Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Only 'We'

I know…there have been many others
Who have loved and then let go
Many moonlit midnight walks
Beneath its breathless glow
Many footprints side by side
Upon the sands of time
Many who have wept and cried
And asked the question ‘why’

The graveyards and the sepulchers
Are filled with silent laughter
Tears of broken-hearted
And the dreams that follow after
As the footprints which were side by side
Slowly drift apart
Fading in the tears they’ve cried
Oceans in their heart

Yes, there have been others
Who have walked a lonesome mile
Yearning for the hour
And the hint of yester’s smile
But there is only one you
And there is just one me
We are the only ‘us’
We are the only ‘we’

God did not bring us together
Simply to draw us apart
He will help us to weather
The storms that rage in the heart
God is the great Mediator
Father of you and me
With Him we will walk together
For we are the only ‘we’

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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