Thursday, February 18, 2010


Some prefer the busy bustling boardwalk
Where the sun is warm and life is fine
Some prefer their second cup of coffee
Standing in some ticket-window line
Some prefer the voices and the laughter
In a crowd of stranger, comrade, friend
Some prefer a room of bantering chatter
Wishing that the party would not end

They can have their boardwalks in the summer
They can have an all night rendezvous
I prefer a moonlight walk at midnight
In a party made for only two
I prefer my second cup of coffee
Leaning on my darling lover's knee
And I admit I do enjoy a party
Big enough for only you and me

I prefer a show across the water
Silent as the stars on midnight blue
I could sit and gaze at it for hours
In the arms of tender love so true
Some prefer a theater of fine arts
I prefer a hillside with a view
I prefer soft kisses in the moonlight
In a party made for me and you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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