Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ode to my Camera...and other losses

I see you lying on the floor
I can’t hold you anymore
Our walk was short and sweet
Now you’re lying at my feet
Don’t you know I still need you
Oh, what am I going to do
You are like a vault to me
Tracing every memory

I beg for another chance
You return a dormant glance
Like a sullen stone you lie
Like a girl alone, I cry
Won’t you please come back to me
I will hold you carefully
But in silence you reply
As my pleading you deny

When it rains it pours, tis said
Rain is pouring on my head
There is nothing I can do
To make our friendship good as new
I must quietly resign
To this tragedy of mine
Yes, you used to be my friend
But it seems we’ve reached the end

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes, I know it’s just a camera
Yes dear, I know, it was an accident
But warranties do not cover dropping!!!!
Man, it was fun while I had you:(:(

My attempt to bring humor to life's
little disappointments........

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