Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter's Rose

The garden lays a frozen plain beneath the cold blue snow
Does she dream of spring again as howling north-winds blow?
Hidden ‘neath her frigid shroud, the miracle of birth
Awaiting spring-times tender cloud to warm the heart of earth

Waiting until her arm throbs with perfumed blooms again
Waiting until frozen sobs grow warm in April rain
Waiting while the winter wind moans and howls and blows
Knowing spring will come again, this is winter’s rose

Hope, the wings in every dream, the strength in every mile
Hope in shades of ever-green and spring-times emerald smile
Hope in spite of winters reign, it’s love-light softly glows
Hope will melt the snow again and this is winter’s rose

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This time of year I start to think
about gardening again! I cannot wait to go and dig
in the dirt that is waiting under all the snow!!
I love to plan my garden this time of year!
I never remember to picture it with last years
weeds, or pests and diseases! I always picture it
healthy and perfect!!! I guess that is the hope
which plants the seed. It for now is my winter rose!

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