Saturday, October 31, 2009

Point of View

I don’t suppose that in this life
We’ll ever understand
The great design or reasoning
Beneath God’s mighty hand
I don’t suppose anyone knows
Why some are called to bear
A cross that seems too great for them
Perhaps a bit unfair

I don’t suppose it’s given to men
To understand God’s thoughts
Or even begin to fathom
All the miracles He’s wrought
The glass we view our trials through
Is dark and stained with sin
But some glad day He’ll take away
Our darkened veil within

I don’t suppose we’ll ever see
Until we stand with Him
Where Heaven is reality
And earth a shadow dim
Then, over there if we still care
Perhaps we’ll ask Him why
But then again one glimpse of Him
May truly satisfy

All Rights Reserved
October 31, 2009
Janet Martin

Nothing changes our point of view
Like God, when He changes our view-point!!!

For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
Fro as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways
And My thoughts than your thoughts. Isa.55:8-9

Friday, October 30, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Do you ever ask yourself, is it really worth your while
As you strain through the torment of another mile
Is there really a pay-off at the other end?
Or just a hill or another bend
Ah, yes someday it will be worthwhile
As we cross the finish-line of the last mile
It’s hard now, I know, but we’ll keep our eyes
Fixed on the eternal prize

Was it worthwhile, dear Jesus for You?
As You look down on this sin-cursed view
As You wept and prayed in agony
With sweat-drops as blood in Gethsemane
Was it worth it all? For I don’t understand
Your love imprinted on nail-scarred hands
Your gift, so free to this human race
So hopelessly lost without your grace

So, I ask again, is it worth our while?
The blood, sweat and tears of another mile
As I think of God’s great sacrifice
My greatest offering is a pitiful price
Blood, sweat and tears are given in return
For a love we can never begin to earn
But His love puts a purpose in every mile
Thank-you Jesus, You’ve made it worthwhile!!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So do you ever REALLY NOT feel like going on that walk, or run
Or doing your workout????? But after you do it you say
‘YES, that is so worth the effort!!
I feel GREAT!!!!’
Do you think that’s what we’ll say when this ‘race’ is over??/
YES!! That was SO worth the effort!!! I feel GREAT and
Let’s ‘keep on keeping on’

Therefore…..let us run with patience the race that is set before us.Heb.12:1

There is a Time

There is a time to everything under the sun,
A time for laughter, joy and fun,
A time to stop and smell the flowers
And linger a little in those pleasant hours,
A time to treasure those blooms ere they whither,
And scatter their seeds far yon and thither,
A time to cherish the days as they fly,
A time for hello and a time for good-bye

There’s a time to dance through sunny meadows,
And a time to bow humbly ‘neath life’s deeper shadows,
There’s a time for youth and a time to be old,
A time to talk and a time to be told,
There’s a time to endeavor and a time to resign
To the will of the One with the perfect design
To our blueprint of life, but I still question why,
As my teardrops fall and I whisper good-bye

There’s a time for June and a time for December,
A time to make memories and a time to remember,
There’s a time to meet and a time to part,
But dear are the memories deep in our heart,
So Lord, if I cling when it’s time to let go,
Help me release my grasp, for I know
If our memories are sweet, our tears soon will dry
When it is time to say good-bye

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

There is a time for everything
and a season for every activity under heaven. Eccl.3:1

I just CANNOT believe that we are
pretty well through October already!!!
Maybe that's why I'm thinking about
'seasons' today:)

This morning as I look out of the window
it looks like it is snowing leaves!!!!
The trees will be stripped by the end of today:-(
At least Matthew won't need to climb
the tree to shake them down like he did
the other day:):) He wanted a bigger leaf pile!!!

Love's Seasons

Love, like a soft gentle breath of spring
How can I ignore your whispering?
You make the poorest man a king
With your soft gentle breath of love
Banishing cares of yesterday
Blowing tomorrows worries away
Giving me sweet delight in today
With your soft gentle breath of love

Love, like summer’s June sunshine
Kissing buds on a tender vine
Drawing out blooms so rare and fine
Bathed in your warmth of love
Like sparkling dew or drops of rain
You revive the heart again
And wash away life’s bitter pain
As I bathe in the warmth of love

Love, like autumn’s flaming hues
You brush away the dreary blues
With shades that no man can refuse
As you color my path with love
Your gifted fingers of red and gold
Touch this treasure that I hold
I smile as I feel your arms enfold
And color my path with love

Then, as the cold winds of winter blow
I’m content in love’s warm glow
For Jesus loves me, this I know
And He’ll bring spring again
So blow if you must, you frigid gale
Soon your icy grasp will fail
For where love reigns its warmth prevails
Until its spring again

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

Now these three remain, faith, hope and love,
and the greatest of these is love. 1 Cor. 13:13

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let It Rain

Drooping flowers raise their heads
Waters fill parched river-beds
Dusty fields are green again
And I’m learning how
To dance in the rain

Clouds are groaning over-head
As they release the tears they shed
Take heart, their weeping’s not in vain
As I’m learning how
To dance in the rain

Toss your umbrella, lift up your face
Drink in the nectar of heaven’s embrace
Yes, pain still hurts and wishes remain
But I’m learning how
To dance in the rain

Tilt your head, look to the skies
Look deep into God’s tender eyes
You’re not alone, He holds your hand
And He’ll teach us how
To dance in the rain

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

Seems like God designed us to learn
more in the ‘rainy seasons’
than in the sunshine……thus producing growth!

He will be like rain falling on the mown field,
Like showers watering the earth…..Ps.72:6


In money, yes money, some try to find it
In greed, endless greed, how sadly they're blinded
In liquor, yes liquor, insatiable thirst
They drink til enslaved to a bondage so cursed
In playing, in pleasure, in wanton desire
Constantly feeding an unquenchable fire
For nothing endures, nothing faithful will prove
And nothing is sure except God's wondrous love

In working, yes working that surely appeases
Twenty-four seven yet still nothing pleases
That large gaping void that just keeps on expanding
Searching for joy while they lack understanding
As they search in their folly for true satisfaction
How futile their effort, how vain every action
If they are not grounded in hope from above
If they have not found it in God's perfect love

Oh, there is a solace calm, undemanding
A peace that surpasses this worlds understanding
It's not found in riches, in fortune or fame
It's found in forgiveness through His holy Name
It's found in redemption beneath a red cross
It's found in confession counting this world as loss
It's found in believing in God up above
It's found in receiving God's free saving love

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

"For I know the plans I have for you"
declares the Lord,"Plans to prosper you
and not to harm you. Plans to give you
hope and a future. Then you will call upon me
and come and pray to me and I will listen to you.
You will seek me and find me when you seek me
with all your heart...... Jer.29:11-13

Ok, ok, it's confession time...
I like rolling pins!
and I like going on a search to
find one that's unique and different.
And yes, it gives me a momentary delight
to find one.....but that's it!
Brief, brief pleasure, for 'things'
will never fulfill or satisfy!
At the end of the day it is simply 'more stuff'.
Only One can satisfy and then, only if we let Him.
'if we seek Him with all our hearts'.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do You know Him?

He is the Lover of my soul
In life and death He’s in control
His love and mercy has no end
He is an everlasting Friend
He is my strong-hold; He helps me stand
He is my Rock; He is my right hand
He is my Shield, my Fortress, my Stay
More precious than gold, unfailing always
Do you know him? He who will bless
The seekers of His righteousness

He is my Shepherd; I am His sheep
He is my Comforter when I weep
He is the Vine; He is Salvation
The Beginning, the End, the God of Creation
From everlasting to everlasting
The Living Bread within my fasting
He is the Way, the Truth, the Life
He is Hope within my strife
He is a Father, kind and tender
Do you know Him?
My soul’s defender

He is my Deliverer; He is my King
He is my boasting; He is my Wing
He is my Refuge, my Strength, my Song
My help in trouble, my Corner-stone
He is Holy, He is Judge
And His decree will never budge
He is the Lion and the Lamb
Alpha, Omega, the great I AM
He is Thunder, He is a dove
Do you know this God of Love?

He is my Defense, He is my Light
He is Day within my night
He is my Healer; He is Grace
He is the Reaper we all will face
He is Humility, Glory and Power
He is undefeated in His darkest hour
Conqueror, Victor, He is Head
Of both the living and the dead
He is the bright and Morning Star
Do you know Him? This dear Savior

Do you know the One who died?
The One with pierc-ed hands and side
Do you know the One who bore
The whole world’s sins whilst He wore
Upon His brow a thorny crown
As crimson love and tears flowed down?
Do you know the One who cried
“It is finished” as He died
To set the captive sinner free
And give us life abundantly?

Do you know Him? This Holy One
Jesus Christ, God’s precious Son
Do you know this Friend of sinners
Who transforms losers into winners?
Do you know this God of love?
He’s down below, He’s up above
He holds the world within His hand
Do you know His love so grand?
Do you know Him in all you do?
I dearly hope so, for He knows you

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and
The end, the First and the Last……..Rev.22;13

I am the root and off-spring of David,
and the bright and morning star. Rev 22:16

Surely I come quickly…..Rev.22:20 KJV

And this poem scarcely BEGINS to remind us of all that
HE IS!!!!!!but I was thinking about it yesterday
as I worked at the fall-cleaning(washing walls
an' stuff gives a person A LOT of 'thinkin' time)
He truly is the ALL IN ALL!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Saw Her Today

I caught a glimpse of her today
An eight-year-old bundle of laughter and play
Into the leaves with a flying leap
Burying herself in the earth-scented heap
Blonde hair streaming and blue eyes shining
Inhaling the freedom of autumn’s refining
I gazed….perhaps wistfully with a hint of a smile
For I saw her today for a little while

I saw her today, timid, fifteen
Her eyes far away in the midst of a dream
So lovely and tender, unmarred by life’s churning
Awakening the heart to a girl’s deeper yearning
Tomorrow’s woman waits on the brink
As I beheld her I paused to think
And I reached out to touch her but she moved away
Yes, I caught a glimpse of her today

She passed by but life was calling
No time to sigh with idle recalling
A flick of her hand as she went out the door
Seventeen, not really a child anymore
I followed and longed to draw her back
Yet in the same moment I knew I would lack
What she now needs, so I let her go
But I saw her today for a moment or so

I saw her today for a little while
I don’t know whether to weep or to smile
It’s a mixture of sorrow and happiness
So I’ll do a little of both, I guess
For every so often, every now and then
I catch a glimpse of her again
The girl of yester-years, -no other
But I fight back the tears for I am….their Mother

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

There’s something about falling into a pile of leaves…………..


Deep in the meadow ‘neath the moonlights gleam
Neath Heaven’s shadow by a silent stream
Ribbon of silver on an emerald gown
On midnight’s tresses I lay my head down

God, You are great and God, You are good
Today I have been misunderstood
Give me Your grace Lord, Your spirit I seek
Help me to turn the other cheek

Soft breezes ripple cross the emerald grass
Seems like I almost see His spirit pass
Yes, child I’m great and yes I am good
With Me you are never misunderstood

There on His shoulder I pour out my woes
As night grows colder He draws me close
In His green pastures still waters pass by
As I rest in Him, my Lord and I

Dawn is spreading her misty veil
Softly treading a diamond trail
God you are great and God you are good
With You I am never misunderstood

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

God is our refuge and strength:
a very present help in trouble.Ps. 46:1

....and I DO realize a broken computer
does not really qualify as trouble....
more like a NUISANCE!!!! but I'm
glad it's fixed:):)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're all in this Together

We’re all in this together
Are we not?
Each storm we weather
Each battle fought
With the shield of faith
And the Spirit’s sword
Putting on the whole armor
Of the Lord
Prepared and united
We march through the land
Shoulder to shoulder
Hand in hand
We lift it up high
Sweet Jesus name
The only name by
Which man can be saved
We’re all in this together
From sea to sea
His army will march
To sweet victory
For our Captain defeated death
Once for all
So with every breath
We implore man to call
On the one name JESUS
By which man can be saved
He longs to release us
From the power of the grave
Oh won’t you call
On His holy Name?
His grace is for all
And forever the same
Oh won’t you call on His name?…JESUS
His love we acclaim…JESUS
Together we march
His victory we’ll claim
For we march
In hope’s only Name….Jesus

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So...I was sitting here praying for
missionary friends,
Josh and Bec in East Asia,
Phil and Andrea in Ghana, Africa,
Doug and Lisa in Florida,
Irv and Shirley in Mexico
Richard and Marina who have
returned from serving for 38 yrs.
in Belgium, and trying not to
be 'homesick'.......
and as I thought about it I realized
Whether here or there,
ANYWHERE, we are all part of His army!

And everyone who calls
on the name of the Lord
will be saved. Acts 2:21

In One Accord

Come worship the Lord in spirit and truth
In one sweet accord come aged and youth
Cast aside all your differences now we will sing
With joyful voice thankful praise to the King

His grace has no limit so our gratitude
With selfish desire must not be subdued
For God seeks the worshipper doing his part
To worship sincerely with all of his heart

His grace is sufficient for the young and the old
So lift up your voices and let us be bold
Bold for His glory and bold for His name
Truthful worship has one stage and one claim

And our claim is Jesus most Faithful One
Blessed Redeemer, Father, Spirit and Son
United we’ll gather with one accord
United we’ll worship our Savior and Lord

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Our oldest two daughters,
Emily and Melissa just got back from
an 'Acquire the Fire' week-end...
a week-end of music and worship
in a stadium of ten thousand people.
They said it was absolutely INCREDIBLE
to sing and worship where everyone shouted
praises to God.
Can you imagine heaven?????

Give unto the Lord
the glory due His name.
Worship the Lord
in the beauty of holiness. Ps.29:2 KJV

Day of Rest

It seems we live in a world today
Of twenty-four seven, full speed
A day of rest, what’s that, they say
Not something that we need
And it’s considered such a waste
To take a break from busy haste
But God, I think Your plan is best
You knew we’d need a day of rest

You are the breath of all creation
Lord, it took six days
For You to speak all things into being
In Your mysterious ways
And You, oh God, our all in all
Set the example before The Fall
The seventh day you knew t’was best
That it should be a day of rest

And on the seventh day You rested
No lengthy to-do list
No plans for duties of the next week
Or the catch-up tasks You missed
But this, a day for all mankind
To refresh both body and mind
God, I’m glad You knew t’was best
That man should have a day of rest.

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin- on the seventh day
He rested from all His work. Gen.2:2

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sons, be kind to your Mothers

Dear sons, be kind to your mothers
They love you so very much
Make sure your words are gentle
And loving is your touch
For you may search the whole world through
But you will find no other
To match the depth of love for you
Like that of your dear mother

I know she isn’t perfect
But she does the best she can
She’s just a human mother
Trying hard to raise a man
Love her and forgive her
If she mistakes your needs
She loves as if she’ll answer
For your choices and your deeds

She’ll love you son, forever
In spite of your mistakes
She forgives your error
Though sometimes her heart may break
Be kind sons, to your mothers
For until that Home above
You will never find another
Who will match your mothers love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

My son, hear the instruction of the father
and forsake not the law of the mother. Prov.1:8

Thank-you Matthew, for being a kind son.
God bless you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn's Lullaby

Wind, you no longer sigh, you moan
Your lilting voice of June is gone
As leaves in sad defeat reply
A rustling carpet ‘neath the sky

I pause upon the river’s brink
To watch the leaves drift by, and think
And as I look up to the sky
I catch the strain of a lullaby

It’s in the sighing of the leaves
The moaning wind through naked trees
The babble of the hastening brook
The whispers in a wood-land nook

It’s notes play in a minor key
A by-gone summer’s symphony
Solemn and mournful, just as I
Inhaling autumn’s lullaby

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

There's no 'lullaby' in the wind this morning!
It's a cold, wet gale!
Bent on stripping the trees of autumn dress
Preparing for winters icy caress!

My Comfort

As summer greens and daylight fades
As lover’s lanes are robbed of shade
As sapphire skies turn dusty blue
I just can’t help but think of you

So Lord, I think tonight I’ll pray
For those with loved ones far away
Beloved friends and family
Across the miles of land or sea

I’ll pray for those who will not see
Their loved ones ‘til eternity
I’ll pray for moms and dads who pray
For precious children far away

I'll pray for people just like me
Missing those they cannot see
And wishing miles could melt away
Uniting us for one sweet day

I'll pray for daddies working hard
Even when they are so tired
And hungry for warm home-cooked meals
Keep on rolling eighteen wheels

As summer and daylight fade away
It comforts me to sit and pray
For dear loved ones we cannot touch
But still we miss them oh, so much

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Blessed be God, even the Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Father of mercies
And the God of all comfort. 2 Cor. 1:3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Somebody prayed for me again.....

Somebody prayed for me again….
I know they did
Cause I almost fell,
Slipped into a pit
When something pulled me
Back from its brink
As I paused to re-think
My foolish action
And the subtle distraction
Was suddenly glaringly obvious
Though I had been trying
To remain oblivious
To its danger, something drew me back
Back onto the narrow track
The one that leads to life and peace
And now I know what it is
To feel a prayer
To know somebody cares……
Self-pity, you are a loathsome pit
Somebody’s prayer kept me out of it.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thess.5:16

Memories Harps

I hear the solemn notes float by,
They fill me with melancholy
I shed a sentimental tear
As I recall a by-gone year

The music plays so slow and sweet,
Then falls in silence at my feet,
It fills me with sweet-bitter pain
For I cannot go there again

As years keep trickling slowly by
‘Neath summer sun or star-lit sky,
I gaze on pastures where I played
Among the blooms of yesterday

Now present sonnets fade away
To tune the harps of yesterday
Lord, help sound each note with care
For soon it will be playing there

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I kinda thought that the 'music'
on my harp might sound like
a washing machine or a vacuum,
running dishwater,or well.....
you get the idea:) then I remembered
it will be laughter,all the
'I love yous'the echo of children
playing (and fighting:)and the many
little things I take SO FORGRANTED
in the busy bustle of life!
WEll, I am knee-deep in fall house-cleaning,
so today the music will be the vacuum,
washing know:)

Show Me Your Way

Show me Your way, Lord, show me Your way,
There’s many a foot-path on which I could stray,
So many temptations on enticing display,
So, show me Your way Lord, show me Your way

Show me Your will, Lord; show me Your will,
This world offers much that can never fulfill,
While my stubborn heart rages, make me be still,
Show me Your will Lord, show me Your will

Show me Your might, Lord; show me Your might,
Draw me out of the darkness and into the light,
Subdue evil passions, which hinder my fight,
And show me Your might, Lord, show me Your might

Show me Your way, Lord, show me Your way,
Keep me on Your path by night or by day,
Through meadow or mountain, lead me I pray,
And show me Your way Lord, show me Your way

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus said unto him,
I am the way, the truth and
the life: no man comes to the
Father but by me. John 14:6

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Living Proof

I rest my case....
With joyful face
They embraced

Matthew looks at the table....
and dives for the cookie bowl
"Yeah, my favorite!!!"

Got any Chocolate Chip Cookies???(extra chocolate, please)

So, I'm working at doing some baking today
And as I looked over the display
I suddenly realized in dismay
They would ask for chocolate chip cookies!!!

There's blue-berry cobbler and apple pie
Carrot cake and muffins, oh my
There's pumpkin bread too, so tell me WHY
Will they ask for chocolate chip cookies?

Lord, I'm not so very different I guess
As I think it over I have to confess
That even though You bless and bless
I ask for 'chocolate chip cookies'

All Rights Reserve
-Janet Martin-

There's few members in my family
that think the word 'baking'
begins and ends with chocolate chip cookies:):)
So....yep, they're in the oven!!!!!:):):)

The little 'squiggle thinger' is a roly-poly.
That's what you make when there's not
enough pie-pastry left over to make another pie.

But godliness with contentment
is great gain. 1 Tim. 6:6

Sittin' an' Wishin'

- Sittin’ and wishin’
Is a little like fishin’
In a mud-puddle.

Janet Martin
All Rights Reserved

Feel like Quitting???

I feel like quitting, laying down my pen
Pulling up my knees and folding my hands
Then, as I am tempted to crawl into my shell
I hear the One who knows me well

So you want to quit, is that what you say?
Is My grace insufficient today?
So you want to quit in spite of My power
Is it too hard to trust in your dark hour?

Did I simply quit in that garden alone
Or as Judas betrayed me or as I wore the thorns?
Did I quit when they placed the cross on my back
As they drove in the nails and the sky turned black?

I could not quit, for I came to fulfill
My mission, My Father’s perfect will
As I cried ‘It is finished’ My work was done
So you could have life through Me, God’s son

And now as My child, you cannot quit
Can’t throw in the towel and say ‘this is it’
Look to the cross when you are low
Look to the One who loves you so

Everything you need is already given
To help you succeed to your goal-Heaven
As I absorb His loving voice
My hope is restored, in Him I rejoice

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

...I press on to take hold of that
which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Phil.3:12

Yesterday, after I wrote this
I had a comment from a reader,
It said, Keep Writing.

From Shadows to Sonlight

I cannot see You in my room
Yet I know You are here
Faithful Presence in the gloom
Seeing every tear
Shadows hover over me
And night grows dark with dread
I feel Your Presence cover me
A pillow for my head

I’ll never be alone tis true
Though shadows hide the Son
I’ve found a faithful Friend in You
Though other friends have gone
On Your shoulder there’s release
As I pour out my fears
On Your shoulder there is peace
A comfort for my tears

Disappointment clouds the sky
Its shadows hide Your face
But even as I start to cry
I have a resting place
On Your shoulder I can rest
Life’s shadows cannot hide
Your faithful love and tenderness
As in You I confide

And as I cry aloud to You
Releasing every care
Slowly You transform my view
Born within a prayer
Softest reassurance
Whispered in my ear
“I am your Endurance
Trust me in your fear

Let Me be the Power in you
Your Light in every day
I’ll be the Strength in all you do
Let Me lead the way
Lay your head upon My shoulder
My mercies never end
As life’s winds blow stronger, colder
I will be your Friend”

I lift my eyes to see a glow
As shadows melt away
Within His tender love I know
My night will turn to day
He takes my hand and leadeth me
Beside sweet waters still
His Sonshine fills my deepest need
As I yield to His will

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

He leads me beside still waters
He restores my soul. Ps.23:2-3

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sometimes I get entangled in
The futile web of ‘could have beens’
And as its taunting tortures me
I’m trapped within its misery

As I dwell on my sad regrets
I sadly also then forget
God did not say ‘I was’ or ‘will be’
He said ‘I AM’ and sets me free

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

God said to Moses,
" I AM WHO I AM" Ex.3:14


When the deepest blue of your midnight
Surrounds you
When the golden hue of your daylight
Is hid from view
When the ruby rose of the sunrise
And the day
Seem like a sweet paradise
So far away
When the cold muddy rivers
Of life rage on
Glory hallelujah,
Then comes the dawn

Father of infinite compassion
Ever new
You brush the midnight curtain
With morning dew
And as the howling demons bow
In their death
You transform the heavens now
With golden breath
No night lasts forever
So press on
Hope is a glorious garment……
The dawn

Hope melts the shadows wherein
You hid
Hope forgets the failures and sin
You did
Hope reminds you in your midnight
Jesus saves
Hope shouts with the morning light
He lives
Hope, you’re a glorious garment
Shine on
Hope, you are new every morning…..
The dawn

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

...weeping may remain for a night
but rejoicing comes in the morning. Ps.30:5

Monday, October 19, 2009

End of a Dream

You looked so appealing; your lure drew me in
I was captivated by your subtle grin
Smooth, smooth talker, I believed every song
But now I’m a case of dreadfully wrong

I dreamt of owning what you offered me
I didn’t see it as the end of a dream
And I didn’t care ‘cause you made me blind
I was sure of the happiness I would find

Somebody whispered soft tones in my ear
I just ignored it with a scornful sneer
He promised that He could truly fulfill
Every need of my sad, selfish will

Now it’s all over, the saddest of songs
Too late I realize I was so wrong
Death can’t deliver me from my doom, it seems
That you, oh World, are the end of all dreams

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

The ways of the Lord are right;
the righteous walk in them,
but the rebellious stumble in them. Hosea 14:9


We cannot replace a mile that is run
Nor can we erase a deed that is done
We cannot withdraw a lesson taught
Nor are we able to unthink a thought

So we need to be careful in each step we walk
We need to be prayerful in each word we talk
It’s a hard-knock life, yes this is true
But we can ask God to help us through

We cannot go back to change memories
To retrace its track is like catching a breeze
We cannot uncry a tear that is shed
Or ever re-capture a moment fled

So let’s be aware of the moment we’re in
Fill it with loving prayer and then
Though we can’t retrace it when it is done
We won’t long to erase it when it is gone

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

Test me O Lord and try me.
Examine my heart and my mind;
for Your love is ever before me,
And I walk continually in
Your truth. Ps. 27:2-3

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're Gonna Worship

Lord, we’re gonna gather at Your house today
To worship You, to sing and pray
We’ll sing songs like Amazing Grace
Or God Moves in a Mysterious Way
We’ll open Your Word, Your truth to seek
Oh, help the clutter of the by-gone week
To dissolve and clear from every head
And to focus on Your vast love instead

Yeah, we’re gonna gather at your house today
And I’m kinda hopin’ that we may
Simply continue in what we do
Every day, the whole week through
Worshipping the only One
God, the Father, Spirit, Son
And as Your Spirit You impart
May it transform each seeking heart

‘When I Survey the Wondrous Cross’
Beautiful hymn, but only because
Your love and sorrow mingled, flowed down
So every sinner may receive a crown
Yeah, we’re gonna gather at Your house today
May our worship be real, not an empty display
Not lip-service, but with hearts so true
Worshipping, praising only You

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

These people honor me with their lips
but their hearts are far from Me. Matt.15:8

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Testing Fires

As we pass through this life’s testing fires
As it burns away dross and vain desires
As we endure its blue and white flashes
Will its end be gold or cold, white ashes?

God will test our mortal spirit
Will we trust or will we fear it?
And as His testing fire grows cold
Will it then reveal ashes or gold?

No chastening at its time brings joy
God knows it’s needful to destroy
The sin that mars our inner cup
When He desires to fill it up

The raging fire will soon grow cold
Will it reveal a heart of gold?
Or, as He snuffs the raging flashes
Will there remain a pile of ashes?

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

.....though now for a little while
you may have had to suffer grief
in all kinds of trials.
These have come so that your faith
--of greater worth than gold,
which perishes even though
refined by fire, may be proved genuine,
and may result in praise, glory and
honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Pet.1:7

Friday, October 16, 2009

He Holds Her Close/(A Father's Love)

He squirms from her lap secure
Triumph gleaming in blue eyes
A mere baby-child, for sure
But in his ear life cries
A boy of one year old
Must answer on his own
As he squirms from his mother’s hold
To take his first step alone

And she cries, don’t leave me now
I love you so
But she cannot restrain him somehow
As she prays…….and lets go

Off to school, a thirsty gleam
Stirs in his blue eyes
Growing a little more restless it seems
With each year passing by
In loving vigil at her door
She waves her hand
As he walks taller than before
On his way to being a man

And she cries, don’t leave me now
I love you so
But she cannot restrain him somehow
As she prays….and lets go

She looks up as he passes by
He bends to kiss her brow
In her heart the silent cry
Honey, don’t leave me now
Yet she glows with pride and joy
As only a mother can
How soon her darling baby boy
Has become a man

And she cries, don’t leave me now
I love you so
But she cannot restrain him somehow
As she prays….and lets go

In the shade of the tranquil evening
She kneels alone to pray
For her dear, precious darlings
All grown up and flown away
She lifts her face to Heaven
To the One who always hears
Prays for her beloved children
Heedless of her tears

And she cries, don’t leave me now
Lord, I love You so
In gentle tones he smooths her brow
As she prays He holds her close

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

What a contrast!!!!
As we love we need to learn to let go....
As He loves He holds us close!!!!

...because God said,
Never will I leave you,
Never will I forsake you. Heb.13:5


When the warmth of invisible hands
Cools upon our skin
When the echo of soft laughter
Drifts down memory’s lane
When words that held and shaped us
Lie in silence now
We begin to see life’s truth
That we have changed somehow

When the glow of inaudible whispers
Silently evaporates
And arms you never touched, yet held you
Close the garden gate
As we sit upon its hallowed wall
A sweet essence remains
For in each life some rain must fall…
And we’ll never be the same

Invisible fingers mold and shape us
With a whispering touch
Silently, obscurely they surround us
Brushing our day with love
And, as they pass in muted shadows
Down a fern-lined memory-lane
In retrospect we recognize
Invisible hands of change

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sorry...I know you are getting
this one from end to beginning.........

After the pumpkins are garnered
And the garden has been stripped
Of God's abundant blessing
A smile plays on my lips.
How can I in hopeless
Melancholy remain????????
God has promised in His word
He will bring spring again!!!

So this morning I took the 'after' shots
To go with yesterdays 'before' pictures.
It all looks so-o-o....bare!!!!

As long as the earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
will never cease. Gen.8:22


Before 'The inevitable'.....
My kitchen window faces the flower-garden...
That's why I wait to trim it,....
Hush little flowers, don't you cry
God's gonna sing you a white lullaby
The petals you weep will not be in vain
But the seed that blooms in spring-time again.

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

Autumn Lament

The frost has kissed each valiant daisy
Bowing in forlorn defeat
Where summer days were warm and lazy
She glazes every leaf
Her icy fingers reach to brush
Each glowing pumpkins cheek
As leaves of varying shade and blush
Drift on the chattering creek

The tempting, taunting breeze of May
Turns sassy in its chill
Stripping autumn’s bright display
From every tree and hill
She cares not for the summer heart
Observing, sad, alone
She laughs upon November’s hearth
With chilling under-tones

To everything there is a time
A purpose and a season
There’s no use in futile crying
Or begging for a reason
The flowers cry a purple river
With petals wept in vain
Victims, as I, of bleak November
And waiting for spring again

But God, You are the God of all
Our ‘June’s’ and our ‘Novembers
In each life some tears will fall
Help us to remember
Seasons come and seasons go
Time’s a ceaseless river
But in life’s constant ebb and flow
You are the changeless Giver

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

In every life, a ‘November’ is as sure as a ‘June’

I took this picture an hour ago.........
I couldn't bear to trim its brave
face like so much garbage!!!!
It with-stood a night of below freezing
Yesterday I did my least favorite
job of the year!!! Cutting off and pulling out
all the flowers. It seems like a personal
admission that another gardening year is past!!
Well, time to start dreaming of next year!!

A Shooting Star

Like a shooting star
That’s what we are
In time’s vast galaxy
Life is quicker
Than its tiny flicker
Compared to eternity

We hasten and scurry
Always in a hurry
Focused on the here and now
Endless action
So much distraction
The who, what, where and how

January to December
So much to remember
When past, it’s a flash in the pan
Soon it’s behind us
Not much to remind us
Of the self-importance of man

It’s just a glance
A fleeting chance
Here, then quickly gone
A puff of dust
Before we must
Bow down before God’s throne

Like a shooting star
That’s what we are
A flash and then we’re gone
Without Him
Faint glimmer dim
But in Him we’ll shine on

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

But do not forget this one
thing, dear friends:
With the Lord, a day
is like a thoudand years
And a thousand years
are like a day. 2 Pet. 3:8

Me and my Thoughts

Just me and my thoughts
Nobody will know
Where they will take me
Or where they will go
It’s nobody’s business
What’s inside of me
Just me and my thoughts
Oh, what will they be?

Just me and my thoughts
A private affair
It shouldn’t matter
What goes on in there
And it should not matter
What I choose to think
Just me and my thoughts
Unwritten in ink

Just me and my thoughts
A constant warfare
Yes, Someone knows
And yes, Someone cares
For in this old world
No deed has been wrought
That did not first begin
With one little thought

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

For as he (a man)
thinks so is he. Prov.23:7 KJV

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Husband

He’s fire and ice
He’s sugar and spice
He’s a blend of brusque and brawn
So strong, yet tender
Warrior, defender
The midnight and the dawn

He’s warmth and resistance
He’s depth and he’s distance
After God, he is one of a kind
He is powerful, passionate
Caring, compassionate
When loving God heart, soul and mind

Woman, do you know him?
Woman, do you show him?
For his heart is not made of stone
No infallible tower
But a delicate flower
If he falls he does not fall alone

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

Endless as a Summer Sky

It’s like a clear, blue summer sky
It’s like a flowing prairie
A silver cloud that passes by
To burst in golden memory
As sunset turns the blues to gold
And prairie greens are tarnished
So are dear memories that I hold
And carefully have garnished

Oh, can I not bid time to cease
Until its wealth I’ve garnered?
Then perhaps I’d watch in ease
Within a pleasant corner
And I could print each minute
Upon my memories pages
So I could revel in it
Far on down the ages

I watch the young lad as he dreams
Of being a grown man
And, as if being urged it seems
Too soon he’s crossed that span
Until he too must turn and sigh
To ask, where has time gone?
He longs to halt the years that fly
Too swiftly one by one

I treasure every passing day
As I’m forced to release them
For they must pass down history’s way
Where not one hand can seize them
And as I look to future quests
I’m comforted inside
To know that soon these trivial tests
In silence will abide

As endless as the summer sky
As endless as the prairie
Or as mysteries that still lie
In unlived phantom memory
God above, please hear my prayer
Grant me one small request
Before this day is buried there
Help me to do my best

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If Teachers Fail

How can our children survive this corruption?
If they’re exposed to it day after day
How can they see it, and in later years flee it
If we, their own teachers don’t show them The Way

How can our children gain godly wisdom?
If wisdom of adults is sensual and blind
How can they be sure in a world so impure?
If immoral teachers pollute their young minds

How can our children flee sins temptation?
If we, their examples show it no fear
How can they hate it if we help create it?
Then glibly instruct them to never go near

How can our children fear this corruption?
How will they stand midst this moral decay?
Ships cannot sail if their captains fail
A child cannot fear what it sees every day

How can our children fear God up in Heaven?
If we, as their teachers profane His dear name
The answer I fear is shockingly clear—
We, as their teachers will carry the blame

We, as their teachers must teach by example
We, as their teachers must show them The Way
We, as their teachers must give an answer
Will we be ready? What will we say?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Train up a child in the
way he should go.
and when he is old he will not
turn from it. Prov.22:6

Down in the Valley

Down in the valley
Out in the cold
In fear’s dark alley
Demons run bold
Merciless scheming
Where victims abound
Weeping and screaming
Upon the cold ground

There at their banquet
They call us to dine
Offering goblets
Of poisonous wine
Will we drink blindly?
Slaves of their tomb
Marching unkindly
To hell’s endless doom

Down in the valley
Out in the cold
A shepherd is searching
For lamb’s from His fold
Demon’s run trembling
At His holy tread
Ruler of Heaven
Of living and dead

There at His banquet
He calls us to dine
Fruit of the spirit
For He is the vine
Will we come gladly?
Out of sin’s doom
For at His great table
There always is room

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Then Jesus told them this parable,
Suppose one of you has a hundred
sheep and loses one of them,
Does he not leave the ninety and nine
in the open country and go after
the lost sheep until he finds it?
And when he finds it he joyfully
puts it on his shoulders and goes home.
Then he calls his friends and neighbors
together and says, Rejoice with me;
I have found my lost sheep. Luke15:3-6

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dance of a Lifetime

Beneath the summer’s starry sky
Or cold December’s rain
As merry days go laughing by
Or dark days filled with pain
Upon the tender fields of spring
Or winter’s howling storm
I’ve had the dance of a lifetime
Safe within Your arms

When disappointment wields its blow
And sorrow crowns each tear
When the music’s soft and low
Or dark with grief and fear
Within the waving fields of youth
Or midnights rocky hill
I’ve had the dance of a lifetime
As You lead me still

In the soft and gentle light
My head upon Your shoulder
In the cruel and bitter fight
As ruthless tides grow colder
In temptations testing flame
Or beside still water
I’ve had the dance of a lifetime
Hold me closer, Father

And I’ll have the dance of a lifetime
If You lead the way
If I stumble as I climb
Within Your arms I’ll stay
Lead me through each faltering step
Lord, be my faithful Friend
Then I’ll have the dance of a lifetime
Until the music ends

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

Read Ps.103