Saturday, February 13, 2010

Loving You....

What have I learned through loving you?
Love is hope when dreams don’t come true.
Love is the breath that blows away
The foolish or unkind words we say.
Love is the laughter, love is tears
To bind us closer through the years,
Love is joy and love is sorrow
Love gives us hope for each tomorrow.

Love is a harbor in the ‘midst of life’s sea
Without love’s haven where would we be?
For love is not a bed of roses,
A cloud on which the heart reposes,
Love is work and love is pain
Love is sunshine, Love is rain.
Love is the strength that holds us up,
If we must drink life’s bitter cup!

Love is the reason for every prayer
For every second mile we share.
A steady hand to trust and hold
In a world so cruel and cold!
Love is a gift-a treasure to cherish,
Not to neglect lest it should perish.
And I thank you, dear God above
For the precious gift of love!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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