Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He Is Alive

The King of life is dead,
Now droops His battered head,
And all who stood a-watching there
Saw them raise a final spear,
To wound again our precious Lord
As from Him blood and water poured,
And satisfied they proudly said,
“He is dead, He is dead”

The Sacrificial Lamb,
The perfect, great I AM,
As soldiers mock and laugh with glee
And cheer in ignorant victory,
There came a man with noble score
Judging by the robes he wore,
“You’ve done your part” he said, “Now mine,
Let me take His body down”

Dear God had thus prepared,
While most drew back in fear
Joseph of Armithea came
In spite of all the blood and shame
In love he gently pulls the nails
From the Hand that never fails,
The nails that hatred’s hands drove in
Were pulled by hands who loved the King

And tender arms drew ‘round
To gently lift Him down,
Amidst the darkness and the fear
They held His lifeless body near,
And Jesus bore the tears they shed
As they wept “Our King is dead”
And there within pre-Sabbath gloom
Joseph laid him in his tomb

Then as the soldiers slept
And His disciples wept,
As Judas flung his silver down
And hung himself outside of town,
As Pilate justified his choice
And tried to quell the inner voice
Heaven rings with angel cries
“He is alive, He is alive”
Pearly gates are swinging wide,
He is alive, He is alive

Janet Martin


The spectre of my guilt and sinful greed
This longest night remains in silence still
As trembling fingers in my hour of need
Are sacrificed upon a Holy hill
The shadow of the Cross before me stands
Drenched with the ebbing life-blood of my King
I solemnly behold His outstretched hands
For many sons to glory they shall bring.
I scarce can comprehend His fading prayer
His breath, upon my vain and selfish face
As love and sorrow flow upon me there,
Anoints me with His sweet amazing grace
Through Him my wilted spirit is renewed
And I am clothed with robes of righteousness
My vain, rebellious nature is subdued
As He forgives my wretched sinfulness.
O Lord, I rest my head upon your heart
And feel myself within your arms entwined
As soft your touch does on my soul impart
The tranquil peace I have so long for pined.
And should I feel your blessing on my prayer
To vanquish sorrow’s dew upon my brow
And cause your Holiness to linger there
Then I would bear this pain again somehow….
No thanks that I could offer would suffice
Nor any gift of measure could I bring
As humbly I accept His sacrifice
Redemption in the shed blood of our King.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin and Rod Walford

Greatest Love Song

No guitar strumming, no soft violin
No deep voice humming, no golden harp string
No grand piano or great symphony
In the greatest love song that there ever will be

No fancy words to arouse or inspire
No sensuous phrases to provoke vain desire
No glamorous stage and no wild applause
For this Greatest Love Song written on a cross

But it touches the heart like no song ever heard
To the inner-most part mans passion is stirred
Written in red on a blood-stained tree
This Greatest Love Song for you and for me

If it has not touched you then you’ve never heard
This Greatest Love Song not written with words
But written in blood by God’s only Son
Written for us is this Greatest Love Song

Red, flowed the tone in this song for man-kind
‘Thy will be done’ in this song for all time
Then “It is finished” as on the cross He hung
In the GREATEST LOVE SONG that has ever been sung

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He Lives

What a cold, cold, night, what a dark, dark day,
What a lost, lost world watched His life ebb away,
What a starless night, what a flowerless field,
When Jesus His will to the Father did yield

(Cho.#1)But, what glory in Heaven, hark, hear their glad cries,
As Jesus is welcomed to sweet paradise,
How the heavens re-sound and re-echo again,
For they’ll never stop singing their triumphant refrain

(Cho.#2) He lives, He lives, our King of kings,
He has defied death’s cruelest sting,
He lives, He lives, God’s only Son
Will reign forever on Heaven’s throne

What broken hearts, what hopeless tears,
As loved ones watched His hour draw near,
What an empty world left to decay
As the Giver of life is passing away (Cho.#1)

What a holy night, what a glorious day
When our earthly toils are thrown away,
Free forever from pain and care,
We’ll rise to meet Him in the air

(Cho.#3)Then what glory in Heaven, hark, hear our glad cries,
As by Jesus we’re welcomed to sweet paradise,
How the heavens will ring and re-echo again
For we’ll never stop singing our triumphant refrain

He lives, He lives, our King of kings,
He has defied death’s cruelest sting,
He lives, He lives, God’s only Son
Will reign forever on Heaven’s throne

Janet Martin

Even Nature Cried

Lightening flashes, thunder roars
As earth its righteous wrath outpours
Mountains tremble, break in two
Just as if creation knew…….
Their Creator has died, even nature cried
For the deed that was done
To God’s only Son

In the temple, what a sound,
An eager angel reaches down,
Rends that holy veil in two,
And cries there’s no more need for you……
And the angels cried
For the One who died,
Can’t you hear them sob
For the Son of God?

One sacrifice, once for all,
As those scarlet blood-drops fall,
There will never, ever be
Another offering for me,
And the Father cries
As His dear Son dies,
Paying sins price,
Perfect sacrifice

One sacrifice, once for all,
Lifted high so man may call
Upon the name of His dear Son,
Salvation’s gift for everyone,
And the mountains fall
Because once for all
Their Creator has died,
Even nature cried

Janet Martin

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He Became Sin

You were there all along
Like a silent love song
Waiting, waiting for me
On the side of a hill
You prayed, Father, not my will
Waiting, waiting for me

Cho. And there I was; and there You were
I turned away but you still cared
Up on a cross midst hatred’s din
You became sin who knew no sin

You were there all along
Still, in spite of the throng
Hating, hating Your name
Your voice cries aloud
Above the raging crowd
Taking, taking our blame

And there I was; and there You were
I slowly turned to see Your tear
Not for Yourself, but for all men
You became sin; who knew no sin

You were there all along
In spite of my wrong
Loving, loving me still
And You are here all along
You’re the joy in my song
As I bow ‘neath the cross on the hill

And here I am; child of a King
God’s perfect Lamb has washed me clean
He conquered death and broke sin’s chain
When He became sin who knew no sin

And there He is; God’s perfect Lamb
Alpha, Omega, Great I AM
He bore sin’s vilest robes unclean
When He became sin who knew no sin

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin
God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us,
so that in Him we might become the righteousness of GOD. 2 Cor.5:21

No 'Free' in Freedom

Up the somber, tree-lined street
The steady stream of solemn ranks are led,
As sun-beams dance to the drummer’s beat
Filtering through the branches overhead
Beyond the tears and past the trees
The music of a small child’s laughter swells
Stark contrast to the infantry
Bowing ‘neath the tolling of the bells

Then, as the bag-pipe sound exalts
The melody of sweet Amazing Grace
The banner-covered coffin halts
For it has reached its final resting place
The last note fades, the cannon flies
Echoing across a distant shore
But none as stirring as the mother’s cries
“There’s no ‘free’ in freedom anymore

Put down your banners, lay down your guns
My sweet baby boy has died
Tributes, salutes, many battles won
Won’t bring him back” she cried
“Take away all the roses for nothing will be
Like it ever was before
The price of freedom is too hard for me
There’s no ‘free’ in freedom anymore”

Freedom (part two)

Up the rocky skull-strewn trail
A teaming, screaming throng of hatred surged
Swarming ‘round a form so pale
Upon a place called Calvary they converged
Beyond the tumult, wild and raging
Not a solitary friend is found
Stark contrast to the shouts and praising
As the palm-tree branches decked the ground

Then as the sound of steel on steel
Rings beyond the horror on the hill
As they drive in each cruel nail
‘Gainst the cries of ‘Father, not My will’
And as they raise the blood-stained cross
In victory the maddened thousands roar
As Mary weeps her deepest loss
“There’s no ‘free’ in freedom anymore

Take away your hammers, lay down your swords
My dear precious son has died”
As the lightning flashed and the thunder roared
There at His feet she cried
“Take away all your hatred, your jeers and chanting
For you have slain my Lord
Take away all your weapons, your raging and ranting
There’s no ‘free’ in freedom anymore”

There’s no ‘free’ in freedom, oh what a price
So that we may be free
There’s no ‘free’ in freedom, loves sacrifice
Is beyond understanding for me
There’s no ‘free’ in freedom, let me value each day
And cherish each living breath
As I thank God for freedom every day
For the ‘free’ in my freedom is death

All Rights Reserved
Janet martin

Monday, March 29, 2010

Crucifixion Song (or Once for All)

See Him there twixt earth and sky,
The Son of God about to die,
Upon a cross for all to see
While hatred screams her victory,
Love and hate, hope and fear,
Set to fight its battle here,
Who will lose and who will win?
Who will conquer power o’er sin?
As hatred raises up her cry
To curse the One about to die,
A voice rings out across the fields
As to death His Spirit yields

(Cho.) It is finished, it is done,
With these words the battle’s won,
See the power of God’s Son
As death and victory become one,
Death and victory! How can it be?
Death of one means life for me!
Saved at last from Adam’s fall,
Death of One- life for all

See Him there, the Perfect Lamb
The King of kings, THE GREAT I AM
See the One who left a Throne
To die upon a cross alone
Here is hope for all our fear,
Here is perfect love so dear,
Everlasting life in death,
Victory reigns with His last breath,
Hallelujah, how can it be?
That One so great should die for me,
Perfect love! Will you receive
His gift of grace? Will you believe? (Cho)

All his suffering bears no loss,
Heaven waits beyond the cross,
Our freedom from the curse of sin
As we gain new life within
Signed and sealed with Holy blood
Written by the hand of God
Pierced for every sin of man
Love fulfills salvation's plan
As the streams of mercy flow
He forgives each hateful blow
Death of One has paid the price
Jesus- Holy Sacrifice

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Who Took My Place?

Bound by sins dark chains
Condemned and doomed stood I
No chance of hope to gain
As Justice raised her cry
“Only, only death for thee
No hope, no hope to be set free,”
But then came One with head bowed low
He said to Justice “let her go”
Oh, who is this who took my place?
With crimson teardrops on His face

The King of kings and Lord of lords
No higher title could there be
When Justice raised her angry sword
Someone took my place for me
Oh, my Lord, who could he be?
Who cared enough to set me free?
I raised my head to hear these words
The King of kings and Lord of lords

I fell upon the ground
As Justice screamed her plea
No reason could be found
That I should be set free
“Guilty, guilty,” was her cry
Her lone verdict “she must die,”
But then came One with head bowed low
He said to Justice “let her go”
Tell me tell me who could this be
Who loved enough to set me free?

The King of kings and Lord of lords
No higher throne will ever be
To describe, there are no words
To paint this holy deity
King of kings and Lord of lords
Oh my Savior can it be
The King of kings and Lord of lords
Bore my punishment for me?

King of kings and Lord of lords
The best that ever there will be
The King of kings and Lord of lords
Has paid the price to set me free

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The Betrayal

The birds in the trees are silent,
The flowers close their eyes,
The trees bend low in sorrow
As they hear their Master's cries
The moon in the sky is darkened,
The wind has ceased to blow,
For here within the garden
All nature seems to it cries

Daily You walked in our splendor,
Daily we hailed You as King!
Our Master, our Creator,
Maker of everything,
Lord of all creation,
Let nothing halt our song,
But now we bow in sorrow
For our Maker's hour is come,
Yes, our Maker's hour is come.

The disciples lay a-sleeping,
Subdued in slumbers bliss,
No silent tears or weeping
In this prelude to The Kiss,
Then lo, what breaks the silence?
What is this doleful beat?
A song of doom and violence
Shod upon their feet!

Jesus speaks, "Arise, arise,
Behold, he is at hand!
The one who will betray me
Before us now doth stand!"
Judas cries ,"Hail Master!"
And kisses the Son of Man,
Then Jesus turns to Judas,
And Jesus calls him "Friend." As He says

"Daily I sat in your temple,
Daily you heard my words,
And yet you bring an army
To betray the Lord of lords?
Daily you heard my teaching,
Do you not know who I am?
And yet you bring your swords and knives
With which to slay a Lamb?
.........and yet you bring your swords and knives
To betray the Son of Man!"

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

but Jesus asked him, "Judas,
are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?"
Luke 22:48

Mary's Sorrow

Darkness falling o’er the land,
People wailing, don’t understand,
As the gloom falls thick as night,
Angry tumults view this sight

Mary, Mary softly weeping,
Vigil at His feet is keeping,
Mary, Mary, great your loss,
Mary weeping at the cross

Teardrops flowing, her heart broken,
Jesus showing mercy spoken,
Mary, Mary, see your son,
John, behold this dear woman

Mary, Mary, at the cross,
Weeping, weeping, great your loss,
Is this glory, this a throne?
Mary weeping for her Son

Mary, Mary, did you wonder
As the cold earth shook with thunder?
Is this triumph? Cruel cross,
Mary weeping for her loss

Is this the sword to pierce his soul?
Simeon’s words in days of old,
Is this victory, this great loss?
Mary weeping at the cross

Mary, Mary, ‘neath death’s tree,
Weeping there in agony,
It is finished, it is done,
Mary weeping for her Son

Mary, Mary, meek and mild,
Mary weeping for her child

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When Jesus saw His mother there
And the disciple whom He loved nearby He said,
To His mother, “Dear woman, here is your son,” and
To the disciple, “Here is your mother’.

This verse always really touches me,
In His hour of most intense agony
He remembers His mother.

For Him

He left the splendor of a thousand suns
To walk a cold dark hill
He left an eternity of perfection
To obey His Father’s will
He knelt alone in the garden
In the hours before His death
To plea for our pardon
With his last prayer and breath

I can’t get my mind around it
My understanding is dim
As I think about all He has done for me
I ask, what have I done for Him?

He spread His arms on cruel timber
To embrace a dying world
As the mobs cursed Him in anger
Love’s redemption He unfurled
And the banner of his mercy
Never wavers from its place
To each one who bows beneath it
He bestows amazing grace

I simply cannot comprehend it
Love pours from each perfect limb
Upon a world in hatred blinded
I cry, what have I done for Him?

The blood that flowed in scarlet rivers
In that dark and lonely hour
Through the ages, flows for sinners
It will never lose its power
As the perfect Rose of heaven
Watched the ruby petals fall
Hope was born, a Savior’s passion
Sealed redemption for us all

Only Jesus, there’s no other
Who forgives us for each sin
Nothing sweeter than His offering
Oh, what can I do for Him?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

and Jesus said,
"inasmuch as you have done it
to the least of these
you have done it unto me. Matt.25:40

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Poems/Song Lyrics

Palm Sunday
Lay down your best garments, make way for your King,
O, raise up your voices and joyfully sing,
Praise Him for the mighty works that He has done,
Hail Him blessed King, hail Him, mighty One!

So raise up your voices and joyfully shout,
For if we are silent the stones will cry out!
Raise up your voices and hail your great King,
Let all of God's people lift their voices and sing.

Hosanna, Hosanna! Blessed be the King
Who comes in the name of the Lord!
Our lips will not be silent
For you've told us in Your word
If we should cease Your praises
The stones will then cry out!
So, from the dungeons to the mountains,
Let all Your people shout!

Hosanna in the highest, O, most blessed art Thou,
Hosanna to the Son of David, Will you join us now?
Blessed is the King of kings who cometh in His name!
Hosanna! Glory to the Lord and peace in earth and Heav'n..

O, let us not be silent, let all His people shout,
Lest we forget and then the stones would instantly cry out!
For His great Name, He will be praised and His will be done,
And His praises, if they must, will rise up from the stones.

O, what if we were silent and the stones would then cry out?
Never, Lord, no never! Let all His people shout!
Hosanna in the highest and hail our mighty King!
Forever and forever triumphantly we'll sing!

Praise Him! Praise Him! For all that He hath done,
Praises to the Father and praises to the Son!
King of kings and Prince of Peace,
We'll never let Your praises cease!
Lest the rocks should cry out, lest the rocks should cry out!
Let His people shout , let His people shout.

The Lord's Supper
Take, eat, this is my body,
My body which is broken for You,
Drink this cup and remember the blood,
The blood that I shed for you,
For as many as share the bread and the cup
To remember me ‘til I come,
With Me someday will joyfully sup
In yonder Heavenly home.

But tonight you all will scatter
as a flock of wandering sheep.
Because of Me, you will be offended,
In fear and sorrow weep.
Tonight one of you will betray me,
His disciples begin to cry,
In disbelief they ask Him,
Is it I, Lord, is it I?

They search His face in sorrow
As they lean upon His knee,
Tonight you all will leave me,
He repeats so tenderly,
But Peter rises to His feet
His Master to defy,
And Peter turns to Jesus
And this was his reply....

(next read Peter’s reply)

Peter's Reply (his love song to Jesus)
I love you, Lord, I love You,
O, my Lord, don't you know
How deeply I love you
Or how far I would go?
To prove my devotion
Would take all of my days,
My lips will not cease
To utter Your praise.

Cause my love's like a river that never runs dry,
It's as bright as the twinkle in a young lovers eye,
It's as high as the heavens and as deep as the sea,
Such, O, my Lord, is my love for Thee.

I would walk through a desert of burning sand,
If that's where You lead me I'll hold Your hand,
To the top of a mountain, my Lord, I would trod,
For Jesus, I believe You're the Son of God.

I'll go to prison if You ask me to,
Anything You desire, my Lord, I will do,
Though all others leave You, never will I,
For You, my dear Lord, I would even die.

But I could never, no never, no never leave You,
Cause I love You, I love You, You know that I do,
Forever and ever, my whole life through,
I love You! I love You! My Lord, I love You!

Peter’s Denial
Hey! You over there by the fire,
I think that I have seen you
with that Jesus of Nazareth man,
Are you one of them too?

"I don't know Him, I don't know Him!
Oh, I do not understand
exactly what you're saying
for I DO NOT know this man!"
Cock crows.....

There he is! He's one of them,
Say! You're from Galilee,
I believe that I've seen you with Him
And your speech betrayeth thee!

"I don't know Him! I don't know Him!
Oh, how can you say
that I am also one of them
When I've first seen Him today?"

Hey, sir! Are you with Jesus?
I say! You're one of them!
You walk like Him, you talk like Him,
You are Gal-il-ean!

"I don't know Him! I don't know Him!
Hey! I will even swear
I have never in my lifetime
seen this man anywhere!"
Cock crows two more times.....

..........and Peter remembers his love song to Jesus,
and Peter weeps bitterly.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Friday, March 26, 2010

Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

I could speak of by-gone things
But what good would it do
Joy and sorrow both have wings
To fly beyond the blue
And life on a whole
Is not in our control
But one giant mystery
So I’ll speak of today and tomorrow
The past is history

Today I will whisper a prayer for you
Just as I do every day
Today I will focus on the good I can do
Tomorrow come what may
I will always be glad
For the today I had
And its coffer of memories
It seems to take the happy and sad
To create tender harmonies

The wind blows softly out of the blue
The sun rises in the east
On them ride my thoughts and prayers for you
As foam on the ocean crest
Today, tomorrow and beyond
Translucent shimmer of a mystic frond
Breath of hope in misty hue
Sparkling through eternal blue

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Happy Birthday D~

"For I know the plans I have for you,"
declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you
hope and a future." Jer. 29:11

I Wonder

I wonder, is the sunset beautiful
Reflected in your eyes
Or do they remain the color
Of summer skies
And I wonder if the rain-tree is in bloom
And is it green or silver
By the light of the moon
And does time fly
Or drag by on heavy lonesome feet?
Is life good to you?
Is it lovely and sweet?
And do you hear silence or music
As you walk a mid-day street?
Is the night warm and sultry?
Or is it painfully silent
And suffocating
I wonder if once in a while
As the petals once vibrant, fall
Do you remember, do you smile
Or feel absolutely nothing at all?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thursday, March 25, 2010

He Loves Me

He knows that in the heart of me
There dwelleth no good thing
He knows that every part of me
Is very prone to sin
He knows each time I flee the test
And join the enemy
But still He gives His very best
He loves me

There is no deed that I have done
Which He has not seen
But by the power in the Son
He has washed me clean
And though I disappoint Him still
I’m wretched as can be
He forgives my stubborn will
He loves me

He loves me even when I fail
And cause His heart to break
A stronger passion than my will
Gives grace to my mistake
And as I meet His tender gaze
I’m awe-struck as can be
My life is filled with worth because
He loves me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This is a song I learned
when I was a wee girl

God sees the little sparrow fall
It meets His tender view
If God so loves the little birds
I know He loves me too!

In Love

He was drop-dead gorgeous
She was not that pretty
But she was beautiful in love
They could not keep their eyes
Or their hands off each other
In a world full of people
They were the only two
Complete, in love
Everybody should feel like that
At least once

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I saw them tonight.
It made me very happy.
And very sad.


Was it not a short day ago
That summer greens
Were softly subdued
Surrendering to ebony hands
And its somber demands
Merely subtle traces
Of golden laughter
On white-washed sands
Before the red arm
And the grey
Stole it all away
Taunting echoes
In the dell
An icy shrine
To a private shell
Of tarnished wishes
But as I lift my eyes
I beheld to my surprise
A hint of green
Where a few short days ago
Was I not seen
Burying my heart
In the snow?
Yet I saw it dance
Across the lawn
A minute ago

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I was sitting on my porch early
this morning, drinking my coffee
and it seemed so surreal that a
whole winter had passed since I
last sat there.

Waiting for Spring

It won’t be very long then I’ll embrace your warmth again

Fall into your beckoning arms and drink your gentle rain

You’ll unleash the sun-beams as they sparkle on the shore

Hope restored to faded dreams as spring returns once more

The cold and heartless sorrow of the night will melt away

Into your sweet tomorrow I’ll resign my yesterday

As bitter disappointment and the winter’s chastening hand

Melt into the tresses of your glorious garment grand

Restore the radiance of the sun and kiss the dreary brow

For as the winter chill moves on new life emerges now

Its icy shroud disperses as love blooms in heaven’s arms

With spring’s return cold winter melts into her tender charms

I will dance upon the shore of hope and hidden dreams

This winter gone forevermore in time’s swift-flowing streams

So soon the tide returns to sea, soon evening shades are cast

God grant me the serenity to live beyond the past

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

His Best

You could have whispered a word for salvation
Just as you uttered earth into creation
In your awesome power You could have spoken,
In Your darkest hour presented a token
Of heavenly mystery with power to save
Preserving a destiny beyond the grave
You could have redeemed us in Living Breath
But You spared nothing; loving through death
The voice of true love is sacrifice
You loved us with the ultimate price
Holding nothing back at Calvary
You poured out your love for a fool like me
Oh my God, how unworthy I am
Washed in the blood of a perfect Lamb
Our redemption paid in full
Not by blood of sheep or bull
But by the only cleansing blood
Pouring from the Son of God
Oh my God, what love you’ve shown
Giving us Your best; Your Son
Your best to save man from his fall
Your righteousness now free to all
Your best for such a fool like me
Oh my God, how can it be?
Perfect ransom, mercy, grace
For me, who put tears on your face
So unlovely, I, so blessed
All because You gave Your best

All Right Reserved
Janet Martin

He is patient with you,
not wanting anyone to perish,
but everyone to come to repentance. 2Pet.3:9

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too Soon

He walked along beside me
My boy, not quite a man
But as he spoke a part of me
Reluctantly began
To admit the day was coming
And was not too far away
When I’d recall a night like this
A precious yesterday

God, I am his mother
You are the only One
Who can see how much I love him
My dear and only son
Too soon the day is coming
When he’ll stand among the men
Let me cherish every moment now
I can’t go back again

I can’t hold back the minutes
As they trickle through my hands
But I can take a picture
Of our footprints in the sand
And I’ll walk a little slower
Paint a picture in my mind
For childhood is an hour
That too soon is left behind

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I find that walking in the evening with my children
is one of life's ....I'm not sure what to call it...
I guess one of it's greatest, simplest pleasures.
Matthew, Victoria and I had such an evening tonight.
And as Matt walked, he talked, and it really hit me how fast he is
growing past being a kid.....his responses are more thought out,
he notices things he never used to...about a lot of stuff
and I know I am watching a boy growing into a man.
Lord, teach me what to teach him!!!!!

Victoria is still very much the ceaseless chatter-box!!!
It will change, I know it...then again, maybe not,
The old saying is..there are no two alike, right?:)

There is a God

There is a Rock that’s higher
Than each storm that we pass through
There is a Grace that’s greater
Than each sinful deed we do
There is a tender, watchful Eye
That we cannot out-run
And there is a sweet by and by
When this short life is done

There is a Hope that’s brighter
Than the darkest tear of sorrow
There is a load that’s lighter
If a higher Strength we borrow
And midst the turmoil and the strife
That seeks to rule our peace
There is a Haven in this life
Where we can find release

There is God that’s with us
In each valley we walk through
There is a God that watches
We cannot escape His view
There is a God below, above
Within us and without
A God of sweet, eternal love
Oh, let the whole world shout

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

“Am I only a God nearby,” declares the Lord,
“and not a God far away?
Can anyone hide in secret places
so that I cannot see him?” declares the Lord
“Do not I fill heaven and earth?” declares the Lord. Jer.23:23-24

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fill 'er Up

When I’m feeling kind of empty
Nothing here to satisfy
When I’m looking for an answer
But I’m getting no reply
Well then I get to thinking
‘Bout my unseen inner cup
Review what I’ve been drinking
And cry, Jesus fill ‘er up

I need some of Your compassion
For it always soothes my mind
And your tender love and mercy
Are the sweet and rarest kind
Lord, I think I’ve been too busy
Running here and there in vain
On my knees I whisper Jesus
Won’t You fill me up again?

One truth that I can count on
Is this world will fade away
But the precious love of Jesus
Is forever here to stay
He’s the answer to the longing
In my deep and inner cup
And I sense His touch upon me
As I whisper, fill ‘er up

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He has showed you, O man
what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy,
and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

When Somebody Loves You

It’s a cold, rainy morning
That has come way too soon
There’s a big giant road-block
On my dreams to the moon
Bank account's empty
The bills are all due
But it’s not so bad
When somebody loves you

Got no ambition
That won’t take a buck
I’m living proof
That there’s no thing as luck
If wishes were horses
Then I could ride too
But it’s not so bad
When somebody loves you

At one in the morning
When the whole world’s asleep
I can start counting
A new kind of sheep
They come in the faces
Of sweet love so true
Filling in the dark spaces
When somebody loves you

When somebody loves you
The hills not so high
And I can keep reaching
For stars in the sky
It’s a cold, rainy morning
But I like the rain too
That’s just how it is
When somebody loves you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, March 22, 2010

Me 'n Alan (Tribute to Alan Jackson)

*Chasin’ Neon Rainbows,
*Riding Buicks to the Moon,
*Midnight in Montgomery
Or *Rainy Days in June
I’ve been there with you….

I’ve *‘Walked on the Rocks you stumbled on’
*Thanked God For the Radio
I’ve *‘Gone Crazy when *Hurtin’ Came Easy
But you simply said, *There Ya Go
and so I did....

When you said *I’ll Try, well I did too
And I whispered, *I’ll Go on Lovin’ You
Singing songs like *Livin’ on Love
*I Wish I Could Go Back and *Strong Enough
You helped me through

*Like Red on a Rose, aw,* Don’t Change on Me
*Everything I Love and *Farewell Party
*Wanted and *Dallas and *Must’ve Had a Ball
And *Who Says You Can’t Have it All?
So I keep on believing....

*A Woman’s Love for *The Little Man
I’ve held it *Right In The Palm of My Hand
*I’ve Climbed the Walls *In a House with No Curtains
*Listened To my Senses in *A Tropical Depression
*If Love was a River.....yes, I would

*Remember When? Oh, I sure do
And *You Are Right Where I Want You
*Too Much of a Good Thing, *Bring on the Night
*Working Class Hero, *That’d Be All right
and it turns out, it was....

*I remember where I was When the World Stopped Turnin’
*You Don’t have to Paint me a Picture of those towers burnin’
An’ I’ve seen a *Bluebird fly away
And we’re all *Works in Progress, we’ll get there *Someday
*When Love Comes ‘Round…..

*Softly and Tenderly, *I’ll Fly Away
*It’s All About Him and *What a Day Yesterday
*Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus and *Summertime Blues
And *I want to Stroll Over Heaven With You
I’ve sung every single one of these with you

Tonight is rainy, bleak and cold
But Alan, your voice is liquid gold
And *Here in the Real World I know one thing
*If I could I Would Love You All Over Again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

*the title of a song of his

Okay..I’m an *Itty Bitty Jackson fan.
I esp. like his ballads. The only reason
I’m writing this is because the count-down
Is on for Mar. 30th. Release date for Freight Train
and because I thought it would be fun:):)


Holy, perfect, spotless Lamb
Pure and undefiled
Heaven’s glorious majesty
In whom we’re reconciled
Guilty, vile and hopeless, we
Born in shame and sin
Look upon His Deity
And gain new life within

He clad Himself in human flesh
The sacred King of kings
There was nothing in His form
That we desired of Him
But with a love so full and free
His blood flowed like a river
As He became, for you and me
Sin’s offering forever

In Heaven’s purest innocence
Within its scarlet flow
The deepest sin-stains of our guilt
Are washed as white as snow
And all that I can find to say
Is thank-you Lord, amen
Hope for all from death’s dark curse
In One Holy Offering

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He had no beauty or majesty
To attract us to him.
Nothing in his appearance
That we should desire him.
He was despised and rejected by men
A man of sorrows and familiar with suffering
Like one from whom men hid their faces
He was despised and we esteemed him not
Surely he took up our infirmities
And carried our sorrows
Yet we considered him stricken by God
Smitten by him and afflicted
But he was pierced for our transgressions
He was crushed for our iniquities;
The punishment that brought us peace
Was upon HIM
And by HIS wounds we are healed. Isa.53:2-5

My Treasure

I feel you today
Looking over my shoulder
In your slow, easy way
I catch the scent
Of you
In my hair
And the subtle hint
Of your sigh
In my ear
As I feel you today
Like a searing kiss
An agonizing blend
Of torture and bliss
In the tears that I weep
My joy and my sorrow
The pieces
I keep
Not simply to borrow
But my personal
Invisible keep-sakes
My treasure
Adorning my heart
With hidden pleasure
In the warmth they impart
As I feel you today
And I softly say
You are not really
Very far away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I feel it, I’m defenseless
Soft breath in my ear
Warm on my senses
This murmur I hear
It taunts me with whispers
Of purple and blue
It haunts me with visions
Of midnight with you

I taste it, I smell it
A scent in my mind
And I cannot quell it
This whisper entwined
In a mystical yearning
A bitter-sweet truth
Ah, there’s no returning
To the dreams of my youth

There’s no returning
To the soft, misty haze
Of memories burning
In sweet yesterdays
But I melt in this moment
In your whispering
I’m glad I’m a woman
In love with you, Spring

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Housewife Hooky

The rigid dictation of
Washer and spinner
The endless inquisition of
‘Mom, what’s for dinner?’
The loads of laundry
In copious piles
The cobwebs, dust bunnies
Can all wait awhile

The sink full of dishes
The crumbs on the floor
Defy all the wishes
Beyond my front door
Inside these walls
I’ve had glimpses of heaven
But today they are bars
Of a housewife’s prison

Cast off the fetters
Of dish rag and mop
Fling wide the windows
The door cannot stop
These feet that are yearning
To run ‘cross the green
Where just a short while ago
Snow angels had been

Dash with the breeze
That roves cross the wild
Laugh with the brook
Like you did as a child
Taste the warm kisses
Of sunshine again
Hug the spring meadows
And dance in the rain

There is no passion
And there is no lure
Like the call of the open
In a spring morn so pure
Tomorrow the dishes
Can be put away
Yield to your wander-lust
Play hooky today

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Greatest Show on Earth

I have the best seat in the house
Upon an emerald hill
To view the cotton clouds wind-tossed
And hear the whip-poor-will
The scent of purple violet
Permeates the air
As the God of utmost glory
Paints the earth in beauty fair

I gaze across the rippling fields
Clad in resplendent green
The fullness of the spring-time yields
A beauty seldom seen
As daffodil in golden bonnet
Stands so proud and tall
To join in spring-times wordless sonnet
In this stately hall

The apple trees have donned their wraps
Of pink and lacy white
The awed spectator softly claps
In radiant delight
For none upon this universe
Could capture or refine
This work of art, this master-piece
Wrought by a Hand divine

I have the best seat in the house
Come, sit with me awhile
To behold the Hand of God
And heavens perfect smile
A thousand shades of lustrous green
A sapphire canopy
And somewhere, kindly in between
God placed you and me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eternal Spring

At last, at last the winter’s past,
The sun is liquid gold,
In waiting hearts its utmost parts
Are no longer cold,
Gone, the wind so oft unkind,
Replaced by Heaven’s breeze,
And aching joints, sweet spring anoints
And Heaven’s laughter frees…..

….and he’ll run outside with his arms flung wide
In that eternal spring,
For there is no shadow in Heaven’s meadow,
No pain or suffering,
Where all is new ‘midst Heaven’s dew
And the Son forever shines,
No winter’s cold, no growing old
Around His throne divine

Forever spring where God is King
And where He reigns supreme,
The old life past; made new at last
In meadows lush and green,
No toil or strife where the Tree of Life
Blooms with endless yield,
Where Lord, with Thee someday we’ll be
In Spring’s eternal field

By Janet Martin

All Rights Reserved



If I could remove my heart from my chest
And cast it into the sea
If I could somehow bury the past
With regret-stained memory
Then perhaps there’s a chance that I could begin
To separate you from me

If I could remove the sun from its scope
Or the moon from its midnight blue
If I could pluck the stars from the sky
Or hold back the morning dew
Perhaps there’s a chance I could sever the tie
Binding me and you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Do We Do It?

Why do we do try to do some good
In this world that we are in?
Is it our response to an outward demand
Or a whisper deep within?
Do we reply to a desperate need
On a momentary whim
Or are we moved by an unseen Hand
And our love for Him?

Why do we walk the second mile
When most quit after one?
What is it that drives us beyond ourselves
When we are tired and alone?
Is it simply an act of duty
Like sweeping up a floor
To meet life’s expectations
Or is it something more?

As we see a tender need
Does it stir in our soul
A love we do not understand
Beyond our own control
Do we respond because we hear
His words breathed quietly
‘In as much as you do it to others
You do it unto me.’

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

"I tell you the truth,
whatever you did for one of the
least of these brothers of mine,
you did for Me" Matt.25:40

That Is Why I Love You

You stooped to pick the trampled bud
As others hurried by
You tucked it in your pocket
With a soft look in your eye
For you still saw the beauty
That was there a breath ago
And cherished what was left of it
That’s why I love you so

As the bloom of yesterday
Softly, slowly fades
As the chestnut turns to gray
In all its varied shades
You still see the beauty
That was there a breath ago
And cherish what is left of it
That’s why I love you so

When my life spins out of focus
And I’m standing in the rain
In some long-forgotten station
Waiting for a home-bound train
You bring me an umbrella
Kiss the rain-drop from my eye
Darling that is why I’ll love you
Every day until I die

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Touch the Hand

Touch the hand of the One who forms
The heart of the bud of the rose
Touch the hand that shapes the lilies
And cradles every storm that blows
Touch the hand that heals the wounded
Or washes dusty fields with summer rain
Touch the hand that holds the power
To make the broken-hearted whole again

Touch the hand that held the nails
That pierced the One who sets men free
Touch the hand that loves us still
Though we are vile as we can be
Touch the hand that washes clean
The deepest sin-stains, red as blood
Touch the hand that purifies us
Touch the hand, the hand of God

Oh, touch the hand that will not falter
When it seems no one can understand
When the world’s a cruel shoulder
Won’t you reach to touch the hand?
The hand that soothes the tempest
And brings life to dormant sod
Touch the hand that bears the love-scars
Touch the hand, the hand of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I Can't Recall

It seemed so important then
As I shut out the sound
Of the voice in my ear
As I turned my head
To envision more clearly
This thing of utmost importance
Which required all of me
My time,thought and energy
For it so inspired
The girl in me
No time for the things
That I could see
This thing of importance simply
Had to be
So you waited
And waited
Until you got tired
Of waiting and walked away
That was yesterday
And I simply cannot recall
What was so important

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let 'em Go

Burnin’ rubber in the parking lot
Driving way too fast
Givin’ all you got
On your way to
You have no idea where
But freedom is a long highway
With the radio on
A pocket full of change
A girl on your arm
And the wind blowin’ through your hair
So you’re good and gone
Livin’ big on being young

‘cause you don’t really have a care
The gas tanks full
And you have got
your mothers prayers
And every dream is possible
Your seventeen
And wiser than you’ve ever been
Sittin’ cool
You’re nobody’s fool
And you’ve got the smell of
Spring in the air
The kiss of the sun
In her golden hair……

So I say let’ em go, sure, what’s the hurry
They still don’t know
That all too soon the arm of worry
Wraps them in a somber robe
Just around the bend
It waits, a timeless friend
Let ‘em go,before long they’ll realize
The sun is setting in their eyes
And they were driving way too fast
To get to where their freedom’s past
Where silver trades the locks of gold
Drivin’way too fast to…. gettin’ old

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When I was out on my run tonight
they went roaring by and I said to myself....
"let 'em go..." :)

You Will

If life has not dealt cards of woe
To curse your weary mile
If you have never met the foe
Which robs you of your smile
If you have never borne defeat
In winds of tidings ill
Or yearned for fairer pastures sweet
You will

If you’ve never worn the sorrow
Of a deep and hidden hurt
Or watched dreams of tomorrow
Crumble sadly in the dirt
If you have yet to feel the slash
Of cold betrayals chill
And carry in your heart its gash
You will

If you’ve never knelt beside life past
With no tears left to weep
Or fought the shadow doubts have cast
When you could not sleep
If you have never climbed alone
A long and lonesome hill
To find the summit is a stone
You will

If you have not relinquished
A loved one that you clasp
Or seen life’s breath extinguished
As they perish in your grasp
If you have never spilled your grief
When nights are deep and still
To find there is no quick relief
You will

If you have never bowed your head
To recognize your loss
Without the freedom of blood shed
Upon a cruel cross
If you have never touched the hand
That bore the cruel nail
Or kissed the feet which help you stand
You will

All rights reserved
Janet Martin

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


She still can feel the sun-kissed sand
So warm beneath her back
The gentle whisper of your hand
The sky so lush and black
Although it’s been long hours ago
Since she has sat with thee
To watch the evening melt into
The skyline of the sea

She leaves her fresh and youthful glow
Upon life’s shifting sand
Through ballads murmured keen and low
She wields a faithful hand
But if perhaps she shifts her gaze
To hide a lingering truth
Tis simply that beyond this haze
She hears a song of youth

For as the sun begins to dip
And wane across the sky
A subtle smile plays on her lip
Within this lullaby
The sand is warm beneath her feet
An hour is forever
Her beauty soft, your kiss so sweet
And love a raging river….

….yet in her pensive reverie
There is no hint of anguish
For life must its own ballad be
In tones that dare not languish
But if the gloaming eventide
Could offer her a chance
She’d draw you to the ocean’s side
And dance…..and dance…..and dance

All rights reserved
Janet Martin

Sing Me a Song

Sing me a song of the morning dew
That sparkles in your gaze as I look at you
Sing me a song of the clear blue sky
The color of love that gleams in your eye
Sing me a song of the young and free
The way that once we used to be

Sing me a gentle serenade
Born of a love that’s heaven-made
Hum a soulful melody
Written for only you and me
Sing me the whisper that stirs in your soul
Sing like a lover would sing to his girl

Oh, sing of a valley, fertile and green
Sing with the freedom of seventeen
Sing with the passion of summer's wind
Sing with abandonment, cares left behind
Sing me a song understood by few
Like the very first time I looked at you

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Why Do I Still Doubt?

Before I took my first wee breath
You numbered every day
The hour of life, the hour of death
You wrote each ‘come what may’
You know my every rise and fall
Perceive my every thought
You are familiar with all
The works my hands have wrought

Before a word slips off my tongue
Already Lord, You know it
You saw my body, still unformed
Yet saw fit to allow it
You knew my foolishness and pride
Yet wove me far above
For You knew I could not hide
From everlasting love

No darkness is too dark for You
No dungeon is too deep
No one escapes Your tender view
As loving guard You keep
All my days were written down
Before one came about
The author of them, Heaven’s Own
Lord, why do I still doubt?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Psalms 139

Monday, March 15, 2010


I can hear its muffled tempo in the low and solemn wind
Serenade so slow and somber on a distant violin
Invisible the infantry, a countless, mournful mass
I bow my head so I can’t see their numbers as they pass

Their sorrows trickle like black blood down an eternal hill
Or icy shards in frozen floods that cannot melt until
There is reconciliation for each one I can’t forget
As they mock in exaltation, this vast army of regret

Two hands cannot cover my ears, my eyes, my heart
Like scars left by a lover it seems all must do their part
To taunt me and tear at me as they march in single file
Over frozen hills of memory in a cold and hopeless isle

But then, above the mournful strain of dull and echoed curses
I hear a second violin which suddenly disperses
The long and hopeless melodies of sorrow and regret
It beckons me to lift my eyes beyond these mounds of dread

And there upon a glimmering hill I see in tones of red
The darkened earth where blood-drops spilled and heaven’s tears were shed
Tears to wash away the grief of guilty sinner’s debt
Love’s song to offer sweet relief to armies of regret

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Gifted Child

He would wrap his arms around her
and point up beyond the stars
he would tell her there’s a heaven
way past Saturn, Pluto, Mars
and when the yelling and the fighting
in the bedroom down below
gets too loud he whispers hold on
it’s almost time to go….
and we’re gonna fly now, hold on tight
cause we’re gonna ride to Heaven tonight
Yes, brother was a gifted child

He would tell her daddy’s drinking
that’s why he’s so awful mad
and that’s why he yells at mommy
and that’s why she’s so sad…
but I know Jesus loves me
cause a teacher told me so
He loves every little boy and girl
that’s why we’re gonna go
to see Him in my space-ship, hold on real tight
cause we’re gonna ride and see Jesus tonight
Yes, brother was a gifted child……….

….as her cradle becomes a space-ship
he whispers cover up your ears
cause space-ships get really noisy
and she tries smiling through her tears
and he says you be brave now
like all astronauts should be
then when we get to heaven
how proud Jesus will be
we’re ready for take-off, hold on tight
we’re gonna see heaven and Jesus tonight
Yes, brother was a gifted child

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


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I keep small pieces of my failures
To remind me now and then
Of where I was and where I’m going
And don’t want to go again
I keep small remnants of my sorrows
For they are a testament
Of hope within unseen tomorrows
And the joy beyond lament
I keep a fragment of my heart-ache
Like a sweet and aching charm
For as I see another’s heart-break
I can lend a tender arm
I keep the extract of a memory
That perhaps I should forget
But somehow serves to remind me
God’s not finished with me yet
And I keep the tender traces
Of a scent, a word, a sigh
For tis how I kiss the faces
In a memory passing by….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


You long to reach with poisoned fingers
Deep into the fragile mind
Crippling any hope that lingers
As you smother, chill and blind
Here you reign with icy scepter
In a cold and darkened void
Paralyzing with vile nectar
Hearts that once were over-joyed

But into this stricken chasm
Lo, there beams a ray of light
Like a gentle breath from heaven
Whispering into the night
Dissolving there the curse and poison
With a blood-drop from a Tree
As He restores hope and rejoicing
And He sets the victim free

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Salvation and glory and power belong
to our God.....Rev. 19:1

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The moon-light sure is beautiful
As it bathes the universe
In a silver wash
And as it reflects in your eyes
Enhancing their loveliness
And the stars sure are beautiful
As they’re randomly dispersed
Like diamond studs
Across the midnight velvet skies
In perfect randomness

And you sure are beautiful
As its light touches you just so
With a soft and gentle glow
A shimmer on your skin
Like a natural beautician
What a lovely sight to see
You most truly are to me
Ah yes, this night is most beautiful
I reach for your hand
For the most beautiful thing
I cannot understand…..

……The most beautiful thing I cannot really see
It is the love you have for me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin