Monday, February 15, 2010

Did You Feel It?

Did you feel it, the subtle stir in the air?
A breath on your heart, a sigh in your ear
Did you feel it, a loving touch deep within?
A sudden peace where your pain had been?
Did you feel an angel pass over-head?
Replacing your fear with a sweet calm instead
Did the night that was dark and lonely and cold
Wrap you in warmth of burnished gold
Did an invisible smile softly kiss your brow?
Brushing away the tear of sorrow
Did you feel it, arms of tender love
Softly enfolding you from somewhere above?
Did you wonder what in the world it could be?
This sudden sense of serenity
Did you feel it,a blue whisper in the air?
Did you feel it, my love, did you feel my prayer?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Prayer changes things!!!

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