Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Can't Un-love You

I can let you go a little, a little at a time
Open up the window then and say, fly birdie fly
I’ll know if you’re mine to love someday you will return
And I will trust the hands above to guide us as we learn

And I can wait and watch for you and trust the Lord above
To keep his vigil over you and all of those we love
Perhaps sometimes at even-tide beside the garden gate
Patiently I will abide and wonder while I wait….

I can keep your memory wrapped around my heart
When my tears get the best of me I’ll touch its softest part
And I can whisper countless prayers to the God above you
Trust the One who truly cares but I cannot un-love you

I cannot un-love you and the memories we share
If I must live without you that is all that I can bear
And by the precious grace of God I’ll trust His hand above you
I can let you go a little, dear but I cannot un-love you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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