Wednesday, February 17, 2010


He gave His very best for us
Heaven’s perfect lamb
Clad Himself in flesh for us
In form of a servant
He was led by hatred’s hand
To a cruel slaughter
Bringing hope to hopeless man
To every son and daughter

He gave His very best for us
Left His glorious throne
The King of kings and Lord of lords
God’s only precious Son
Knew every blow that lay ahead
The sorrow He must bear
Rejection, torture, pain and dread
A cross, alone, a spear

He gave His very best for us
Offered man His glory
To crucify upon a cross
In tender love out-pouring
Dare we then offer in return
A weak, half-hearted knee?
And such a glorious offering spurn
With mediocrity

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Your attitude should be the same
as that of Jesus Christ…. Phil.2:5

There is no athlete at the Olympics
who gives a weak, half-hearted effort.
They give their ALL in the moment
they have been training for!!!
in the sport they love, in hope of a prize!!
Is the race we are running in not
of far greater significance?
Is the Object of our love not much greater??
Is the Prize not priceless?
Are we then giving our best effort?

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