Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Me Again

You said don’t do it
You were right
I knew it
But I did it anyway
You said, start walkin’
I heard you talkin’
But I ignored
Your whisper Lord…

Now here I am
It’s me again
Wishin’ I had listened
Right away
But I am such a fool
First need to break the rule
Before I’m ready
To obey…

Now I’m sorry Lord,
Sorry I ignored
Your gentle whisper
When I said
I can
Yeah it’s me again
Asking You again
Will you forgive again
Will you forgive
This sinful man

Yeah, it’s me again
Lord, I’m so ashamed
But You love and
You never turn away
So here I am again
Broken and unclean
Needing you to
Wash away my sin
Needing You to
Love this sinful man
Needing Your forgiveness
Once again

Yeah, it’s me again…..

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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