Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Tree

You reign, a stalwart silhouette against the evening sky
And for a moment I forget the woes which bring a sigh
As I drink in the beauty of the power in each limb
Ignore the voice of duty as I sense you’re beckoning

What glory in your mighty strength, I gaze in silent trance
A living breathing testament of faithful endurance
Your limbs have borne the testing tide of wind and snow and hail
Yet through it all you still abide so strong and beautiful

You are a stunning figure in this calm tranquility
In silence you deliver pure masculinity
I have no resistance; willing victim of your charms
At your wordless insistence I climb into your arms

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When I was out on my afternoon ‘trek’
I was inspired by the silhouette
Of a tree against a blue, blue sky……
it was nice to see a color besides
gray in the Master Painter's palette....
five shades of blue AND a little sunshine too!!!

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