Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Time

Grab the shovel it’s snowing again
Who left the key turned on in the van?
Get it boosted, empty light comes on
Lord, have mercy on a country mom

Open the fridge for the last bit of milk
Somebody drank what isn’t spilled
Supper plans change, left-overs are gone
Lord, have mercy on this country mom

Pick up the phone, I know it’s late
Hon, when are you home, we need a date
Trip on a toy, Lord guard my tongue
And please have mercy on this country mom

It’s Saturday night, mom’s starting to smile
In a way she hasn’t in a very long while
Listen up children, I know you’ll be fine
But your dad and I need a little ‘good time’

Dishwashing hands and floor-scrubbing knees
Tired ‘mommy brain’ move over please
God, I love all these blessings of mine
But once in a while we all need a ‘good time’

Tip-toe in at twelve o’clock
Way too late for old folk like us
I kind of missed these kids of mine
But honey, we sure did have a good time

Check the fridge, plan tomorrow’s lunch
After church we’re a hungry bunch
Thank God above for these blessings of mine
House full of love, and a good, good time

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....but a cheerful heart has a continual feast. Prov.15:15

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