Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Love

Do you remember when your heart raced
At the mention of My name
The brilliance of your love-light blazed
In glowing radiant flame
Remember when your love for me
Transformed your every thought?
You longed in true humility
The wisdom that I taught

Remember how you wept with joy
As you first realized
My eternal love for you
Was pure and undisguised
Remember when you bowed your knee
Confessed undying love
And how you would serve faithfully
Your deepest love to prove

Oh, do you remember
All the praises you would sing?
Oh, do you remember when
My love was everything?
My precious, I remember
And it makes me very sad
For oh, how I desire
The first love that once you had

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yet I hold this against you;
You have forsaken your first love. Rev.2:4

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