letter in my pocket, I suppose someone will find
And give to my beloved, ‘something I had left behind’….
Sure would have loved to see her, touch her soft cheek just once more
God, what a useless, bloody hell on earth, this war

Above me now an eagle flies on her majestic flight
I will pass her in the skies as I fly Home tonight
She will fly to some tall tree and to her faithful nest
I’ll fly to eternity and my eternal rest

The sky is such a lovely shade of blue in early May
I wonder what they’re doing in my home-town today
I wish that I could see them all and touch their lips again
Oh God, in death there’s no enemy, we are all just men….

......somewhere in his home-town way across the shining seas
The willow limbs are swaying gently in the evening breeze
And there somewhere is someone who cares none for spring so green
As she weeps into her pillow for something that could have been

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Inspired by Hemingway, Dickinson, life and love

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