Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prayer Meeting

From the trucker on the highway
To the lofty business suite
From a laborer in some byway
To the houses down the street
From conductors in high towers
To the ships way out at sea
There comes a cry to tender ears
A begging earnest plea

Someone needs your prayers today
Faithful soldier will you pray?
In your service for your Lord
Rich will be your last reward
Halt your labor, lend an ear
We are neighbors far or near
To man or woman, boy or girl
We’re having a prayer meeting ALL OVER THE WORLD

From missionaries in the jungle
To the desert wilderness
From your distant German uncle
To your Irish relatives
From down under in New Zealand
To the frigid Northern Pole
We have a common zeal and
We share a common goal

Someone needs our prayers today
Lay your weapons down and pray
Farmer in your dusty field
There among the sheaves you kneel
Invalid upon your bed
There in love you bow your head
Man and woman, boy and girl
We’re having a prayer meeting ALL OVER THE WORLD

To His glorious throne in Heaven
From this vast and weary land
A Father ever-loving
Hears a tender chorus grand
From tribes in every nation
Every tongue, communal plea
All across His great creation
Waft the prayers for one in need

Someone needs Your help today
Hear us Father as we pray
Shine upon him with Your love
Watch him from your throne above
Man and woman, boy and girl
All around this great wide world
Fight the soldiers fight today

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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