Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love....Love

Why is it somehow easier to hate than it is too love?
Is the seed of sin from Eden planted too firm to remove?
Hate is like a flaming sword or a cold cruel knife
Hate is the bitter poison destroying love and life
I love….. love

Perhaps you think I’m going to say that love is sweet and nice
A bed of perfumed roses with a pleasant easy price
Well, it may have its moments of sunshine’s sky so blue
But if it really is true love it has its heartache too
But I love…

Love in spite of all our faults forgives and carries on
It holds our hand within the storm as in the tender dawn
Love is like a potion to soothe life’s little blows
Not just an emotion that fades like winter’s rose
And I love….love

Hate is selfish and unkind, no mercy and no smile
Love is gentle; love is blind and walks the second mile
Love bears the pain which hate inflicts, without retaliation
Love will build the broken bridge and love will build a nation
Oh, I love….love

Love will test the fabric of the human heart
It repairs the damage hatred will impart
It is heaven’s perfect gift bestowed from up above
It is simply God in us, for God is love
That’s why I love…love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

God is love. 1 John 4:16

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