Monday, February 15, 2010


Olympic gold; his hands raise high,
As he stumbles across the finish line,
The taste of victory sweet on his mind
The tears of agony forgotten, behind,
He lifts the banner over his head,
As victorious tears are triumphantly shed,
Every hour of exhaustion, despair,
Are sweet redemption in victory there

A crown of gold; my hands I will raise,
In rapture untold, His name I will praise,
As I stumble across the finish line
Into the arms of my Savior divine,
Forgotten then my tears and pain,
The race I’ve run is not in vain,
Redeeming love, amazing grace,
I’m safe above, I’ve run the race

Oh, what a grand celebration feast,
We’ll hoist His banner from the west to the east,
And bring glory home to the King of kings,
As we lift up His name and triumphantly sing,
Oh, what a victory, won’t it be grand?
As we will unite with the angel band,
Marching triumphantly ‘round His throne,
Worshiping Father, Spirit and Son

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I LOVE watching the faces of the winning athletes
at the Olympics! A smile is worth a million words!!

It was a Happy Valentine's Day for some at our house.
The Olympics AND the Daytona 500!!!! Pure bliss!

As I watched the pure joy of the winners
expressed in smiles and tears it made me think
of another victory celebration awaiting.....
for those who endure!

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