Friday, February 5, 2010

Tear-stained Mile

Beneath the verdant tresses of the willow and the pine
Where tender breeze caresses all the hearts that walk this line
A solemn sad procession here has journeyed through the years
As tender thoughts of loved ones dear are cherished in our tears

We grasp the misty silence as we hunger for their touch
Of the one no longer present and we miss them oh, so much
We reach toward the heavens for a hand to hold awhile
As we tread the weathered pathway of the lover’s tear-stained mile

The trees above in reverence bow their heads as there we weep
Faithful through the ages, silent vigil they will keep
As to the earth we render those we still would choose to hold
But humbly must surrender to the Shepherd of the fold

In greener pastures some sweet day, we’ll see them all at last
Beyond this cold and bitter fray some day we’ll hold them fast
No more to walk in sorrow’s grasp, or hungry for their smile
In victory then their hands we’ll clasp beyond this tear-stained mile

Ah, somewhere in this hallowed land no tear will dim the eye
And somewhere on this golden strand loved ones will never die
And somewhere in that home sweet home how sweet will be our smile
Because at last, at last we’ve come beyond the tear-stained mile

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
There will be no more death or mourning or crying.....Rev.21:4

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