Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mere Humor or Mirror Humor

Time is a ruthless painter, so I do declare
I despise my mirror but the mirror doesn’t care
If it’s the truth it’s telling well I’d beg to differ please
Cause I’m still feeling dapper but for creaking in my KNEES!!!!

Some mornings I sprint out of bed just like I used to do
But then a cramp assails me and I holler out for you
We limp like weary soldiers to the nearest easy chair
You bring me an ice-pack and cushion for my REAR!!!!

I stopped counting wrinkles when the wrinkles became me
My blue eyes still twinkle, I just wish that they could see
But when we turn the lights out it’s so good to be alive
Because when I am sleeping I still feel like twenty-five!!!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

okay...I know this is a little corny!!!!
I was inspired after being regaled
with tales of what we ladies get to
look forward to at menopause!!!!!

While it isn't really what I used in this poem
I decided our only coping mechanism may be
a good sense of humor!!!! So, CHEERS!!!!!!

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