Monday, August 31, 2009

The Tea-pot on the Table

If the tea-pot on the table had a voice
If the roses in the rose-bowl had a choice
Then the tea-pot could tell stories and the roses they would cry
But they just sit there looking pretty at all the passers-by
Yes, they sit there looking pretty at all the passers-by

Oh, just look at that pretty porch, the gazing house-wife sighs
She envies lucky someone in that picture-perfect house
And aren’t the roses lovely? exclaim the passers-by
They do not know if roses could, these roses they would cry
No, they do not know if roses could, these roses they would cry

It’s a picture-perfect house tis true, but if the walls could talk
If windows could reveal the truth how folk would stand in shock
But those log walls they cannot talk and windows are not able
So passers-by admire the quaint tea-pot on the table
Yes, the passers-by admire the quaint tea-pot on the table

Broken hearts and angry words, ugly, bitter secrets
Fodder for the idle mind and meat for hungry gossips
Now and then the neighbors pause, then hurry on their way
And the tea-pot and the roses sure look pretty every day
Yes, the tea-pot and the roses sure look pretty every day

But God knows what the tea-pot knows and sees the ugly truth
He’s reaching for the parents and the broken-hearted youth
God can heal, His love forgives and only He is able
For God sees past the roses and the tea-pot on the table
Yes God sees past the roses and the tea-pot on the table

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Man looks at the outward appearance,
but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Sam.16:7

Fighting Your Will

Lord, no, no, I don’t want to go,
I simply cannot do it
Oh, do not ask of me this task
Oh, walk some other through it
It’s not for me Lord, can’t You see
I’m oh so small and feeble
It seems I see so many who’d be
More fit than I of all people

I’m growing tired, I’m fighting hard
Trying to ease Your prodding
I shout and sing, do many ‘things’
In vain, my foolish plotting
For in the hush of midnights rush
I hear Your patient Spirit
“Why do you fight? You know I’m right
And I will help you bear it”

Resigned and shaking, my will is breaking
As weeping I surrender
Yes, Lord I’ll go, for Lord, I know
You are my Great Defender
I’ve fought so hard but now my guard
Is weak and failing sadly
I’ll trust in You to see me through
The will I’ve fought so badly

Within my heart dwells no good part
Your will must be my wisdom
As step by step I’m in your grip
Until I reach Your kingdom
If I fulfill Your perfect will
Tis only through Your Spirit
So I will try and if I cry
I know that You will hear it

All Rights Reserved Aug.2009
Janet Martin

Because God has said,
"I will never leave you;
I will never forsake you;"
So we can say with confidence,
"The Lord is my helper,
Iwill not be afraid.
What can man do to me?" Heb.13:5-6

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Great Divide

Beyond the wind-swept sands of time
We see a glow ahead,
It beckons to us as we climb
Yet fills our hearts with dread
A beacon to this weary land,
A steady light to guide,
But when at that bright gate we stand
There’ll be a great divide

Today we share the sun and rain,
Our loaf of daily bread,
We each have days of joy and pain,
But someday up ahead
If you have barred your inner door,
His entrance you’ve denied,
If you His gentle plea ignore
There’ll be a great divide

No, there are no tears in Heaven,
Sweet, perfect bliss forever,
But friend, if you are not forgiven
I know there is a river
Just outside the pearly gate,
As hopeless tears are cried,
Farewell to love, oh awful fate,
At the great divide

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When the Son of Man comes in His glory,
And all the angels with Him
He will sit on His throne in heavenly glory.
All the nations will be gathered before Him
And He will separate the people one from another,
As a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.
He will put the sheep on His right
And the goats on His left. Matt.25:31-33

Modern Sabbath

No bells peeling from the steeple,
No churches over-flow with people,
But shopping malls and parking lots
Do not have a vacant spot,
As people rush to get inside
To worship gods of wicked pride,
And never stop to think at all
Of One who saved us from the fall,
Or of a cross up on a hill
Where perfect blood for us did spill,
So that there would be a way
For man to live on Judgment Day,
Oh no, they never stop to think
That this will end quick as a wink,
And all the fool’s gold that they trust
Will be transformed to heaps of rust,
But still they crave for one more taste
Of all the filth of this world’s waste,
And still His door is open wide
Beckoning all to come inside

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Let us not give up meeting together as some
Are in the habit of doing,
But let us encourage one another;
And all the more as you see the Day approaching. Heb.10:25

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Would You Trade It?

So Dad, today is your birthday....
and here are a few things I've wondered.....

Would you trade it? Those wrinkles on your face,
For a little more poise and youthful grace,
A little more lightness in your step,
A little more ‘swagger’ in your hip,
Would you trade the morsel of wisdom you’ve garnished
For that youthful gleam still untarnished?
Would you go back if you could today?
To start over in some distant yesterday?
Would you trade experience for carefree laughter?
Would you give back your children and the here ever after?
To be young; to start all over again,
To experience once more all the sorrow and pain,
To live out your firsts with no more knowledge
Than the one who must yet go through grade school and college,
Would you give her back, your lovely wife?
To start a-fresh this journey of life?
If tonight you heard God’s voice
Give you this impossible choice, would you trade it?
Sometimes I wonder why we fret and sigh
At the speed with which the years hasten by,
When in reality most would not likely go back
Knowing what age gives that in youth we lack,
So when wrinkles come and knees get stiff
I hope I’ll believe that age is a gift,
And God’s design is best,‘tis truth,
For there’s much we would never trade back for youth

All Rights Reserved Aug. 29, 2009
Janet Martin

Friday, August 28, 2009

Daughters, Love Your Daddies

Daughters, honor your daddies
For no one in all the world
Would give the best of the life he has
For his precious little girl
Up in the morning early
Working hard through another day
But the laughter of his girly
Drives his troubles far away

Daughters, do you know it?
You’re the sparkle in his eye
And when he does not show it
It’s still there behind his sigh
For a daddy’s load is heavy
And he needs your loving prayer
You’re the sunshine on his shoulder
When his load is hard to bear

Love your dearest daddy
And heed his kind advice
You may not understand it
But just love him and be nice
Respect his admonition
For no one in all the world
Loves you like a daddy
Loves his precious little girl

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Dedicated to Tom and Laura

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!

Heaven's Threshold

As I gaze into the heavens
And the endless miles
Of perfect blue canopy
Untouched by human hands
And warmed by the smiles
Of sunshine’s company

I realize like never before
The ground where-on I stand
Must be the glorious threshold
That leads to Heavens door
But try as hard as I can
Its entrance I cannot behold

Janet Martin All rights reserved 2009

The heavens declare the glory of God.
The skies proclaim the work of His hands. Ps.19:1

I'm a Princess

Oh I gotta hurry; no I can’t be late,
He’s gonna be here at seven, I can hardly wait,
My heart’s goin’ crazy, better re-fix my hair,
Hope he likes my new out-fit, does he even care? (What I wear)
Oh, I feel like a princess, I can do anything,
Yes, I feel like a princess, like the child of a king

Here comes the bride, as grand as a queen,
I feel so beautiful; the grass is so green,
I’m just so happy; I think I could fly,
I’m so, so happy, I could touch the sky!
Oh I feel like a princess, I can do anything,
I feel like a princess, like the child of a king….

….well, my dish-washing hands don’t look too grand,
That bathroom reeks; guess I’ll clean it again,
The lawn needs a-mowin’; the garden needs a-hoein’,
The bread needs a-bakin’; the yard needs a-rakin’,
The lawnmowers broke; but ‘Sonnie’s’ got a new joke,
The floor needs a-sweepin’; the roof started leakin’,
The bills need a-payin; and the children need prayin’,
An’ huggin’ an’ an’ kissin’ an’ punishin’ an’ playin’,
Oh, the van’s on empty, and so is the fridge,
Mommy, can we play ‘London Bridge’?
Can you read me a story; can you sing me a song?
Or can we play princess? It won’t take too long,
The house needs tidying; the windows are a fright,
And I’m s-o-o tired ‘cause teen-ager had a crisis last night,
Oh, here comes the bus! Good-bye, I love you,
If only you knew how much I do love you,
Lord, keep Your hand over them an’ don’t let me worry
Wherever they go, You go too, so to God be the glory!
Hubby needs new socks and hubby needs lunch,
And yes, my darling, I love you too, a bunch,
Oh, and did you fix that window and the vacuum cleaner?
Could you drop off the garbage? What would you like for dinner?
Do you still think I’m pretty? Oh, I know, I’m a mess,
Today’s just been a little crazy, I guess,
But God says I’m a princess and I can do anything,
Because I really am a princess; A child of the King,
And when my hair is the color of new-fallen snow,
When my body is weary and my steps are slow,
Still I will whisper, I can do anything,
‘Cause Lord, I’m Your princess; A child of the King

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
But a woman who fears the Lord is
To be praised. Prov.31:30

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Hush

I feel her subtle presence
Stealing ‘cross the land
An intangible essence
Prelude to the Grand
It’s a dusty illusion
Asleep in the brush
But I sense her intrusion
In this August hush……

In the shimmering heat wave
A hazy afternoon
In the honey-suckle grave
Beneath a lazy moon
We know, though we can’t conceive it
The end of summer’s rush
But we will not believe it
In this August hush…….

The cricket and the locust
In a tireless symphony
Hail to the passing tourist
Nature’s melody
I pause for just a minute
In this interlude
Then I revel and glory in it
A summer subdued……

…..for try though I might
I cannot quell autumn’s brush
In this blest respite….
…in this August hush

All Rights Reserved Aug.27, 2009
Janet Martin

Tears in my eyes
Are sure to swell
As I whisper good-bye
To thee, summer, farewell

Conversation With My Son

Did it hurt Mommy, when He wore that crown?
Did the thorns really pierce, did the blood run down?
Yes, my dear son, that crown of thorn
Hurt so much, but for us it was worn,
Did it hurt as much as the nails Mommy?
As much as those nails in His hands,
I’m sure those nails hurt even more, son
With a pain we cannot understand,
Why did He choose this way to die?
With such awful pain, why Mommy, why?

I gaze into the face of my one precious son,
A new understanding begins to dawn,
Not only did Christ bear His physical hurt,
His Father, His only dear Son would desert
As He bears the weight of EVERY sin!!
My mind can scarcely take it in,
Why did He do it Mommy, why?
Why did he choose this way to die?
Well, my son, I think it was so
He would suffer every pain we could ever know,
He gave His all and did not with-hold
One single comfort in His anguish untold,
He gave His all, poured out his life-blood
So we may find life in that crimson flood,
He gave his all, son, so that we
May taste His great love and forever be free

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us,
that we should be called the children of God. 1 John 3:1

True Angels

So, you say angels have wings and white garments
They float like a cloud on a breeze
Some are invisible and some shine but aren’t
You missing the obvious, please
‘Cause I’ve seen an angel and she wasn’t flying
Though she makes me wish that I could
But now that I’ve seen her there’s just no denying
That God smiled and said, it is good

This angel has blue eyes and blonde hair a-streaming
As ‘cross the spring garden she prances
The sun on her cheek kisses smiles that are gleaming
And still, with arms wide she dances
Faster and faster and around and around
Til all of creation is swirling
Then, chorus of laughter, she falls to the ground
Looking up to see the sky twirling

This angel has kisses of dirt on her elbows
And band-aids on both of her knees
She sings to the elfins that peek from the shadows
Her song like a soft spring breeze
In pink flannel PJ’s, with warm hugs and kisses
And eyes squeezed closed real tight
I beheld oh joy, what the absent mind misses
This angel telling God good-night…..
….then just to make sure lest I was mistaken
I returned for another peep
And there they were eight years old and fourteen
Two angels fast asleep

All Rights Reserved Aug.2009
Janet Martin

Aren't you thankful, that God in His love
Blessed us with these angels sent to us from above?????

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Slender Thread

Oh, ‘tis a slender, fragile thread
Between the living and the dead
Between the now, this fleeting breath
And the eyes that close in death
This thread is held by God’s great Hand
And He alone can see the end

He alone designs the hour
When this thread will lose its power
Mercy’s chord He’s holding fast
Between the future and the past
When will our last moment be?
Before we meet eternity

How deep the gulf twixt now and then
How vast the span twixt God and men
Unless we see our utter loss
And fix our eyes upon the cross
Suspended now indefinitely
Above endless eternity

Oh trust the Hand who holds the thread
Who rules the living and the dead
If today the chord should break
Would you rejoice for Jesus’ sake?
He alone can set you free
And give you LIFE eternally

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

I AM the Alpha and the Omega,
The First and the Last,
The Beginning and the End. Rev.22:13

Not Today

He looked from Heaven to behold
Earth’s suffering and pain,
He said to His flock in the fold,
I must return again,
Set up all the banquet tables,
Prepare the wedding feast,
Make ready Heaven’s gables
And kill the fatted beast,
Then, as his hosts assembled
For this most glorious day
Suddenly Heaven trembled
As they heard the Savior say….

Not today, oh not today,
Put the tables all away,
There are too many lost in sin,
Too many precious souls to win,
I must wait, for I can’t bear
To see so many lost out there,
Come and wipe my tears away,
Not today, oh, not today

He weeps for suffering, faithful saints,
He longs to bring them home,
They are so weary-worn and faint
And calling to Him, Come,
And as His love is pouring down
On this afflicted plain,
He longs to give immortal crowns
To all our tears and pain,
But then He sees the darkened masses
Caught in sin’s vast sway,
If He comes, their last hope passes,
Again they hear Him say…….

Not today, oh, not today,
Put the tables all away,
Surely one more soul will hear
Of a Father’s love so dear,
I cannot bear to seal their fate
For My love is just too great,
I long to take earth’s pain away
But not today, oh not today

All Rights Reserved Aug.2009
Janet Martin

For the Lord Himself will come down fron Heaven
with a loud command,
with the voice of the archangel,
and with the trumet call of God. 1Thess.4:16

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wonderful Mystery

A victim of pride, I slip and I slide
And grasp to the things I can see
Prone to sin, so wicked within
Trusting for strength in me
I repent and I cry yet His will I deny
As I turn to my own stubborn will
Then back to my knees, He hears my pleas
And tells me He loves me still
Oh wonderful, wondrous mystery
Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me

Determined I rise with my face to the skies
Today I will conquer the foe
But the seed of sin is striving to win
And fights me wherever I go
I slip and I fall and forget to call
To the One who holds my hand
But I look all around at the fear on the ground
In spite of His Presence grand
Oh wonderful, wondrous mystery
Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me

I’m weak and I’m small, I rise just to fall
I’m foolish and forgetful too
I think I’m so grand on my mountain of sand
And then I remember You
In my hour of shame I call on Your name
And there You are, yet again
With love to forgive so that I may live
I simply do not understand
Oh wonderful, wondrous mystery
Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

….God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles
The glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you,
the hope of glory. Col.1:27

His Love Will

His Love Will
A will to love and a will to learn,
An honest days work a living to earn,
For nothing more than this I yearn,
For what these don’t fulfill His love will

His love fills the gaps where life’s gale blows through,
It’s the mud in the cracks and the bright patch of blue
When the cloud-banks above me break in two,
For what life can’t fulfill, His love will

Money will buy you pleasure and plunder,
If spent unwisely, it will drag you under,
But it will never fill your inner hunger
When the night is still, but His love will

His love is the sugar in life’s cup of tea,
It’s the spice in the mundane tasks that must be,
Of the thousand things that you think you might need,
None will fulfill like His love will

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

God is Love. 1 John4:16

Who Will Deliver Me?

Sometimes I do the very thing
I do not want to do
And when I try to fix it
I create a bigger stew
But proudly then I do declare
That I will strive to win
But sink into a dark despair
Before I can begin

Oh wretched man I surely am
Who will deliver me?
The Son of God, The Perfect Lamb
He will deliver me

And all the things I would not do
It seems I do them yet
And all the deeds that I should do
I surely do forget
Slipping, sliding, running, hiding
Hating this desperate ride
Fighting proudly, wailing loudly
At passions of my pride

Oh wretched man I surely am
Who will deliver me?
The Son of God, the Perfect Lamb
He will deliver me

All Rights Reserved, Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Based on Romans 7:7-25

Do We Pray?

Mothers, dear Mothers on life’s busy way
As we’re caring for others, how oft do we pray?
Do we pray with thanksgiving as we toil at our duties?
Glad to be living as we drink in life’s beauties

Or do we simply see ‘dishes’ in life’s soapy bubbles?
Though we have fed wishes and vanquished wee troubles
As the last ‘dish’ is dried, do we see our wealth?
And thank our Lord for the blessing of health

As we kiss our wee babies on their tender cheek
Do we pray for their dreams and the words they will speak?
Do we pray as we’re washing their tiny hands
That God will guide as they heed His commands

Do we pray as we calm and turn strife into song?
That the will of our child is neither too weak nor strong
As we tidy the tumbles of life’s busy day
Do we do it midst grumbles, or moms, do we pray?

Pray for their dreams as so quickly they’re growing
As the restlessness gleams in their bright eyes glowing
Then as we hug them as they go away
We’ll kindly release them for we know we can pray

All Rights Reserved Aug.2009
Janet Martin

If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children,
How much more will your Father in Heaven give good gifts
to those who ask Him? Matt.7:11

Someone is Watching

Dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s
Also mind your mother please
Choose the right in all you do
Remember, Someone’s watching you

In the blackest hour of night
He still shines for He is light
He knows all you think and do
Remember, Someone’s watching you

Do you give or do you steal?
Do you care how others feel?
Are your actions false or true?
Remember Someone’s watching you

Do you flee or do you fight?
Do you prefer the dark of night
To cover shameful things you do?
Remember, Someone’s watching you

For in Him there is no night
He is Love and He is Light
He sees everything you do
Remember, Someone’s watching you

All Rights Reserved Aug.2009
Janet Martin

If I say,”Surely the darkness will hide me,
And the light become night around me,
Even the darkness will not be dark to you;
The night will shine like the day
For there is no darkness in You. Ps. 139:11-12

Monday, August 24, 2009

Flower Garden

Oh, the flowers in her garden cheer the weary mother’s heart
When she bids her chores sweet pardon and she sets an hour apart
Just to bask in perfumed glory of the purples, pinks and blues
And to breathe in all the splendor of a thousand different hues

Oh the flowers in her garden brighten up dear mother’s hours
For what is quite as pleasant as a garden full of flowers?
When a bed of budding promise bursts into most glorious bloom
Triumph after showers in sweet nature’s living-room

Oh, the flowers in the garden when we’re bowed low in sorrow
A precious, loving symbol of fair hope in some tomorrow
For the bud that blooms, then fades and dies all scattered on the ground
Will plant a seed that blooms again when spring-time comes around

Oh, the flowers in the garden, a picture of man-kind
Where youth blooms for a season then is left so far behind
Til the Master of this garden calls us to His world on high
Where we’ll dwell within a garden where the flowers never die

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

All men are like grass and their glory is like the flowers of the field.
The grass withers and the flowers fall
because the breath of the Lord blows on them.
Surely the people are grass.
The grass withers and the flowers fall
But the word of our God stands forever. Isa.40:68

My Magic Moment

I wish I had a golden wand and with a little flick,
I could stop the sands of time from flowing quite so quick,
And with a little magic turn I could return perhaps
To a day for which I yearn now buried in my past

And I could sit for just an hour at child-hoods breakfast table,
To re-live happy memories of family, food and stable,
The chatter of a care-free clan as hungry mouths are fed,
Oh, I did not see back then, how much we really had

I’d like to swing one pleasant hour beneath that willow tree,
To romp in pastures of my youth with heart and spirit free,
To cherish every minute as it slips into the deep
And make each memory in it a treasure I can keep

I’d take the words that I regret and by God’s love and grace
A kinder word I now would let slip out to take its place,
And I’d pray for a tender heart and for a listening ear,
Within my magic moment with my whole family near

But I don’t have a golden wand and I can’t fly away,
But I’ve a golden moment now and it is called ‘today’
So I’ll ask God to help me see the treasure He’s placed in it,
And turn to golden memory each magic little minute

All Rights Reserved Aug.2009
Janet Martin then banish anxiety from your heart...Eccl.11:10

Sunday, August 23, 2009

If You Thought I Loved You Then...

If you thought I loved you as a baby
With your little wee-drop nose
And if I thought you were precious then,
Down to your teeny toes
If you thought, as I'd whisper
Softest kisses on your brow
If you thought I loved you way back then
I love you more right now

If you thought as I watched you grow
With your darling, tiny chin
And all your little chitter-chatter
And your perfect little grin
If you thought my love was brimming
And I was grateful to the core
I want to tell you, precious daughter
Now I love you so much more

For love is such a splendid blessing
Worthless 'til it's given away
And when we love with all our hearts
Well, hearts must grow with every day
'Cause love just keeps on growing deeper
Than it ever has before
And with every day that passes
Well, I love you even more

All Rights Reserved
Happy 15th Birthday, Melissa
August 22, 2009

Hidden Crosses

Sometimes it seems we’re at a loss
As we view a loved ones cross
As they stagger ‘neath their load
And their teardrops pave the road
Sometimes it seems we just don’t know
What to say as on they go
Our eyes overflow with tears
As we see the cross they bear

So we lift them up in prayer
Raise our plea to Heaven’s ear
Cry aloud on their behalf
While others sing and dance and laugh
Our hearts break and our hearts bleed
As we lift to God their need
Trusting Him to fill their loss
As they struggle neath their cross

But Lord today I lift to Thee
Those crosses that our eyes can’t see
Death, disease, material losses
These are life’s visible crosses
You know all the loads we bear
Inner crosses hidden here
For there is nothing hid from You
You alone will see us through

Hidden crosses Lord I pray
For those who carry them today
Burdens for a loved one lost
Lord, oh what a heavy cross
Aspirations hopes and dreams
Washed away in ruthless streams
Crosses borne so deep within
Reaping bitter seeds of sin

Lord, Your mercy and Your love
Eternally will be enough
If we cast our cares on you
You are there to see us through
Some crosses, Lord we plainly see
Some our known by only Thee
As we strain we’re not alone
For every cross by You is known

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Come unto Me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matt.11:28

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Someone Prayed for Me

God bless the one who prayed for me
Without, I think that I would fail
Down upon a faithful knee
Someone prayed and You prevailed
Prayer, like stairways to Your arms
When my cares would bring me low
When this old world with paltry charms
Vainly seeks to tempt me so

God, bless the one who is praying
For soldiers armed to fight
And for the lost souls straying
In the cold, dark night
Oh, I could never do it
On my wee strength alone
But prayer will walk me through it
When I think that I’m alone

God, bless the one who is praying for me
And I’ll pray for him in return
Oh, what a comfort when I cannot see
I still feel Your Presence burn
Do not call me selfish, proud or vain
In this, my one desire
That one would pray for me again
To fight temptations fire

Then, hand in hand and prayer by prayer
Your army will unite
And as we climb this golden stair
Someday we’ll win the fight
Then I will lift Your banner, Lord
To sing with all the free
I’ll celebrate the great reward
With those who prayed for me

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Pray continually. 2 Thess.5:17
Thank-you to those who pray for me…
You and God know who you are

Sometimes I Stumble

Sometimes I am dancing,
Fleet-footed and strong
Sometimes I am flying
On the wings of a song
Sometimes like gold pennies
My blessings rain down
As I close my eyes
And twirl round and round
But the Lord has His way
Of keeping me humble
Lest I forget him
Sometimes I stumble

And instead of dancing
I fall to the ground
I strain to hear music
But there is no sound
My golden shower
Is a cold, bleak rain
As I close my eyes
And I cry out in pain
The Lord has His way
I will not grumble
At my side He will stay
For sometimes I stumble

All Rights Reserved
Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

...but those who stumbled are armed with strength. 1 Sam.2:4

What Then???

I think perhaps I’ll go fishing today
Or maybe I’ll watch the Yankees play
I could stay home and read a book
Or go on-line and take a look
Household duties kindly beckon
I should do those first, I reckon
I’ll call a friend, go out for tea
Or surf the wave of some great sea
I’ll teach my child to count to ten…
Aint life a ride?!!!...but what then?

I can climb mountains and stand on their peaks
I can become famous by mere words that I speak
I can ride tall waves, have a real grand time
Be noted as brave for the walls that I climb
I can be beautiful, young or old
And focus on gleaning life’s pastures of gold
I can hoard all my pennies, a miserly fool
I can gain great knowledge by staying in school
I can be remembered for a while amongst men
For some minor accomplishment, but what then?

When the curtain falls on my life’s final scene
When my Maker calls and I hear my name
When I stand at last as all men will do
When my life is past at my final review
When I bow before the Perfect Lamb
And see the Lord, the GREAT I AM
What will He see as He takes a look?
At the story I’ve written in my life’s book
As I look in His eyes and He holds out His hand
Will I fall or rise….oh, what then????

All Rights reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

...and I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne
and books were opened. another book was opened which is the book of life. Rev.20:12

I'll take the Stars

Some folk love Las Vegas, the city of bright lights
With stars to entertain
They say that it’s something and oh, what a grand sight
But I’ll take a walk in the rain…
Yes, I’ll take the fresh country rain

And I’ll take the stars in the Heaven’s above me
I’ll take the stars in the sea
I’ll take the stars in the eyes that love me
Oh, it’s all waiting for me
And it’s all waiting for free

They tell me that Vegas has shows to amaze you
Wonders and talents abound
With music and glitter and glamour to daze you
It’s like you’re ten feet off the ground
Bedazzled by lights and sound

But I’ll take the front porch ‘cause it’s got the best seat
To the grandest show in town
I’ll take it in with my coffee and bare feet
Watching the sun go down
Reflection of Heaven’s crown

Don’t talk to me about wild nights and big dreams
Or cities that never sleep
Unless you’ve been awake to see one faithful star beam
Silver on a purple sheet
Dazzling diamond sweet

So I’ll take a swing in a secluded grape arbor
Silence except for a breeze
Scented with blossoms and mist from the harbor
Whispers from God through the trees
Down to His child on her knees

I’ll take the midnight and its sacred splendor
I’ll take the stars overhead
I’ll take the whispers of heaven so tender
Yes, I’ll take the stars instead
Oh, I’ll take the stars instead

All rights Reserved
Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Friday, August 21, 2009

Put God In It/Song

So, you say there’s something missing but you simply can’t define
What could be that little something that would satisfy your mind
You’ve been working for your money and you even get to play
But you’re feeling blue and empty at the closing of your day
Well here’s a suggestion

Try; oh try putting God in it
In every hour and every minute
If you feel like there is something amiss
Come to the well where redemption is
Cause you haven’t lived one worthwhile minute
Until you have tried putting God in it

There’s a corner in your bosom that sustains an empty ache
And no fancy fame or fortune has the power its smart to take
But there’s a valid reason for within each living soul
There’s a holy reservation for the One who makes us whole
So here’s a suggestion

Try; oh try putting God in it
He sustains every hour every minute
If you know there is something missing
It is so for a very good reason
Cause you haven’t lived one valuable minute
Until you have tried putting God in it

And you’ve never seen a rainbow ‘til you know about its birth
‘Til you know the Great Creator who rules over Heaven and earth
You’ll never know fulfillment ‘til you share each day with Him
Oh won’t you take a minute as another day grows dim
And heed this suggestion

Try; oh try putting God in it
He sustains every hour every minute
As we are stumbling, staggering and lurching
He is the answer to all of our searching
For you haven’t lived one blessed minute
Until you have tried putting God in it
Try; oh try to take a little minute
To find out why you need to put God in it

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin Aug.2009
I was woven together in the depths of the earth;
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
All the days ordained for me were written in
Your Book before one of them came to be. Ps. 139: 15-16

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Restless Reverie

Oh, to be a barefoot girl again
To roam so free in the world again
With never a thought of care or pain
As merry days skip by
To laugh and dance with the wind again
To gaily prance through green fields again
Where clover nods with the daisy in
The sun from yonder sky

I’d love to wade in the creek again
Into birds nests to peek again
A world where time stands still again
And child-hood bliss is mine
To splash down dusty lanes again
Or wash in summer rains again
To race and watch the trains again
Go thundering down the line

But duty beckons me again
To break this reverie again
And now instead of me again
To these dear girls of mine
I wish the same sweet thrills again
The freedom laughter spills again
That seems to taunt me now and then
And motherhood leaves behind

But I will trust God's grace again
Sweet motherhood embrace and then
Some day I can retrace again
This pathway in my mind
With joy run through its fields again
Taste the fruit love yields and then
I’ll thank God for His gifts again
This timeless wealth of mine

All Rights Reserved
Aug. 2009 Janet Martin
To everything there is a season…..Eccl. 3:1

In the Trenches

Unless I’m in the dirty trenches
Sharing in the toil and stenches,
I should never cast a stone
At the one down there alone,
Unless I’ve walked with him awhile,
Wept his tears and shared his smiles,
Pushed against misfortunes wind,
Shouldered burdens of his kind,
Unless I’ve borne his bitter fate
And fought his battles, small or great,
I should not have a word to say
Unless of course, it is to pray

Love is for the weak and brave,
Not the crest of some great wave,
Love seeks out the lonely face,
Searches in the dreary place,
And it never casts a rock
Into the trench where weary walk,
Love is gentle, love is kind,
Love to differences is blind,
Love does not seek out its own,
Or worship heroes on a throne,
So if love’s not my driving force
I should be still, and pray, of course

All rights Reserved
Aug. 2009 Janet Martin

Beloved, if God so loved us we ought also to love one another. 1 John 4;11

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There all Along (song)

You were there all along
Like a silent love song
Waiting, waiting for me
On the side of a hill
You prayed, Father, not my will
Waiting, waiting for me

Cho. And there I was; and there You were
I turned away but you still cared
Up on a cross midst hatred’s din
You became sin who knew no sin

You were there all along
Still, in spite of the throng
Hating, hating Your name
Your voice cries aloud
Above the raging crowd
Taking, taking our blame

And there I was; and there You were
I slowly turned to see Your tear
Not for Yourself, but for all men
You became sin; who knew no sin

You were there all along
In spite of my wrong
Loving, loving me still
And You are here all along
You’re the joy in my song
As I bow ‘neath the cross on the hill

And here I am; child of a King
God’s perfect Lamb has washed me clean
He conquered death and broke sin’s chain
When He became sin who knew no sin

And there He is; God’s perfect Lamb
Alpha, Omega, Great I AM
He bore sin’s vilest robes unclean
When He became sin who knew no sin

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin
God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us,
so that in Him we might become the righteousness of GOD. 2 Cor.5:21

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Unlived Dreams

Oh, I got ‘em, yes, I’ve got ‘em
More and more each year it seems
I could build translucent empires
With my world of unlived dreams
Lord, within Your hand I place them
I can’t hold them on my own
If I’m guided by Your grace, then
I will never walk alone

So I’ll give them all to you, Lord
Disappointments, unlived dreams
Giver of each man’s reward
I will bow ‘neath mercy’s beams
Then, as You direct my path
I will seek to trust Your will
If You allow it then perhaps
An unlived dream I may fulfill

Let me seek Your wise discretion
As opportunities unfold
So I may crave Your perfect wisdom
Not the lure of foolish gold
I’ve got ‘em yes I’ve got ‘em
More and more each year it seems
In Your hand, Lord let me place them
Empire of my unlived dreams

This world with empty acclamation
Promises it can fulfill
Lord and Master of creation
Help me trust Your perfect will
For nowhere safer can I place them
Than within Your loving hand
Living daily by Your grace, then
I’ll fulfill what You have planned

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Much dreaming and many words are meaningless.
Therefore stand in awe of God. Eccles.5:7

We Call it June

How glorious is Thy handiwork
Dear Lord, I softly sigh
As I tilt back my head and look
Into a cloud-strewn sky
I see the wind-tossed tree tops
Dressed in richest shades of green
Where but a few short weeks ago
Bare branches still had been

And then I gaze across the field
Who knew that there could be
So many shades of emerald yield
Yet all be labeled green?
How wondrous is Your handiwork
A thousand brilliant hues
Are splashed upon this canopy
The one named humbly- June

I deeply drink Your splendor, Lord
Displayed for all to see
The glory of Your spoken word
Dear Lord, how can it be
That You are mindful yet of man
Who constantly brings ruin
And still You bless us yet again
With this rare gem called- June

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Oh Lord, our Lord,
How majestic is Your name in all the earth. PS.8:1

God You are Awesome

God You are awesome
God You are grand
Becoming a ransom
For sinful man
Opening Your storehouse
Of mercy and love
You constantly shower us
With gifts from above

Open my eyes Lord
So others may see
The beauty of Your word
Reflected in me
Fill me with Your passion
And Your Holy fire
To walk in Your fashion
Being my one desire

God You are awesome
May all of my praise
Be for Your ransom
All of my days
Surely goodness and mercy
Shall follow me
Til my battle disperses
In victory

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Shout with joy to God, all the earth!!!!
Sing the glory of His name;
Make His praise glorious.
Say to God,
“How awesome are Your deeds…” PS.66:1-2

Little Nothings

The scent of rain on dusty streets
The pitter-pat of little feet
Gazing at a butter-fly
Or clouds as they go drifting by
The kiss of daylight on the dew
The thrill of learning something new
All these little nothings sure are something
And Lord, I thank You

The memory of faint childhood dreams
A sudden teardrop as it gleams
Children’s laughter, splash of sun
Resting after work is done
Nibble of life’s little treat
Unexpected smile so sweet
All these little nothings sure are something
And Lord, I thank You

I thank You for each blessed gift
Songs to cheer and to uplift
I lift my head ‘tis then I see
The countless gifts You pour on me
Simple momentary bliss
They laugh, they smile, they dance they kiss
Then all my little nothings sure turn into something
And Lord, I thank You

All Rights Reserved
Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Praise be to God who has not rejected my prayer
or withheld his love from me. Ps.66:20

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Door

Just beyond my fingertips
Lies my yesterday
As its song fades from my lips
It softly slips away
Into the silent shadows
Joining all its peers
Slumbering there forever
With all the yester-years
And strain though I may
With all of my might
My sweet yesterday
Is gone from my sight

So why gaze in sorrow
At by-gone terrain
Or weep for tomorrow?
An untrodden plain
Why do I yearn
For memory’s shadow?
Or long to return
To some faded meadow
Forgetting to cherish
This gift in my hand
One brief, golden moment
So glorious and grand

One golden moment
Then it too slips away
To meadows now dormant
Where memories play
One golden moment
Oh, let me not waste it
But touch it and feel it
See it and taste it
One golden moment
Sweet gift from above
A door to fulfillment,
A door to love

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

Love Hurts

Love is patient, love is kind
Love to others is not blind
Love puts others, not self first
And love’s not love until it hurts

Love is pleasure, love is pain
Love’s a treasure in the rain
Love is not a sweet dessert
Oh love’s not love until it hurts

Love is smiling through our tears
Love is trusting through our fears
Hidden blooms beneath life’s dirt
Love’s not love until it hurts

Love is not fleeting attraction
It’s a thought lived out in action
Pick yourself up from the dirt
Cause it’s not love until it hurts

Holding close and letting go
It’s a constant ebb and flow
Raging fire to quench my thirst
Loving, loving ‘til it hurts

High up on a lonely hill
Crying Father not my will
Putting every sinner first
Loving, loving ‘til it hurt

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin Aug. 2009

Read 1Cor. 13

Gimpse of Eden

Somehow, somewhere
Amidst life’s darker lines
Like the breath of a prayer
Is a moment defined
With golden fingers
The slightest brush
Its liquid warmth lingers
Neath its mellow touch

Like butterfly kisses
In my valley of woe
Its whisper caresses
The pain I hold close
And into my sigh
Blows a breeze I am needing
As I look to the sky
‘Tis then, I glimpse Eden

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Mind

Who can know the power
Of the mind at all
By it man becomes great
And by it great men fall

For the power of a man
Cannot be defined
By physical attributes
But the strength of the mind

Aug.15, 2009
Janet Martin
All Rights Reserved


It's agony, it's ecstasy
A bittersweet smart
The brush of your finger-tip
Across my heart

It's comforting, soothing
Wild, terrifying
Breath on a bud
That lay, slowly dying

Aug.14 2009

If we let go....will we fall????
....or will we fly????
Some will never know

but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles....Isa.40:31

All Rights Reserved Janet Martin

I Turn the Page

Dear little baby, so precious and new,
Sent down straight from heaven, oh, how we love you,
So pure, so angelic at this innocent age,
Time moves on, I turn the page

Dear little child, how fast you are growing,
With sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks glowing,
You’re so curious, so naughty, so sweet and so brave,
Time moves on. I turn the page

You’re a young man or woman now, my how time flies,
May God give you purpose, may He make you wise,
Life beckons to you in your youthful age,
Time moves on, I turn the page

You’re a daddy, a mama, so busy each day,
The hours are minutes as the years tick away,
You wish for discretion of a great, wise sage,
Time moves on, I turn the page

Your hair now is silver; your step is slow,
Days of childhood now seem long ago,
May God be your strength in this sunset age,
Time moves on, I turn the page

And gaze to the sky where sunsets are glowing,
Gates to a kingdom where someday I am going,
Where a day is forever and there is no age,
And time stands still… more turning of page

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Walk with God

Some day, my child, you’ll be leaving
To go into the big world alone,
And silently, already I’m grieving
The hour, when from here you have flown,
For life can be a cold wind blasting
As in its vast plain you trod,
But there is one sure thing everlasting
My child, if you walk with God.

In all of your joys and your sorrows,
In failure or in your success,
In the mystery of a-thousand tomorrows
Which I pray, hold for you happiness,
In all of your coming and going,
Wherever in life you may trod,
There is a quiet peace ever-glowing,
My child, if you walk with God.

Remember him in all of your choices
When you rise to face a new day,
Remember him when dark, evil voices
Threaten to lure you away,
Remember this great, great salvation
And trust Him as onward you trod,
For we serve the Lord of creation,
So, my dear child, walk with God.

Love, Written by mom
From Mom and Dad, Happy Valentine’s Day, 2009

Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth,
Before the evil days come and the years draw near
When you shall say, ‘I have no pleasure in them.’

All Rights Reserved

Grand Connection

Do you recall the very first hand?
To grasp your own to help you stand
To hold in warm tender affection
Or clasp in farewells fond reflection
Do you remember how secure
You felt within its warmth so sure?
Oh ‘tis a connection grand
Holding to a loved ones hand

Was it perhaps your father or mother?
This tangible moment; a sister or brother
Was it an old chum or a dear school friend?
Who was the first to hold your hand?
Do you recall the sense of belonging
As its tender grasp fulfilled your longing?
Did you feel the connection grand?
Holding to a loved ones hand

Do you recall the moment when
You first reached for another Hand?
Filled with hope and warm compassion
Yielding to His invitation
Invisible yet always there
Is this loving Hand so fair
Oh ‘tis a connection grand
Holding to my Savior’s Hand

Do you recall your gratitude
The moment you humbly subdued
To this Hands almighty power?
Oh do you recall the hour….
You beheld the nail scars there
On this perfect Hand so fair
Oh ‘tis a connection grand
Holding to a nail scarred Hand

All Rights Reserved Aug.2009

If the Lord delights in a man’s way, He makes his steps firm; though he stumble he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand. Ps.37:24

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poured out Treasure

I’ll take the silver in a star-lit repose
I’ll take the gold-fringed dawn
I’ll take the ruby in the heart of a rose
And I’ll take my joy in a song

I love the misty emerald sea
The jade in forest-gowns
Wisdom’s pearl is rare to me
As the amethyst brushed on clouds

I’ll take a diamond stroll at dawn
Or crystal in December
The sapphire of a summer’s crown
Or dusty blue September

Do not call me a miser please
Or thief of nature’s measure
But my great wealth is hard to miss
As God pours out His treasure

Aug.2009 All Rights Reserved

Praise the Lord, O my soul. Ps.104:1

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Broken Butterfly

You poor little broken butterfly
Applying your blush and painting your eyes
Curling your hair and reddening your lips
Provoking a stare by the sway of your hips
You’ve never heard of a temple defiled
You’re fourteen and you’re a child

You uncover what ought to bring you shame
Allowing lust to trample your name
Do you realize what you are throwing away?
And can never retrieve, try though you may
You’ve tossed away a treasure so pure
A gem reserved for one love that endures

The sparkle of youth and innocence gone
Too soon from the nest of childhood you’ve flown
You search for approval and recognition
By offering your temple to slaves of perdition
I look at you and I want to cry
You poor little broken butterfly

My dear precious princess, my dear young girl
You are a treasure a rare priceless pearl
Gods love cleanses and washes you clean
You are His temple, my dear young teen
Has no one told you what to cherish and why?
My poor little broken butterfly

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.You know when I sit down and when I arise.You perceive my thoughts from afar.You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways...Ps. 139:1-3

My heart breaks when I hear appalling stories of girls bent on getting rid of the one thing they can NEVER have back!!!

Forgotten Child

Won’t you be a sweetie now?
Run quickly up to bed
I need to do some laundry
Tidy up her mother said
Tomorrow night perhaps there’ll be
Time to read a story
But there is too much work tonight
Before another morning

So up the long and wooden hill
The little angel climbs
Wishing mom would tuck her in
But there just isn’t time
Mother needs to do her chores
Before she leaves at dawn
So sweetie prays her evening prayer
Dear Jesus, bless my mom

And bless my baby-sitter please
She really is quite nice
She takes me to the playground
And she reads me stories- twice
But I sure miss my mommy
And she misses me I know
‘Cause that is what she tells me
When she says she loves me so

I have a bed-time story book
One minute tales and more
I’m not sure what the stories are
‘Cause I can’t read, I’m four
But next year when I go to school
My mom will be so proud
When I read her a story
And shell laugh to me out loud

Next year she’ll have more time I’m sure
When I’m a little taller
She won’t be quite so busy
As right now when I am smaller
Then I am sure that she will see
I really am quite good
Cause I’ll be so much bigger
And will do the things I should

Now I lay me down to sleep
Bless my mommy please
Little flannel angel weeps
Softly on her knees
I will be a sweetie now
Climb quickly into bed
I’d love to hug you mommy
But I’ll hug my bear instead

Janet Martin All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Distance too Far

My thoughts, my countless thoughts of you
Drift away in the skies endless blue
My desire to see you leaves my heart bleeding
An aching void filled with inner pleading
But I realize as I’m thinking it over
There is no distance a prayer cannot cover
So thankfully joyfully I’m able to laugh
As I whisper a prayer on your behalf

I wish, how I wish I could look into your eyes
My ears still ringing with reluctant good-byes
I cling to my heart your farewell whisper
And yearn for the day when we’ll be together
Precious friends, some known only by name
Wishing oh wishing we could meet someday
But I’m at peace as I think it over
For there is no mile a prayer cannot cover

God You’re so awesome, a Father of love
You behold each loved one from windows above
You draw us together though we’re miles apart
For nothing can sever the chord to each heart
If we are connected by You through prayer
Then absence is a cross that we can bear
And it comforts me so as I think it over
There is no mile that a prayer cannot cover

Aug.11 2009
All Rights Reserved

These Are Your Moments

Moments, sweet moments that measure a life,
Moments of joy and moments of strife,
Wherever I wander, wherever I climb,
May I never squander these moments in time

Whether you’re a new young mother
Holding a wee babe to your breast,
Whether you’re a sorrowing family
Laying dear old Dad to rest,
Whether you’re a sister or brother
One thing stays the same,
These are your moments, this is your life
And the only thing you own is your name

Whether you’re a farmer praying for yield
As you plant another crop of grain,
Whether you’re a soldier kneeling in a field
Ripe with a harvest of pain,
Whether you’re a king, a prince or a hobo
One thing stays the same,
These are your moments, this is your life
And the only thing you own is your name

Moments of love ‘round your kitchen table,
Moments of husband and wife,
Moments to labor as long as you’re able,
Moments, sweet moments, your life
Little bit o’ honey, a little bit o’ money,
Little bit o’ joy and strife,
Little bit o’ holdin’, a little bit o’ scoldin’,
Moments, sweet moments, your life

Whether you thrive in a room full of people
Or whether you struggle alone,
Whether your ego’s as high as a steeple
Or you’re mindful of all you own,
Whether you’re aged, youth or a child,
One thing stays the same,
These are your moments, this is your life
And the only thing you own is your name

Politician or voter, patient or doctor,
Salesman or a customer,
Fireman or vandal, reporter of scandal,
Millionaire or poor gambler,
Student or teacher, sinner or preacher,
One thing stays the same,
These are your moments, this is your life
And the only thing you own is your name

These are your moments, this is your life
And the only thing you own is your name,
So when you bid farewell to your moments here
Who cares then about fortune or fame?
When you stand before your Maker
And your moments are all laid bare,
When He opens up His Book of Life,
Will He then find your name written there?

These are your moments; this is your life,
So soon it all will end,
Whether your years are one or a-hundred,
Life is short, my friend,
These are your moments, this is your life
But one thing stays the same,
God is love and His grace is free
To all who believe on His Name

These are your moments, this is your life
So before it wastes away,
Put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
While it is yet today,
These are your moments, so brief, yet eternal
And one thing stays the same,
He gives everlasting life
To all who believe on His Name

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

Another Book was opened, which is the Book of Life...Rev.20:12
Nothing impure will enter it(Heaven),nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful,but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Rev.21:27

Wooden Hearts

It really would not matter,
All the unkind words we say
Would run off our hearts like water
All its traces washed away,
And it really wouldn’t matter
If we spoke words we never should,
No it really would not matter
If our hearts were made of wood

But hearts are made of flesh and blood
And easily are broken,
And nothing ever works for good
Where unkind words are spoken,
Our hurts would never linger,
Words could never sting or smart,
And our speech could flow unhindered
If we all had wooden hearts

It really wouldn’t matter,
What we say, the words we choose
So what of thoughtless chatter
If our hearts were wooden shoes,
Then we could be cold and careless,
Say those words we never should,
And we truly could be heartless
If our hearts were made of wood

So why then do we treat each other
Like we never, ever should?
Treat our sister and our brother
As if they all had hearts of wood,
Cruel, unkind words bring sorrow,
Wound and scar and break apart,
Speak well, my friend, today, tomorrow,
For we don’t have wooden hearts

But with our hearts of flesh and blood
We love and laugh and cry,
Because our hearts aren’t made of wood
We hope and dream and sigh,
Lord, tame my tongue and let me never
Speak unless it’s kind and good,
Keep my words and tone so tender
For our hearts aren’t made of wood

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Man's Wonder's, God's Wonder

Man has done wonders by the might of his hand
We can build bridges and palaces grand,
The lofty sky-scraper and the great Taj Mahal,
We come to gaze at the wonder of it all

But man can’t speak planets or stars into being
He cannot bring life to a meadow of green,
He can’t form the blossoms or grapes on a vine
Or imitate nature’s most perfect design

Man can create, but with wood, sod and stone,
God will create by His word alone,
Man can impress and draw loud exclamation,
God will draw worship as we view His creation

Mans hand by God’s hand is lovingly taught,
And only what God allows, ever is wrought,
But the greatest work my God ever has done
Is visible to His loving gaze alone

Yes, He formed the magnolia and the red-wood tree,
The tiniest ant and the emerald sea,
But His greatest miracle is invisible art,
He made a treasure out of my sinful heart

All Rights Reserved Aug. 8, 2009

And God saw all that He had made , and it was very good. Gen.1:31

Little Girl

You’re a kaleidoscope of color when my sky is dull and gray,
When my feet are getting weary you’re my wings to fly away,
You’re my butterfly in winter, the music in my pain,
And you’re my umbrella in the rain

You’re my patchwork quilt of memories that I wrap around my heart,
You’re my laughter in the morning as our brand new memories start,
I pause to let its music trickle through my mind again,
Oh, you’re my umbrella in the rain

You’re my kisses sweet as honey, you’re my treasure in a smile,
You’re my gift of heavenly wonder making every day worthwhile,
You’re my splash of yellow sunshine when the clouds hang low in pain,
And you’re my umbrella in the rain

You’re a treasure chest of promise that the years gently uncover,
You’re my eyes to see the miracles alone I can’t discover,
You’re my hope that here on earth perhaps my life is not in vain,
Oh, you’re my umbrella in the rain

All Rights Reserved Aug.8, 2009