Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just Around the Bend

The soft, warm breath of spring-time
Is just around the bend
Its tender kiss upon the cheek
Is like a long-lost friend
It waits beyond the frozen field
As silently we yearn
And hope that winter’s chill will yield
To spring-times glad return

So lift your drooping shoulders now
And quell the restless sigh
The darkness of the winter-brow
Is quickly passing by
And soon the laughing breeze of spring
Will tame the frosty gale
Oh, do not cease to smile and sing
Spring waits beyond the vale

Not far beyond this border
Where roses never fade
We’ll dance in emerald meadows
And in gardens heaven-made
No winter lasts forever
Its solemn knell draws nigh
And just beyond the river
Is that spring-time in the sky

So what of muddy waters
They will run clear again
In crystal, gleaming rivers
Beyond this land of pain
It waits in grand perfection
Like a sweet and longing friend
Eternal spring and Heaven
Are just around the bend

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

God is in Control

Costs go up and wages come down
Businesses close all over town
The price of gas much less a car
Makes one ask, oh just how far
How far will all this chaos go?
No one really seems to know
Do not lose heart dear precious soul

Markets crash and airplanes too
Bomb threats plague the daily news
Wars and rumors with no end
These are changing times my friend
Little children snatched away
Innocence is evils prey
Though the waves of evil roll

The devil laughs, the devil screams
Striking fear to youthful dreams
Precious child, oh do not fear
He knows his days are numbered here
His schemes and forces will run dry
He fears OUR GREAT GOD up on high
He knows where lies his final goal

Janet Martin
All Rights reserved

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble. Ps. 46:1

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Every Year

A smile, a song, a touch, a tear and here and there a sigh
And so it goes, another year so quickly passes by
A right, a wrong, and in between a moment in the sun
It seems another year is gone before it has begun

A life, a death, a brand new friend to help you on life’s way
A new beginning or the end…how do you view this day?
A chapter closed, a brand new sonnet waiting to be penned
The old, the new, a dance or two and this year too shall end

Love born, love lost, love tried or taken, oh what will it be?
Who will touch the flawless pages here in front of me?
A prayer, a plea, a whispered hope, upon this threshold here
A God who holds within his hand each and every year

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I Need You

I need You, Lord, I need You
The battle is too hard
It seems I’m growing weaker
And Lord, I’m getting tired
Lift me on Your shoulder
Temptations fire is wild
Hold me like a father
Would hold his hurting child

I need You, Lord I need You
Each step of the way
I need You to hold on to
Without You I would stray
Only You can keep me
From sinking in the mire
I need You, Lord I need You
Oh, hold me through the fire

I need You, oh, I need You
To be My Strength and Stay
Your arm around my shoulder
To lead me all the way
Hold me, hold me closer
So I won’t slip and fall
I need You Lord I need You
To be my all in all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Can You Take It?

Can you take the fear and turmoil?
All the endless doom and gloom
That the media is spouting
Into every living-room
Do they cloud your mind with worry?
As our misfortunes they proclaim
Can you take the modern prophets
Rising out of moral shame?

Can you take it? All the hatred
For God’s laws and His statutes
Can you take their false assumptions
That there are no absolutes?
Does your anger not consume you
As they lead our youth astray?
Blinding them to holiness
In sad moral decay

Can you take their vain assurance
There is no absolute truth???
And this insanity is swallowed
By mature as well as youth
Has no one ever told them
The words that Jesus said?
I am the Way, the Truth, the Life
Without Me you are dead

I could never, ever take it
If I had no higher power
To assure me we will make it
But no man can no the hour…
Hallelujah, I can take it
All this worry and its strife
By God’s grace I know I’ll make it
He is Truth and He is Life

All rights reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus answered, I am the Way,
The Truth and the Life,
No man comes to the
Father, except through Me. John 14:6

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It Sure Is Nice

When life’s winds are cold and chilling
And our dreams are washed to sea
When the flowers in the garden
Drop their blooms in misery
When the laughing brooks of summer
Swirl in dark muddy revenge
There’s one thing for which I’m thankful
It sure is nice to have a friend

Many willing hands are reaching
As we dance upon the green
With the sun-kissed daisies smiling
Or the moon-lights silver sheen
But as the bank of dark clouds roll
And our laughter comes to end
I’m glad I have a hand to hold
It sure is nice to have a friend

It sure is nice to have a friend
Whose love, though oft unspoken
Remains because you understand
The value of its token
Lord, bless the true and faithful one
The shoulder in the wind
It sure is nice to love someone
It sure is nice to have a friend

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Color of My Love

I wandered today through my life’s muted gardens
Where the fruit of my choices hang ripe on the vine
Watered by tears of my sorrowful reckoning
Yet, held by Love’s tender hand divine
What rights have I to such holy pardon?
How can such wonderful mercy be mine?
Does He not see my pitiful garden?
Or ponder the plight of this hopeless design?

I am too void of such comprehension
As I view a wilderness of foolish choice
As I stumble through this tangled deception
Soft on the breeze, I hear His voice
See how the roses weep crimson tear-drops
This is the color of my love
See how the sun sets in a crimson wash
Reflection, my child of My love from above

Red is the color of My mercy
Red is the color of My love
Red, as red as the tender roses
Red is the color of Calvary’s flood
Sorrow, the colors of your own choosing
Red, the color of hope from above
Sorrow, the color of your muted gardens
Red is the color of MY love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Then the man and his wife heard the sound
of the Lord God walking in the garden in
the cool of the day, and they hid from the
Lord God among the trees of the garden. Gen.3:8

Oh, What a God

Let it wash over you
Like a warm summer rain
Oh, let it cover you
The sorrow and pain
Worry and anger
Let it all go
Bask in the wonder
Of mercy’s sweet flow

Oh, what a God, what a God is this?
Delighting Himself in our forgiveness
How can we fathom such wonderful love?
Showers of mercy raining down from above

Let Him deliver you
Drink in His grace
Worship life’s Giver
Melt in His embrace
Taste it forever
For He is so good
Oh, what a Savior
Oh, what a God

Oh, what a God, what a God is this?
Forever and ever our righteousness
How can we fathom such wonderful love?
Showers of mercy raining down from above

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Who is a God like you,
who pardons sin and forgives the transgression
of the remnant of His inheritance.?
You do not stay angry forever, but delight
To show mercy! Micah 7:18

What a verse!!!!

I Know.....

I know what you’re thinking
That look in your eye
The painful silence
The wisp of a sigh
A wordless admission
And I know it is true
I know what you’re thinking
Just by looking at you

Is a picture really worth
A thousand words?
A thousand tears maybe
Cause oh how it hurts
As these silent tears
Speak a thousand words more
I know what you’re thinking
I’ve seen this look before

I know what you’re thinking
And you know that I know
I wish you would tell me
Instead of the glow
In your eyes so revealing
With never a word
I know what you’re feeling
And oh, how it hurts

I know what you’re thinking
And I forgive you
Cause you know I’m having
The same thoughts too
I look in your face
A mirror for my pain
In sorrows embrace
Mere words are in vain

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

What is man that You
are mindful of Him? Ps.8:4

Monday, December 28, 2009

Second Chances

That hint of a smile is a thin disguise
For the hungry blue sorrow that shines in her eyes
Reflections of haunting shadows cast
By riveting images from the past
As their anguish preys upon her mind
In vain attempts to leave them behind

Is insane regret an earthly hell?
Is there any power which can dispel
The mocking echo of sad defeat?
Is death a lone silent retreat?
Will demons dance upon her grave?
Will she remain a defeated slave?

Will anguish like a raging sea
Be her doom eternally?
Is there no balm or sweet relief
From the demons of her grief?
The moon drifts on in yonder sky
The evening breezes moan and sigh….

And somewhere in this tender hush
She pleads for the Hand of God to brush
The evil screams away, within
So she can hear His voice again…
The moon-light and breeze simply enhances
The answer from a God of second chances

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Now may the Lord of peace himself
give you peace at all times
and in every way. 2 Thess.3:16

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where Worship Begins

Lord, I know that you desire the beauty of our praise
As we give You the glory for Your high and holy ways
But the music of our lips is void of truth or radiance
If we deny Your will and live in disobedience

We may shout Your wondrous power to the far and distant reaches
Of the earth, from tallest towers to the lone and wind-swept beaches
But alas, if our hearts are cold what dismal consequence
When life is past and You behold our disobedience

So let the praises of our lips simply be a pure result
Of our glorious fellowship of a Maker we exalt
For You are God, a holy God and there is recompense
If we should dare your praise to share without obedience

Take us Lord, and purify each poor and sinful heart
For only You can sanctify or know each hidden part
Teach us how to follow You without pride or pretense
For our worship must begin with our obedience

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Track of Time

Seems I lose track of time somehow
As I gaze through a maze of the naked tree boughs
Which but a day or so ago
Were clad in emerald-golden glow
And from their cool and shady nook
I could climb to watch the brook
Meandering through fields below
Which now lie sleeping ‘neath the snow
As another year is ending now
I seem to lose track of time somehow….

Seems I lose track of time somehow
As I see silver touch the brow
Which not so long ago it seems
Held the glow of youthful dreams
But as dreams change along the way
Turning the raven locks to grey
We climb in memory up a hill
To view past ages, changeless, still
And I see another year join there now
Oh, it seems I lose track of time somehow….

Seems I lose track of time somehow
And as I climb the naked bough
To view the shadows that they cast
On frozen meadows of the past
I am reminded once again
Of one Constant that will remain
Yesterday, today and forever the same
Into the stillness I whisper His name
Thank-you Jesus for comforting me now
It’s so easy to lose track of time somehow

All Right Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus Christ is the same
Yesterday and today and forever. Heb.13:8

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Are you lonesome tonight?
Do you wish I was near?
Do you long for my laughter?
My breath in your ear…
Do you wish you could kiss me
And hold me so tight?
Tell me my dear,
Are you lonesome tonight?

Are you lonesome tonight
In a crowd or alone?
Is the music and laughter
As cold as the stone
Beneath which I lie
As we wait for Daylight
Oh, tell me my dear
Are you lonesome tonight?

Is each face you look into
Like a passing mist?
Making you wish
You had never been kissed
Do you ache for the love
We held for a night?
Tell me my dear
Are you lonesome tonight?

The night will not last
Forever my dear,
Soon it will be past
For the morning draws near
Then from the heavens
A gate will swing wide
Where we'll be together
In a land of no night

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Somewhere in the muted folds
Before the breath of pinks and golds
Breaks the sacred solemn hush
Endowed by midnights velvet brush
Somewhere among the charcoal plumes
And all the grey and silver blooms
Which boast their colors but by day
And hide by night in shades of grey
Ah, somewhere there beneath the pines
Sheltered by the whispering vines
And serenaded from the sky
By winsome breezes lullaby....
Somewhere among forgotten hills
Where a wisp of moon-light spills
A silver pool upon the grass
As the untallied minutes pass
Ah, somewhere there I wish to be
With God, in wordless poetry.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Who may ascend the hill of the Lord?
Or who may stand in His holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
who does not lift up his soul to an idol
or swear by what is false.
He will receive blessing from the Lord. Ps. 24:3-5


No, I’ve never really seen you
Never looked in to your eyes
Are they brown or grey, hazel or blue
Do they twinkle when you smile?
Are they brushed with flecks of gold?
Do they sparkle, do they glow?
No, I’ve never really seen you
But oh, I love you so

No I’ve never really seen you
Or gazed into your face
I’ve never even touched you
Yet it seems I sense a trace
Of you in almost everything
I hear and see and do
It seems I hear you whispering
And oh, how I love you

No, I’ve never really seen you
Only glimpses now and then
As you touch me with invisible blue
And I can breathe again
You whisper tender mercies
Into my longing ear
And in my lonely places
I feel that you are near

No, I’ve never really seen you
Yet I see you every day
No, I’ve never really touched you
Yet you’re never far away
I’ve seen, yet never seen you
In a million different faces
No, I’ve never really seen you
But oh, I’ve seen the traces

In everything created
I’ve seen a trace of you
Each time I am defeated
I catch a glimpse or two
No, I’ve never really seen you
Or looked into your face
But in each morning that is new
Oh Lord, I see a trace

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Then Jesus told him,
Because you have seen you have believe;
Blessed are those who have not seen
and yet have believed. John 20:29

Because of the Lord's great love
we are not consumed.
for His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning:
Great is Your faithfulness. Lam.3:23


As you spoke, the restless wind
Drew your words
Into the night air
And they vanished…
Well chosen words, I must say,
Honestly kind,
But they hurt
And nowhere in
This silky silence
Remains a trace
Of their hopeless despair
As they slipped away….
Like you will, who spoke them
In your weakest, strongest moment
You decided to say
Oh, the stars twinkle,
I see their million sequins
As they delicately sprinkle
The dark blue velvet sky
Above us, and I try
To find a tiny trace
Of the words you spoke
And the tears on your face
But they have vanished
Into the night-sky
Whilst you and I remain
And must decide
What to do
With these kind and honest
Well-chosen words
That in your strongest, weakest
Hour you spoke
For they are lodged in our hearts

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin I couldn't wait til 2010....
anyone who writes knows what I mean:):)
You can't just turn it off!!!

Beautiful, Beautiful Baby Boy

Beautiful, beautiful baby boy
Sent to this world to bring us joy,
Soft bleat the lamb and the cattle too
As Mary beheld this Babe so new
Kissing His cheek with her lullaby
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

Shepherds beheld Him and wise men too
Amazed at this child, yet neither of them knew
What Mary was told by an angel above
As her heart over-flows with wonder and love
And her words and tears mingle with joy
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

….it seems there are many who despise this Child
They cannot comprehend His manner, so mild
And the wisdom that fills each spoken word
Stirs the ill will of king and lord
But Mary would sing to this Child, her Joy
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

Behold, who is He that is standing alone?
Hands bound, on his head a thorny crown
As they beat Him violently, chanting and jeering
Ridiculing Him, mocking Him, scorning and sneering
Is this not He who would bring us great joy?
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

And now they have nailed Him to a cross
As Mary is weeping at her utter loss
She lifts her eyes to behold Him there
Kisses the feet blood-stained and bare
As life and love flow out of Him
Her voice rings out as light grows dim

Beautiful, beautiful baby boy
Sent to this world to bring us joy
Where is the glory, the victory?
Why have they taken this Child from me?
And His blood –drops mingled with her voice
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

Beautiful, beautiful baby boy
A beauty that man will never destroy
As hatred wields its evil blow
Love replies in crimson flow
Here is grace and hope and joy

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

You are to name Him Jesus
for he will save the people
from their sins. Matt. 1:21

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Christmas Wish For You

As I take a tender moment
My Christmas wish to write
It’s not so very different
From that first Christmas night
When God, in His great mercy
Bestowed from up above
His gift, placed in a manger
Of peace, hope and love

And this is my Christmas wish for you
Beyond my prayers that your dreams will come true
I wish you the joy of that gift from above
Given that first Christmas, God’s peace, hope and love

As we gather together
Celebrating with friends
I pray we’ll remember
Christmas never ends
If we’ve found the treasure
Bestowed from above
His gift beyond measure
Of peace, hope and love

And this is my Christmas wish for you
That every day the whole year through
You’ll feel the joy that comes from above
Our gift that first Christmas, God’s peace, hope and love

God Bless You All
And Merry Christmas!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

See You in 2010, Lord Willing!

Glory to God in the highest
and on earth peace, good-will
toward men. Luke 2:14

Thank-you to each one of you
who took time to visit this site.

To God be the glory!!!

My Perfect Christmas

It’s not the lights that twinkle
Or the snow-flakes as they swirl
It’s not the rippling laughter
Of each little boy and girl
It’s not the pretty ornaments
A-sparkling on the tree
This is not what makes
Christmas perfect for me

It’s not the lovely music
Or the chiming of the bells
It’s not the children singing
Though I love it very well
It’s not the cookies baking
Though they’re yummy as can be
No, this is not what makes
Christmas perfect for me

It’s not the silver moon light
Casting shadows on the snow
Reflecting on that first night
Of Christmas long ago
No these things are all
Just as lovely as can be
But it’s not what makes
Christmas perfect for me

It’s eyes that sparkle
With loves warm glow
It’s hands to hold
As we dash through the snow
It’s being surrounded
By loved ones so dear
Yes, that is what makes
Christmas perfect each year

It’s saying things like
“I love you, my dear”
That is what makes
Christmas perfect each year….
…all year long

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matters of the Heart

You can take a pill or potion
For most anything that ails
There’s an ointment or a lotion
When the pill or potion fails
But there’s a fortune waiting
For the one who can impart
A cure to heal the aching
In the matters of the heart

No band-aid here can cover
Its raw and bleeding gash
No pharmacist or doctor
Can prescribe a cure for cash
Nothing to heal the utter depth
Of pain these wounds impart
Hope in a bottle cannot soothe
The matters of the heart

No tea to drink, no smelling salts
No herb or bud or leaf
Can heal a torn and broken heart
Or soothe its hidden grief
No surgery, no therapy
Can touch that vital part
Where hopes are born and broken
In the matters of the heart

Ah, there is One who truly knows
The agony you’re feeling
And only His great touch bestows
A sweet and tender healing
Hope is found in God alone
He formed each hidden part
And hears each silent inner groan
In matters of the heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

For You created my inner-most being. Ps.139:13


It’s born somewhere so deep within
A silent little chuckle
Until the humor makes us grin
And it begins to bubble
And we cannot contain it
So we simply let it roll
LAUGH; and don’t restrain it
Medicine for every soul

There is no sweeter music
Though you may search the world
Than the music God has placed
Within man, woman, boy and girl
For as it rings across the fields
And fills each hall and rafter
Saddened hearts are brightened
By the music of our laughter

Be it just a little snicker
Or a chuckle or a smile
Humor lights its flicker
And for just a little while
Sorrows are forgotten
Perhaps forever-after
As we hear it and join in
Healthy, hearty laughter

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Anyone with small children,
(or older ones) knows that God balances the
frustrations of parenting with
lots of opportunity for laughter,
as innocence and life meet!!!
I had such a moment yesterday morning....
minus the innocence on one party's part!!!

Brother had just proudly shown me his
basket-ball 'art'. I think he was
very pleased with the out-come, since drawing is not
his first love...basket-ball is one of them!
the next time we came to look at it SOMEONE
who loves drawing had embellished it a little
with an old lady and a triumphant beaver!!!!!
I couldn't help it...I roared! Even Matthew couldn't
help but laugh a clinched Melissa's sense of 'humor'
in a nut-shell....Guess who's the nut??:):)

What Child is This?

What Child is this?
In humble bed now sleeping
His mothers kiss
And angels, tender watch are keeping
Who is this babe?
Whose entrance to this earth lights up the sky
And cooing dove and lowing cattle
Sing a humble lullaby

What Child is this?
That shepherds on a hill-side first were told
Of where He is
So that they too then could behold
This wondrous thing
That has transpired in Bethlehem
As a multitude of angels sing
And glorify His name

What Child is this?
That kings tremble at the mention of His name
And fear strikes deep
Making heartless monsters out of men
What Child is this?
Born to a lowly peasant girl
Have you not heard the greatest news?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Today in the town of David
a Savior hs been born to you;
He is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

The Ol' Heart-strings

There’s somethin’ ‘bout this time o’ year
That brings us thoughts of loved ones dear
An’ we find our-selves wishin’ they was near
An’ it tugs at the old heart-strings
We hear their laughter echoin’
An’ their voice upon the evenin’
As good ol’ days we’re rememberin’
An’ it tugs at the old heart-strings

Everyone knows grown men don’t cry
But sometimes I git some dirt in me eye
An’ when you aint lookin’ I wipe ‘em dry
Cause it tugs at the old heart-strings
To know that the one ya’ love is out there
An’ won’t be home this year to share
In makin’ memories for next year
An’ it tugs at the old heart-strings

So iffen yore circle aint broken yet
I’m a-tellin’ ya’ now so ya’ don’t forget
Tell ‘em ya’ love ‘em an’ tell ‘em again
Til it tugs on the old heart-strings
‘Cause afore ya’ know it they’re gone from your door
An’ don’t come home so much anymore
An’ your gonna miss ‘em, yep, that’s for shore
As it tugs on the old heart-strings

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Lord, not everyone can be
with those they love
this Christmas....
Some have moved
to a new home above
this Christmas....
some simply can not be
where they would love to be
this Christmas.....
Be near to them and let them see
YOU! this Christmas! Amen

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Older I Get......

Kids these days sure must be smart
It makes me crease my brow
As their grand wisdom they impart
The what, the why and how
Well. I never once imagined
That it ever would be so
But I now realize for certain
The older I get THE LESS I KNOW

Yes, my small life experience
Has taught me a thing or two
But no one’s really interested
In my point of view
Why, what happened once to me
Was SO VERY long ago
Things have CHANGED, can I not see?
Yep, the older I get THE LESS I KNOW

So last night after I’d been beaten
And I was feeling a little low
I talked to God in Heaven
He tells me what I AUGHT to know
And I guess as long as earth remains
Time is a teacher so
Eventually the ‘smart ones’ of today will complain
That the older they get THE LESS THEY KNOW!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The fear of the Lord
is the beginning of knowledge,
but fools despise wisdom and discipline. Prov.1:7

Monday, December 14, 2009

Only You

I didn’t see the red sun
Melt in ruby tones
Across the slumbering garden
Or the rosy cobble-stones
Its pure translucent fingers
Brushing every hill and vale
In soft pink, went unnoticed
As the moon, still white and pale

I didn’t hear the whisper
Of dusk in choral pines
Or the breezes as they murmur
And taunt the blushing vines
The rippling fields, though bathed
In softest crimson sheen
May as well have just remained
In mid-day evergreen

No, I didn’t see the earth transformed
Or feel its ruby breath
But I feel strong and loving arms
And I taste heaven on earth
My beloved is home at last
Oh, I see eyes of endless blue
Let the worlds around me pass
For I see only you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thinking of those who are anticipating
the home-coming of loved ones, for Christmas....
...also thinking of those who cannot see
there beloved ones this Christmas!

The Missing Piece/Peace

Even as I wandered up the busy street
With the sound of the snow crunching ‘neath my feet
With the colored lights twinkling from lamp post and tree
I felt something missing inside of me
My arms were aching as the bags I carried
Were growing heavier, so I began to hurry
Perhaps as I wrap them in green and red
I’ll feel the joy of Christmas, I said

But even as I said it deep down I knew
That the missing piece(peace), though hidden from view
Would still remain, like an inner haunting
Til the decorations and lights were like demons taunting
Me, as I vainly tried to ignore the pain
That the missing ‘peace’ created within
Wasn’t Christmas Season intended to be
A time of laughter and gaiety?

I was passing a church when through its door
The sound of singing began to pour
The tender voices of girls and boys
Swelled in a chorus of Christmas joy
I was drawn to the sound by an invisible chord
As they sang Happy Birthday to Christ the Lord
And I couldn’t stop walking til I knelt at the manger
Gazing into the face of a Heavenly Stranger

As I knelt there within the joy of their song
Suddenly I knew, He was there all along
Waiting, waiting for me to find Him….
I lifted my eyes to the children behind Him
From the mouths of babes to my foolish heart
Jesus revealed my missing part
For without Him our search cannot cease
Without Him there will always be…..

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Last night our Sunday School
Children performed a Christmas play
Entitled , The Missing Piece/Peace
They did a SUPERB job,
As with childish innocence they proclaimed
The Christmas truth!!!!

We found the play at
Originally entitled All I Want For
Christmas is....Jesus,
our very talented Sunday School Committee
'adjusted' some of it resulting in
The Missing Peace/Piece.
This is a play I would definitely recommend!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Bum

He glared with disdain at the old tin can
Held up with hope by a dirty old man
Whose eyes were too shiny, his nose was too red
Telling a tale with words unsaid
And the young man turned with a disgusted frown
Staring the old man up and down
Then he said, “I have better things to do
Than hand out my money to a bum like you

There’s work out there, why don’t you get some
Instead of sitting here like a dirty old bum?
I’ve worked hard for the money I have
I’ve earned my rights by the way I live
And I’m not about to throw it away
To a guy who sits on the street all day
You’ve made your choices, I’ve made mine
And I’m not gonna pay for your whiskey or wine

He spun on his heel, about to leave
No drunk was going to ruin his Christmas Eve
His sweetheart was waiting and man, was she sweet
So why was he talking to this bum on the street?
In another few hours he’d be whisked away
‘Neath the twinkling stars, by a horse and sleigh
Snuggled ‘neath blankets a hot drink in hand
With sleigh-bells a-jingling, oh, aint love grand?

He turned and began to walk away
But paused as he heard the old man say,
“I was a young pup once like you
And I guess I know why you feel like you do
But until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes
I beg to differ about ‘your right to choose’
Sometimes you gotta take what you rather would not
And you’d do anything to trade the hand ya’ got”

The old man’s voice grew a little hoarse
As he ran his fingers through hair long and coarse
“Yes, I remember it all real well
I had dreams, held the world by the tail
I loved a sweet lady and she loved me
An’ we were as happy as anyone could be
Oh, the happiest day of my entire life
Was the day that sweet lady became my wife

And the second best day I ever had
Were the three great times I became a dad
With each new little babies birth
We added a corner to our ‘heaven on earth’
Our days were numbered, but we didn’t know
We were as happy as anyone here below
Then one day an old drunk ended my life
When he killed my three babies and my wife

So before you talk choices like winnin’ and losin’
That we become what we are by our own choosin’
I’d like to ask you. Have you lived alone
After your ‘heaven on earth’ was gone?
Have you sat in the darkness your now ever-after
Listening to the silence echo your baby’s laughter
And still hear the voices of your precious darlings
Or close your eyes to still see them smiling?

Have you heard your wife’s voice calling you
To waken alone and cry all night through?
And in a desperate effort to make your thoughts end
Have wine or whiskey become your best friend?
Have you gone to work where they close the door
And say, you don’t work here any more
You may call me a bum but before you do
Would you like to walk a mile in my shoes?

The young man was speechless, what more could he say?
To this man who suffered more loss in one day
Than most people suffer their whole life through
All words seemed empty from this point of view
This was no bum, but a lonely old soul
Who, under life’s sorrow simply lost control
His teardrops fell as he stared at his feet
Then he sat down beside the old man on the street

“Forgive me” he wept to the dirty old man
“Oh, please forgive me if you can
For I am the bum, the most ignorant of fools
What do I know about any of life’s rules?
I’d fill up your can twenty times if I could
But I really don’t think it would do any good
Even better than money, for you I believe
Would be somewhere to come home to this Christmas Eve”

So there in the cold ‘neath the streetlights glow
Sat the young man with the old in the falling snow
And the angels looked down from heaven above
Smiling at the pair in tender love
A young man who would never choose
To walk a mile in the old man’s shoes
Then slowly they both arose to their feet
And arm in arm, they walked up the street

(last verse optional)
So before we call anyone a drunk or a bum
Perhaps we should ask them from where they have come
Instead of judging, lend them an ear
And we might be appalled at the stories we hear
God give mercy to the poor on the street
Their stories are the tears that the angels weep
Shine your love on them and show them the reason
We all may have hope this Christmas Season

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

If anyone has material possessions
and sees his brother in need
but has no pity on him,
how can the love of God
be in him? 1 John 3:17

(sorry, I know you may have seen a
few of these poems before, but I decided
to post them again for Christmas.)

You Should Have Had a Palace

You should have had a palace, a soft and royal gown
The sweetest little cradle and on Your head a crown
You should have had each stately hall filled with celebration
As earth received in helpless form the Hand of all creation

But instead of a palace, a stable with a lowly manger bed
Instead of a crown and a royal gown, no pillow for Your head
Instead of a ball in a stately hall, a hillside cold and dim
Where shepherds heard the angel’s word and came to worship Him

You should have had a chariot with a throne in which to ride
Golden flower petals to scatter at Your side
Purple and scarlet satin would be too plain a gown
Rubies, pearls and diamonds too lowly for Your crown

But instead of a chariot ,a donkey, a plain and homely beast
A piece of bread to remember Your death was Your parting feast
The scarlet You wore was the blood that poured from Your wounded side
Your crown was thorns and instead of a throne, a cross on which You died

I should have no hope or pardon, no reason to be glad
I should be bowed low in sorrow, in shame hang down my head
I should be mocked and beaten and hated all day long
Tears should be my bread and meat and weeping be my song

But instead of hate there was mercy, instead of death there was grace
Instead of doom and a cloud of gloom there’s a smile upon my face
Instead of a load on a hopeless road there is Heaven up above
And that cross on the hill is empty still because of a Savior’s love

It should have been me upon that cross instead of the King of kings
But so one soul should not be lost You endured my sufferings
Instead of a king a servant, You hung on the cross for me
May I praise You and in return forever Your servant be

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Who, being in very nature God,
did not consider equality with God
something to be grasped,
but made Himself nothing,
taking the very nature of a servant,
being made in human likeness,
and being found in appearance
as a man, He humbled Himself and
became obedient to death,
even death on a cross! Phil.2: 6-8

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who Is He?

Who is this One they call God’s Son?
And loves us beyond all measure
In humble birth He came to earth
To make vile sinners His treasure
Who is He, this babe so wee?
Of which the angels sing
This tiny stranger in the manger
Of which the heavens ring

He is Wonderful Counselor, He is Mighty God
He is Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace whose reign won’t cease
Name above all others

Who is the One who is hanging alone
On a cold and cruel tree
He prays aloud for the seething crowd
In spite of His agony
Who is He, who can this be?
Bearing the weight of sin
‘Neath thorny crown as the sun goes down
He answers ‘it is done’

He is Wonderful Counselor, He is Mighty God
He is Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace whose reign won’t cease
Name above all others

Who is He who sets us free
Within this holy flood?
As white as snow within the flow
He cleanses with His blood
He will receive all who believe
Oh, won’t you come today
Or will you ignore a loving Lord
And coldly turn away?....

….from a Wonderful Counselor, A Mighty God
An Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace whose reign won’t cease
Name above all others
Will you spurn a Wonderful Counselor?
Your Everlasting Father
The Mighty God, the Prince of peace
Who loves us like no other?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin 12/12/09

WE are having the kid’s Sunday School
Christmas Program tomorrow night.
It ends with this verse:
He will be called Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God, Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace,
Of the increase of His government there
Will be no end. Isa.9:6-7

As I listened to it this morning
At our last practice, His names seemed to impact
me….maybe because hearing it from a child sometimes
touches us more deeply somehow…..

No Trial Run

I’ve often sighed as I’ve wryly stated
I wish there was a trial run
For the word alone is under-rated
And misunderstood for one
Yet, everyone else seems to have all the answers
I wish I had their point of view
‘Cause when it comes to this thing called ‘parenting’
I could sure use a lesson or two

Then just as I think I have it figured out
--the solution to a certain ‘fix’
God smiles and adds an entirely new
Personality to the mix
So now it is just like starting over
But we try to make it fun
Yet, at the end of the day I often say
Oh, for a trial run

One day I gazed into the face of my child
As he sat through an explanation
Of the who, the what, the where and why
I’ve come up with my sound reason
He looked a little perplexed and bewildered
And I smiled as I saw that he did
I said, my dear one, I guess there’s no trial run
Either, for being a kid

On a more somber note I realized
We only get one crack
At this thing called Life, its joy and strife
Gaining the wisdom we lack
Then we’ll all bow down before God’s throne
To hear how we have done
So let’s be aware and live each day with care
For Life has no trial run

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Therefore....let us run with patience
the race that is set before us. Heb. 12:1

Friday, December 11, 2009

These Are the Days

Strawberry jam artwork
On the counter and floor
Sticky red hand-print
On my freshly-wiped door
Toast crumbs and corn flakes
On the sole of my feet
What ever happened to
‘Nice and neat’?

The hamper has hatched
Dirty laundry it seems
I hear brother laugh
As his sister screams
There’s nothing to wear!
This is SO last year

Telephone rings
It’s not for me
The cookie jar’s empty
How can that be???
My clean, tidy kitchen
Is well, not anymore
And who dripped hot chocolate
‘Cross the kitchen floor?

These are the days
These are the years
These are the moments
I’ll recall with fond tears
Lord, help me remember
Midst the mess and the muddle
To thank You for the one
Who left a kitchen snow-puddle

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Friday is generally my ‘cleaning day’.
Today is another ‘snow day’
With everyone home, so it’s
More of a ‘cleaning up’ day 
Oh yeah!!!! These are the days….

The picture is not today...
that was last week when one
of the girls needed to cook supper
for a homework assignment.
The assignment included clean-up so
I tried to mind my own business!!!!

Before The Dawn

Before the first rosy hint of light
Fingers the charcoal veil of night
Before its soundless silver sigh
Breathes upon the eastern sky
While heavy lies the darkened fold
Of night; and eyes of young and old
Lay slumbering in brief respite
Before the softest kiss of light
Weaves the faintest, glimmering thread
To give us hope that night is dead…
A lone bird knows that dawn is nigh
Though still unspoken in the sky
She breaks the spell of purple tones
And in the darkest hour of dawn
Breaks forth in clear triumphant song
Knowing night will soon be gone….

Take courage then, my fellow-friend
The night is dark, but it will end
Though, through its veil we cannot see
And morning waits, a distant dream
Behind this heavy cloak of night
Awaits a glorious robe of light
And as we hear that lone birds song
We know the night will not be long
Soon its sorrow and its fear
Will be a distant memory here
Though eyes may search the eastern sky
We know the Dawning soon is nigh
As we join the lone bird’s tune
Reassured that very soon
The Son of everlasting light
Will break in triumph through this night

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

There will be no more night.
They will not need the light of a lamp
Or the light of the sun,
For the Lord God will give them light.
And they will reign forever and ever. Rev.22:5

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Past

I could break down the gate
And force my way through
Into the garden
Where I wandered with you…..
I could gaze at the flowers
Pause in the shade
Re-living the hours
Where memories were made
I could still hear the whisper
Of the willow trees
And smell the magnolia
As they float in the breeze
The song of the fountain
Leaving troubles behind
As its care-free music
Still flows ‘cross my mind
I could pause in the stillness
Haven, almost complete
Linger a moment
On grasses so sweet
Hearing our laughter
In the cool night air
I could try to go back…but….
You would not be there

Life is a garden
Of moments rare
We cannot go back
So tend it with PRAYER!!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Fear God and keep His commandments,
for this is the whole duty of man. Eccles. 12:13

Hands of Time

To try and stop the hands of time
From showing on our face
Is as easy as trying to re-arrange
Or perhaps even erase
The clouds that drift in yonder sky
Or moon that stays its course
We may as well resolve to try
And thwart a tempest’s force

There is a time for everything
Beneath the blazing sun
A time to laugh, a time to sing
A time for being young
But as the grayer shades descend
Upon the young at heart
It’s foolishness that we pretend
Times power to outsmart

Is beauty just outward appeal?
A swift and passing thing
Nay, beauty is an inner zeal
A peace that age may bring
It is the tender touch of time
As we pass through its fire
True beauty is lovely, sublime
Which each one may acquire

To try and stop the hands of time
A vain and foolish quest
Like standing in a hurricane
And begging it to rest
Like wishing on an evening star
Or flying to the moon
We cannot stop its ceaseless march
Or change its solemn tune

So instead of sad lament
I pray we may embrace
With humble heart, in God content
Times ever-changing face
Tis but a short and fleeting breath
Our brief mortality
Beauty reigns in our death
In God’s eternity

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I won't bother going in to detail
about where this one came from......

......but I did hear about a guy who
was bemoaning the fact that his gorgeous
slim wife......well, wasn't as gorgeous and slim
as she used to be...before they were in their fifties...
I know her. She is VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! and her husband
would agree to that, I know!
How does that saying go????
Age is a great equalizer!

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
but a woman who fears the Lord
is to be praised. Prov.31:30

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heaven's Violin

In Heaven I’m not sure what I’ll do
While God greets the other guests
I’ll wander the streets of golden hue
In perfect pastures I’ll rest
And as I pause on the heavenly shore
Where crystal waters flow
I’ll praise my King forevermore
And there’s one thing I know……

There’ll be violins in Heaven
Sweet music they will play
Trickles of perfection
In a holy serenade
The angels in countless number
Will drink the music in
As we pause in wordless wonder
At heaven’s violin

Its melody soothes the traveler
Here on our weary way
It sets our feet a-dancing
And turns our night to day
Its soft strain melts our troubles
If just for a little while
And when I get to Heaven
I know that I will smile…..

‘Cause there’ll be violins in Heaven
They might be made of gold
And as we view the beauty
That has never yet been told
Over the hills and valleys
A serenade begins
And feet will start a-dancing
To Heaven’s violin

Oh, what a celebration
Some sweet day it will be
As every tribe and nation
Unites in victory
And as we join in chorus
I’ll wear a mile-wide grin
As we hear what God saved for us…..

All Rights reserved
Janet Martin

Scott, this one was inspired by
you and your band!!!! Thank-you!

I just got home from a Scott Woods show!!!!
What a talent…truly breath-taking!
Scott, when you read
‘In Search of Christmas Day’
It was more beautiful than I ever imagined….
as you concluded it with a beautiful
rendition of O, Holy Night

Thank-you! God Bless,
And Merry Christmas!

Beatty and Barb, I never would have heard
about Scott Woods in the first place
if not for your kind invitation!!!
Thank-you and God Bless You!

Matthew went to the concert with me...
The picture is Matt and I
with Scott and his sister Kendra,
who is also a very talented musician
and a big part of the show!!!

go to
and check it out!!
They may be coming to a town near you!!!

August Fields

To August fields my dreams return
For just a little while
And for its dusty warmth I yearn
And for its sultry smile
The laughing breeze that stirs the sheaves
And ruffles fern and flower
Taunts the summer heart that grieves
For August’s pleasant hour

I long to roam the haunts again
Of butterfly and daisy
Dancing to the locusts strain
Where noon is warm and lazy
No more the effervescent sheen
Its skies are dusty blue
I revel in the golden-green
Of August’s misty hue

The subtle hint of summer’s fading
Whispers at my door
In spite of my utmost persuading
Its stealth I can’t ignore
And now across the frozen field
I view its snowy plain
Visualizing 'neath its shield
Sweet August fields again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yep! SOMEWHERE beneath the snow
I know its warmth remains
I'll dance the hazy girth I know
of August fields again.....
But now instead of locust tunes
A snow-plows vulgar sound.......
Time flies, so I know that soon
August will come around!

Here Am I

Here am I with broken treasure
Scattered sadly at my feet
Here am I, it seems the pleasure
Of this world is bitter-sweet
For as I stand within your Presence
Shame fills my humble cry
“Lord, I’m a poor and foolish sinner
Will you use me, here am I

Here am I with empty riches
Of this world so sadly tarnished
All its promises of happiness
In misery have vanished
Lord, I don’t deserve Your mercy
And I really don’t know why
You say that You still love me
But You do, so here am I

Here am I, the words of Samuel
From a story long ago
Speak Lord, for your servant hears
Samuel knew You loved Him so
Here am I before the same God
Changeless through the course of time
As I bow before You, Jesus
Will You use me, here am I

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....Then Samuel said, "Speak,for
your servant is listening. 1 Sam.3:10

Do You Love Me?

I hold the elements of nature
Within my mighty Hand
The howling gale, the breeze's whisper
Both heed My command
I paint the canvas of the heavens
In a glorious Master-piece
I give breath to each thing living
Tell Me, do you love Me?

I form each tender little bloom
Caress the midnight hour
With twinkling star and silver moon
Transforming every flower
In shades of grey and silver-green
The lawn a rippling sea
Beneath the tranquil misty sheen
Tell me, do you love Me?

I am in December’s blast
Or vibrant shades of May
In butter-fly or lightening flash
In every shade of grey
I am in the morning splendor
And I ride upon the storm
As man and nature must surrender
To the power of my arm

I am in the hour of laughter
I am in the vale of tears
I am in the ever-after
In your joy and in your fears
I am wherever you are going
And wherever you will be
I am God; I am Love; All-knowing
Tell me, oh, do you love Me?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

We are having our first blast of winter!!!
Snow, then freezing rain, then MORE snow!!!
I know,....we got off easy in November:):)
The kids are thrilled--first snow day! No School!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is this really Christmas?

What is the meaning
Of all of the hustle
Shopping malls packed to the door
The air on the street
A frantic bustle
Of hunters for bargains galore
Instead of a smile
And a friendly greeting
It’s ‘hurry’ and ‘oh no, we’re late’
Then they begin running
As if competing
In some kind of Christmas race

Is this really Christmas
The hustling and bustling
To-do lists as long as our arm
Whatever happened
To create all this fussing
Where is the old-fashioned charm?
If Jesus is watching
And I know He is
Do you think He is sadly confused?
As we dash about
To make sure nothings amiss
His birthday is sadly abused

Have we in our folly
Sadly created
A misrepresentation of Him?
Have red men so jolly
And parties and presents
Replaced Jesus and Bethlehem?
Is this why Christmas
Is becoming ‘Happy Holiday’?
Because somewhere amidst
The parties and presents
The ‘Christ’ was taken away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The shepherds said to one another,
“Let’s go to Bethlehem and see
This thing that has happened
Which the Lord told us about!” Luke 2 :15 NIV

If I Could See

If I could see into the future
And if I could clearly view
The other side of my concerns
And all my worries too
Then I would never know its worth
And I would never need
To rely on simple faith
As small as mustard seed

If I could see the other end
Of all this constant care
I know that I would not depend
On One who’s always near
Faith would simply be a word
Never tried or true
And I would never need the Lord
If I saw my way through

If I could see the end result
Whether good or bad
I would be unbearable
Either proud or sad…..
So in the end I know its best
Though sometimes hard to do
Trusting God in every test
For He will see me through

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I tell you, if you have faith as small
As a mustard seed,
You can say to this mountain,
“Move from here to there”
And it will move.
Nothing will be impossible for you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mom's Not Jolly Anymore

Mom’s not jolly anymore
I heard them state outside my door
She doesn’t laugh and joke as much
Or sing those silly songs and such
She smiles a little now and then
But it just isn’t quite the same….
She’s not as ‘crazy’ as before
Nope. Mom’s not jolly anymore

Mom’s not jolly anymore????
Their verdict I could not ignore
As I review my attitude
I concede, perhaps I am slightly subdued
As the duties of a mother and wife
And the cares of this earthly life
Seem a little heavier right now than before…
But…Mom’s not jolly anymore????

Am I wearing my cares upon my face?
Instead of leaving them in His tender embrace
Am I trying to carry it all inside?
Perhaps if so, I have denied
My precious troop of smile and song
Or patience when things turn out wrong….
I’m still the Mom I was before
Right? Am I not jolly anymore?

Lord, help me to be bright and cheery
Even when I’m tired and weary
Help me. In spite of life’s wee troubles
To remember that moments are brief as bubbles
Help me to trust and hold Your hand
Someday I know they’ll understand
Til then let me laugh, let it roll, let it roar
So they won’t say, “Mom’s not jolly anymore”

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sometimes a child’s casual remark
and its time for some honest evaluating!

'out of the mouths of babes....'

Guilty, Guilty

We surround the pleading sinner
Our hands raised in the air
Grasping stones to kill him
As he begs for mercy there
We sneer at his misery
Our ears cold to his cry
The verdict has been given
This pathetic fool must die

Guilty, guilty, we all chant
You deserve no breath
In holy piety we rant
'You must be put to death'
We scream self-righteous slogans
Our hatred fills the air
As stones fling fast and furious
Upon the sinner there

With ill-devised excuses
We silence his last cry
Fulfilling in our lofty minds
Our ‘duty’ to mankind
Forgetting when we saw perfection
In Heaven’s spotless Lamb
We still cried “Guilty, guilty”
And we crucified Him

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When they kept on questioning Him (Jesus),
He straightened up and said to them,
“If any one of you is without sin,
Let him be the first to throw a stone
at her.”

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Glad You Are My Friend

When I’m lonely You’re the only
One who understands
The world may smile in proper style
Then pass as Time commands
But You are never far away
Or too absorbed to hear me pray
The broken heart You gently mend
And I’m so glad You are my Friend

When I’m lonely You’re the only
One who truly sees
The tender struggle or the trouble
Poured out on my knees
You have never turned away
Or said You have no time today
You never hurry or pretend
And I’m so glad You are my Friend

When I’m lonely You’re the only
One who intercedes
A human friend can’t comprehend
Our deepest inner needs
But You designed each hidden part
Know each desire of my heart
You abide and You defend
And I’m so glad You are my Friend

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

What a Friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and grief to bear
Waht a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

If Memories Were Snowflakes

Snowflakes drift like tender memories
Past my window-pane
And if I could re-trace my steps
I’d re-live some again
But here and there a memory stings
Like dirt that’s in my eye
And I cannot forget it
No matter how I try

If regret was like a snowflake
It would simply melt away
And I would have no sorrow
To trouble me today
But we live with the consequence
Of every deed we do
And foolish, selfish action
Can create a bitter brew

Our actions are not snowflakes
Those simply melt away
Action comes with consequence
And memories that will stay
A moment, then a memory
That lingers on and on
Lord, help us to act wisely
Before this moment's gone

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I guess I'm feeling nostalgic today......
Last night I was at our church to help
the youth decorate for their Christmas banquet tonight.
I couldn't believe how short the walk
is from youth to 'the old one'.
At midnight we finished! One of the guys
said, "Yeah!!! Now we can go and do some
playing!!! The work's done!" All I wanted to
do was get home to bed as fast as I could!!!!
It felt like such a short while ago that I left
that stage behind!!!!!! But oh, what a delight
it is to look back on treasured memories....
what pain is regret!
p.s. WE came up with a new slogan last night....

I See You Every Day

I still see you every day
In pastures where we used to play
We roam the shady haunts of June
Or linger ‘neath the harvest moon
We dance in sunny fields of May
Oh, I still see you every day

The apples we plucked from the tree
Are sweeter still in memory
Our laughter, like a lazy breeze
Drifts through the phantom willow trees
Where in innocence we’d play
Oh, I still see you every day

As I stroll that misty trail
Where we walked a little while
I smile in tender reverie
Treasuring each memory
Beyond the present wind-tossed fray
I still see you every day

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Bitter are memories filled with regret...
but oh, the good ones are so sweet.

Friday, December 4, 2009

They've Never Heard.....

I prayed today and shed a tear
For all the precious children dear,
Who do not have or ever had
A home with both a mom and dad,
I prayed for those who’ve never heard
Of baby Jesus or God’s Word,
They’ve never been to Sunday school
Or once been taught the golden rule,
I shed a quiet tear today
For those who don’t know how to pray
Because their mother and their dad
Both grew up and never had
A home where family prayers were heard
Or Dad would read God’s Holy Word,
How can they teach what they don’t know?
Or offer hope for life below,
I wept for the neglected child
Who does not have a mother mild,
But oft must hide away in fright
And hear his mom and daddy fight,
I prayed for children of the world,
For every little boy and girl
Who lives each day without God’s hope,
And in this world begins to grope
In search for love that will endure,
For peace and joy safe and secure,
How cold is death, unyielding sod
If they have never heard of God,
Oh, who will break the hopeless chain?
Life after life, lived all in vain,
Without the hope in Christ alone
If they have never once been shown,
Oh, reach out to a child today,
So that none of them can say
No one ever said to me,
The love of Christ will set you free,
Oh, reach out to a lonely child,
For I say surely God has smiled
When someone tells them of His love
And points them to that Hope above,
Jesus love will break the chain,
But untouched it will remain
Until somebody sees the need
And plants within their hearts the seed,
Shows in loving deed and prayer
That God is love and He is there

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So how can we cast stones at anyone,
young or old????????
So many have never heard!!

...if you confess with your mouth
"Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart
that God raised Him from the dead
you will be saved. Rom.10:9

For whosoever shall call
upon the name of the Lord
shall be saved. Rom.10:13

What Money Can't Buy

Money can’t buy you a soft, tender whisper
Or the glow in loving eyes
It cannot purchase the music of laughter
Or sorrowful hugs of good-bye
Money can’t buy you the joy of a soul-mate
Or a fond, shared memory
Money is cold, so hard and unfeeling
Its love is our misery

Money will buy you things you can cling to
But in your darkest hour
No money can buy a heart of compassion
For money contains no power
To purchase the priceless, the untouchable
A heart that truly cares
And defends you with unwavering faithfulness
Money cannot answer prayers

Money can’t buy you hope or salvation
Oh the poorest of all must be
The soul who relies on the god of money
When the best things in life are free
Money can’t buy you forgiveness, redemption
Or a home in Heaven above
Money can’t buy you a friend when you’re lonely
For money cannot buy love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

My heart breaks for Tiger Woods and his family.

Santa or Jesus

She looked like an angel in her little red coat
A white scarf wrapped snugly and tied at her throat
Snowflakes sparkled in her golden hair
And in her hands she clutched a small teddy-bear
The crowds scurried past her, their thoughts on the morrow
Unaware of the girl and the hint of sorrow
That shone in her eyes as she gazed at the sled
Where-on sat a jolly old man in red

The excited laughter of the children around her
Did not lift the shadow that seemed to surround her
Yet she watched as they climbed on the old man’s knee
To tell what their wants and wishes would be
…in the distance the bells from the tall church steeple
Hailed to the streets still crowded with people
For daylight was fading, but the chill in the air
Went unnoticed by the girl with the teddy-bear

The old man didn’t see her ‘til the noisy crowds dwindled
As they rushed to the warmth of home-fires kindled
Then he beckoned to the sad-faced little girl
Who suddenly looked as if she carried the world
With all of its trouble on her wee shoulders
And he knew he simply HAD to hold her
--to ask her what caused her young heart to grieve
On this greatest of nights, this Christmas Eve

She timidly approached his gift-laden sled
“Come, don’t be afraid” the jolly man said
“It’s your turn now and I think you’ll be
The last child this year to sit on my knee
Come now and tell Santa what troubles you so
For this is the best night of the year, don’t you know?”
Then onto his lap she gratefully snuggled
To tell dear old Santa why her heart was troubled

“Well” she began “It’s like this, you see”
And she paused as she brushed some snow from his knee
Then Santa pulled a big warm blanket around them
As Christmas Eve began to surround them
“Mama says it is Jesus who is the reason
We celebrate Christmas every season
That Santa is a creature of our imagination
Who has nothing to do with this celebration”

Silently Santa watched the snowflakes swirl
As he pondered the words of this little girl
Then in a husky voice he gently said
“You have a very wise mother indeed
Jesus is the reason, don’t you ever forget it
Santa adds the magic, perhaps if you let it
And, my dear little girl, would it surprise you
To know that this Santa loves Jesus too?

For Santa would have no reason to bring
Gifts for the children if not for a King
Who was laid in a manger where wise men from afar
Gave the first Christmas gifts ‘neath Bethlehem’s star
And old Santa’s reindeer flying through the air
Could never even begin to compare
To the host of angels bent low to the earth
To tell the shepherds of Jesus birth

Cause Jesus IS the truth and Santa’s the mystery
The jolly ho ho! in this season’s history
For to Christmas truth Santa’s no stranger
All that I know I learned at the manger
Gifts remind us of hope, peace, love and joy
Such as Heaven gave earth in that baby boy
So my dear little girl, I agree with your mother
Jesus IS the reason, there is no other”

The little girl quietly pondered his words
As she ran her fingers through his frosty beard
When suddenly she clapped her little hands
“I get it” she cried, “I now understand!”
Then a little girls laughter and Santa’s ho ho
Rang our ‘cross the town all covered in snow
And they shouted with joy, “It’s ok to believe
In Jesus and Santa on Christmas Eve!”

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

A light-hearted story in defense of all the
‘daddy and grand-daddy santa’s’
who bring squeals of delight to excited children!