Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love, The Best Gift

Love, surely the best gift sent from heaven above

We will never out-live our need for love

Soft, warm contentment as the heart over-flows

Sweet is its sentiment, pure as the rose

Its color more brilliant then a summer sun-rise

Its light most resplendent in a loved ones eyes

Its shelter the comfort of arms that enfold

Its value unmeasured in silver and gold

Its pain more wrenching than a switch-blade knife

Its scars far-reaching to the end of a life

Its loss much greater than pen can tell

Its rejection a sad beginning of hell

Gift of salvation, God’s hope to man-kind

Beyond explanation, and oft gently blind

Tolerant, patient, faithful and true

Heaven’s song in three words, I love you

(last verse optional)

Love, a warm blanket when cold winds blow

Love, a sweet flower that blooms in the snow

Love gives me wings, makes me feel like I’m flying

Love laughs and sings, then tell me, why am I crying?

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

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