Friday, February 19, 2010

Mixed Blessing

When you’re with me my winter is a garden
Blooming in the glow of love’s soft shine
I can wander in its sweet perfection
Holding close to me this rose of mine
It perfume lingers here in tender pleasure
I can taste its sweet eternal kiss
I’ve been handed life’s most valued treasure
Blessed with love as comforting as this

But when you’re gone the garden lacks its luster
The flowers bloom in muted shades of gray
It takes all the courage I can muster
To walk through its loveliness today
The fragrance of the night has sadly faded
As longing, like a tempest sweeps my soul
It seems the garden our love created
Needs the love of two to make it whole

Love, you are a package of mixed blessing
Blending bitter sorrow with the sweet
But still I know in you we are possessing
The only gift that makes our life complete
Love,you are my gardens rarest flower
Love, you are my pleasure and my pain
If I had the chance to start all over
I would do it all with you again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


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