Thursday, February 4, 2010

Master Painter

Into His heavenly palette He dips an unseen brush
And as the earth lays sleeping in the misty morning hush
He gently stirs in dulcet tones the purple of the sky
A hint of lavender and bronze to tease the wakening eye
And as the deeper tones recede with loving passion stirred
He strokes the soft horizon-line in colors of His word
And hope takes on the burnished hue of orange and ruddy glow
Reflected in the morning dew like ruby-tinted snow
The drooping heart and heavy eyes are lifted from despair
As the Painter of the skies smiles upon him there
And bolder now the Painter, impassioned in His quest
To draw the sangfroid doubter from his cold and blinded jest
Splashes ‘cross the heavens fluorescent pink and gold
Rendering sinners speechless and earth’s greatest painters cold
As love in all its glory shines ‘Behold, for it is I’
And none can doubt His grand design, the Painter of the sky
Whilst I in my amazement simply whisper, ‘why Lord why
Am I the blessed recipient of this master-piece from high?’

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Here it is again...that verse!!!
When I consider the heavens, the
work of Your fingers......
what is man that you are mindful of him? Ps.8

Victoria and I were the awe-struck 'audience'
this morning!!! Even Victoria,
our ceaseless chatter-box was ALMOST speechless!

The picture does not even begin to capture it!!!!

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