Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine

My Valentine

We’ve weathered quite many a storm my love

Battled the wind and the snow

We’ve left some dreams in its wake my love

But new dreams are born as we go

In spite of the chilling wind my love

In spite of the lost sun-shine

I am so glad to know this my love

You are my valentine

You are the one who is there my love

When other friends fly away

You are the one who is strong enough

To weather life’s winter day

Summer will come again my love

Bringing its warm sunshine

Until then I am glad my love

That you are my valentine

Together we’ll weather life’s storms my love

Together we’ll weather its tide

Together we’ll share every tear my love

Until every tear is cried

For winter is never forever my love

And soon the sun will shine

And there we will be together my love

My darling, my valentine

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

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