Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Year Waits..........

It waits for us in shrouds of mist
Its bowers hid from view
The old year, sadly, fondly kissed
Now sleeps beyond the blue
And in its stead a new year gleams
On hope’s translucent spires
Upon its wings we sense new dreams
New visions and desires

The disappointed tears we’ve wept
Now sleep beneath the sod
Yesterday’s failures are swept
Into the arms of God
As lovingly He wipes away
Our folly; every trace
And gives to us a brand new day
A gift of love and grace

The old year rests in history
With myriads before
Ahead we see but mystery
A vague, yet open door
On its threshold now we stand
Between the old and new
One thing remains; God’s faithful hand
To gently guide us through

Janet Martin~

Now all has been heard;
Here is the conclusion of the whole matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the whole duty of man.
For God will bring every deed into judgement
including every hidden thing
whether it is good or evil. Eccles. 12:13-14

Art Display...........

If God should spread across the sky
For all man to behold
Each moment of our year gone by
In pictures bright and bold
And if we stood to gaze upon
This cosmic gallery
To witness all the things we’ve done
I wonder what we’d see…….


Who then, is the faithful and wise servant? Matt. 24:45

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There Is Coming a Day....

There is coming a day
When we all shall see
The Son of man
In his Majesty
Though now we are bound
To the cusp of this sod
There is coming a day
When we will meet God

There is coming a day
When each burden we bear
Will vanish away
As we meet Him in the air
The pain in each limb
The tear in our eye
Will grow faint and dim
As we meet Him in the sky

There is coming a day
No man knows the Hour
When every eye shall see
Him in glory and power
Mountains will tremble
The stars fall like rain
As we look up to behold
The Son of Man

There is coming a day
From which no one can flee
As we pass from this earth
To eternity
There is coming a day
When we’ll bow on this sod
And the whole earth will know
That He is God

Janet Martin~

So you must be ready
Because the Son of Man will come
In an hour when you do not
Expect Him. Matt. 24:44

Monday, December 27, 2010

Broken Things.....

The broken bloom cannot be mended
The broken heart will bear the mark
A broken mind is often stranded
Somewhere…..somewhere in the dark
A broken promise leaves its carnage
On a shore of grief and tears
Broken lives; what hopeless visage
Wrought with helplessness and fears

But there is One who heals the broken
There is One who can restore
What is now a useless token
Can be filled with hope once more
Life is full of broken offerings
But He’ll take each shard and fear
Fill each broken bowl with blessing
Count the dark and doleful tear

Broken things cannot be mended
By the carnal mind of shame
God can heal the broken-hearted
If we call upon His name
We may hoard our broken plunder
Be the lord of its domain
Or call upon the Hand of wonder
He will make us whole again

Janet Martin~

He hath sent me to heal the broken-hearted….Luke 4:18

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Morning Conversation.....

This morning as I talked to you
I told you how much I loved you
I shared my worry and my fear
Of love and life, of the past year
And how in the year that looms ahead
There may be mountains that I dread
You never really said a word
But that’s okay, I know you heard

This morning as I talked to you
The sun breathed on deeper blue
And all the sullen shades of gray
Began to softly melt away
I asked if you would walk with me…
It’s easier that way, you see
And though I cannot see you here
I know the truth, that You are near

Janet Martin~

I will never leave you or forsake you……Heb.13:5

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Observation of a Bethlehem Teen.......

Man, you are not gonna believe what I saw last night!
It was the coolest and strangest sight……….
I was just kinda hangin’ out, you know?
When I noticed an unusual kind of…..glow!!!!
It came from the sky just above the stable
Behind the inn owned by my cousin Jabel
I stood there and watched as the glow became brighter
So I decided to go and see if the barn was on fire!!!
Man! I was telling the guys what I saw this morning
And they said that I was ‘possessed’ or something
But I give you my word; I was sharp as a shrink
I hadn’t consumed even one tiny drink!!!
So I took off a-running as fast as I dared
I thought someone might stop me, but nobody cared
There were so many people in town you see
Since Caesar Augustus passed a degree
That we all pay taxes; so the crowds were insane
There were no vacancies anywhere, in any inn
So, I got to the stable and hid out of sight
Well, tried to; that star was incredibly bright
It bathed the roofs and the street below
In what felt like a sacred kind of glow
I stood on my toes and peered over the wall
At first all I saw was a cattle stall
Some cows and oxen, a few sheep maybe
Then, suddenly I heard the cry of a baby!!!!
Wow, my heart began beating, like…… wild!!!
The LAST thing I expected was a new-born child
I didn’t recognize the huddle of strangers
But WHOA, there was the baby, lying in the manger!!!!
Beside Him his mother gazed tenderly
Why, she looked like she was younger than me!
And his dad looked like a regular guy…….
But kneeling at the foot of the manger, oh my!!!
I think they were shepherds, rough-shod and crude
Big red noses, one real ugly dude
But they were gazing in awe at this the little guy
Man, it was beautiful, I wanted to cry
And I just could not believe what I was seeing
It was surreal, like another Being
Was standing there, hidden among the sheep
It almost seemed normal to see those rough dudes weep!
I wish someone believed me, sometimes it seems
Like the left-overs of one of those almost real dreams
Yet, totally different, I know what I saw
My heart still races, I tremble in awe
How can I explain what I don’t understand
Something totally awesome, unbelievably GRAND!!!!
I wonder where he is, will I ever see Him
I never dreamed this could happen in Bethlehem……….

Janet Martin~

...and they came with haste and found
Mary and Joseph and the Babe,
lying in a manger....Luke 2:16

The Light of the World Has Come

Over each hill-top laden with snow
Over the sea where the warm winds blow
Over the palm tree, the fir and the pine
From horizon to horizon line
A wonderful message rings from heaven’s dome
The Light of the world has come

Into the gloom of a sin-laden heart
Into a world that was doomed from the start
Doomed since the Garden and that first sin
Groaning in darkness without and within
Into the spirit, down-cast and numb
The Light of the world has come

Piercing the veil of loss and despair
A Savior has come for each man everywhere
He who formed mountains and the rose so red
Is lying in Bethlehem’s manger-bed
Shout the glad news to each heart and each home
The Light of the world has come

Janet Martin~

That was the true Light which gives light
To every man was coming into the world…..

We have seen His glory,
The glory of the One and Only…..John 1:9-14

For God so loved the world that he gave
His One and Only Son
That whosoever believes on Him should not perish
But have eternal Life.
For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the
World, but to save the world through Him….

….this is the verdict; Light has come into the world. John 3:16-19

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finding CHRISTmas

Some say it’s in the presents
Beneath the Christmas tree
Some like the decorations
So beautiful to see
Some say they find the spirit
As the snowflakes tumble down
And some claim they can hear it
When old Santa comes to town

Some say that Christmas lies within
The heart if it believes…..
Some find it in the ever-green
Or fancy, festive wreaths
Some prefer the carols we sing
And some poinsettias red
But we know Christmas is a King
Laid in a manger-bed

Yes, we know Christ is CHRISTmas
There is no other way
If you do not know Jesus
Then it’s ‘happy holiday’
For it cannot be CHRISTmas
If we take the ‘Christ’ away
And only in His precious name
Will we find CHRISTmas Day

His name is Jesus, Christ the Lord
The bright and morning Star
Wonderful, and Counselor
Both now and evermore
Mighty God and Prince of Peace
Everlasting King
This is the Christ of CHRISTmas
Oh, let the heavens ring

…and praise His name, the King of kings
Oh, never let it cease
The blood which our salvation brings
Lies in this Prince of Peace
Oh, praise his name for this is He
Who takes our sin away
And thus to all who will believe

Janet Martin~

We trust in the living God,
Who is the Savior of all men,
Specially those who believe. 1 Tim.4:10

(Names of Jesus….. ISA. 9:6)

Monday, December 20, 2010

This Jesus......

Who is this one called Jesus
Who is this name we hear?
Is He simply Christmas
The baby-child so dear
Is He that wee tradition
Within a manger-bed
A nice little addition
To all the green and red

Who is this one called Jesus
Which angels did proclaim
Is He the one who frees us
From hopelessness and shame?
Is He the one who brings to life
We who are dead in sin?
Or is He simply a wee Baby
Born in Bethlehem?

Who is this One called Jesus
Oh, what a Child is this?
That God above would give us
His holy righteousness
Who is this One called Jesus
Oh do You know the One
Who loved us so; He gave us
His one and only Son?

Oh do You know this Jesus
Not simply a wee babe
But on his perfect shoulders
Our every sin is laid
Oh, do you know this Jesus
With thorns upon his head
Or is He simply ‘Christmas’
In a wee manger bed?

Janet Martin~

Away in a manger
No crib for a bed
The little Lord Jesus
Lay down His sweet head……..

I'm Not That Old....Yet

….but I’ve lived long enough to see
This world is full of misery
The fruit of sin has bleak reward
And life is dark without the Lord
I’ve live long enough to know
That youth is like the melting snow
A brief and dashing interlude
Before the spirit is subdued
As somberly life’s truth we see
This world is full of misery

I’m not that old …..yet
But I’ve lived long enough to learn
The spirit will forever yearn
Until it looks to God above
And drinks of His abundant love
Oh, I’ve lived long enough to see
This world is full of misery
But greater far the love of God
Man’s hope upon this sin-cursed sod

I’m not that young….yes, I’ll admit
I wish I were….sometimes, a bit
But then I look around and see
This world of grief and misery
And with each step I realize
I’m one step closer to the skies
Closer to eternity
And freedom from life’s misery

Janet Martin~

But thanks be to God.
He gives us victory
Through our Lord Jesus Christ….1 Cor.15:57

Simply This.....

I do not ask for very much
This morning as I pray
But simply that I feel Your touch
Kindly direct my way
I do not ask for riches grand
Or things to call my own
But simply this; to hold Your hand
I cannot walk alone

Janet Martin~

The Lord is My Shepherd,
I shall not want...Ps.23:1

Such a Night......

It was such a night tonight
Crisp, serene and still
The moonlight shed her cloak of white
On every slope and hill
Each barren limb, was clearly sketched
Upon the pristine snow
The world, a charcoal drawing etched
Within the moonlight’s glow

As I stood in this silent hour
It seemed that I could hear
The message of an angel choir
Upon a midnight clear
Peace and hope and love shone down
In grand and silent glory
As I recalled the angel’s song
And Love’s amazing story

It was such a night tonight
Within its tranquil glow
It seemed that I could glimpse a sight
Of one night long ago
As angels to the shepherds came
With glad tidings unfurled
A child is born in Bethlehem
A Savior for the world

Janet Martin~

It came upon the midnight clear
The glorious song of old.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

On That First Christmas Day.....

No crazy, crowded shopping malls
No Santa dressed in red
No Jingle Bells or Deck the Halls
At that wee manger bed
No to-do lists, no frantic stress
No bank accounts run dry
Oh, how did all this craziness
Become our Christmas time?

Oh Jesus, how did your birthday
Become this mad affair?
‘Merry Christmas’ we all say
As we dash here and there
Oh Jesus, if you could tell us
I wonder what you’d say
Would remind us of the gift
On that first Christmas Day?

Janet Martin~

For unto us a child is born,
to us a son is given......Isa.9:6

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Christmas Prayer.....

For those out on the cold, dark streets
Bereft of warm home-fires
For those who have no food to eat
Or any shoes to wear
For all the children of the world
Without a mother’s care
Oh, God touch every boy and girl
In this, my Christmas prayer

I pray for those who’ve never heard
The Message born that night
For hearts that have not yet been stirred
Convicted of their plight
For those to whom so much is given
And yet they do not share
Oh, touch them, gracious God in Heaven
In this, my Christmas prayer

For those who know the narrow way
And know that it is hard
I pray their footsteps will not stray
When they are weak and tired
I pray for those who give though yet
They have nothing to spare
Bless them, oh my loving God
In this, my Christmas prayer

I pray our hope for Christmas rests
Not in the rushing throngs
But in the message shepherds heard
And in those angel-songs
Peace on earth, good-will to men
Shine on us everywhere
Renew in us your joy again
In this, my Christmas prayer

Janet Martin~

To him who is able to keep you from falling
And to present you before his glorious presence
Without fault and with great joy…..
To the only God, our Savior
Be glory, majesty, power and authority
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
Before all ages both now and forevermore!!!

Jude 24-25

This is the One we celebrate!!!!!

May the joy of the Lord
Richly bless you,
Not only at Christmas
But all year through!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Master-piece Morning....

He lifted the sun above the edge of the world
A handful of pink and amber and gold
Flinging its light across the sky
Across the snow-clad fir and pine
Transforming blue fields of an hour ago
With an iridescent, coral glow

Masterpiece morning, a breathless calm
Descends on a landscape robed in last night’s storm
Just as in life each storm will not stay
But in the glad morning will pass away
Masterpiece morning melts across the land
As I see a touch of the Master’s hand……


...weeping may endure for a night
but joy comes in the morning. Ps.30:5

Pondering Life.....

Do you ever stand here like I did today?
On the hill looking back to a sweet yesterday…..
Where shade was eternal and childhood too
We had no worries; the sky was blue
As we carelessly dashed through the fields of grain
Leaving life’s troubles to mothers and men
We did not recognize the momentary bliss
Of freedom and youth; or how short it is

We cannot go back to a second spring
Life’s seasons come only once to each man
And if God allows it, we’ll make it to winter
Then smile at those fanciful lovers and dreamers
Caught in the plights of passion and love
Knowing misfortune will come soon enough
Knowing life’s joy, despair and sorrow
Worrying less of this thing called tomorrow

Experience brings with it regrets and rewards
Age brings the wisdom that we are not lords
But mere men; creatures formed of dust
Prone to envy, greed and lust
Unless we walk by a higher God
We are but vessels made of sod
Where ignorance is a cruel fate
Should we discover God…..too late

Janet Martin~

To everything there is a Time and a season….Eccles. 3:1

This afternoon I was at a funeral service for a dear, elderly neighbor…

Tonight I was at a Christmas concert at school
Put on by many excited, bright-eyed children…..
My daughter sang in a Harmonic Choir and my own childhood
Returned vividly, for a moment….

The opposite ends of the spectrum struck me profoundly…

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Come and Listen.......

Come and listen while I tell you
What the Lord has done for me
Oh I know that it may thrill you
He has done the same for thee
Tiny Baby in a manger
He who holds each star in place
Came to earth, a humble Stranger
Just to save us by His grace

Come and listen while I tell you
Oh, I cannot keep it in
For the God of earth and Heaven
Saw us, lost in wretched sin
He did not withhold an offering
Though He knew who it would be
He came down, a babe in Bethlehem
He came down to set us free

Come and listen while I tell you
There is hope for everyone
At His feet there is redemption
In the blood of Heaven’s Son
See Him there in all His glory
Perfect Lamb upon the Tree
But this is not the finished story
He arose in victory

Come and listen while I tell you
Why at Bethlehem I weep
God so loved each poor lost sinner
With a love He would not keep
So He gave to us His Jesus
Greatest gift that He could give
As ages roll, His love still frees us
Jesus came so we could live



Come and listen,
All you who fear God; and let me tell you
What the Lord has done for me….Ps.66:16

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


There is an appointment we will keep
No option of cancellation
We may not ask for another date
Or pose a grand explanation
Of the who, the what and when or why
We cannot come today
For our appointment in the sky
Is not within our say

There is an appointment we will keep
And no amount of pleading
No best excuses in the world
Can exempt us from heeding
When at last our name He'll call
And He stands at our door
It will be time to leave it all
For Time will be no more

There is an appointment we will keep
No one falls through the cracks
The call may come while we’re asleep
Or busy, or relaxed
Each of us God formed in love
Each one formed by His power
Some day He’ll call for each of us
But none can know the hour

There is an appointment we will keep
But one we need not fear
The Shepherd knows each of His sheep
And longs to draw us near
For this appointment that awaits
Is but the Shepherd’s beckoning
The sheep will enter at His gate
In that great Day of Reckoning


I am the good Shepherd.
I know My sheep and
My sheep know Me. John 10:14

Eternal Song.........

Is this song we are singing but a poet’s song?
A musician’s lyric or modern-day psalm
Oh, no, I say no, may it never be
The song that we sing is for all humanity
Jesus was born on Christmas Day
A song which must by no means fade away

Is the song of a manger for children alone?
A sweet little carol at Christmas time sung
Oh, this song may begin in a small stable room
With a manger, but it ends with a cross and a tomb
Life, Death, Resurrection and Life evermore
This song must keep ringing from shore to shore

If we would stop singing then the rocks will cry out
This song will be sung, of this there’s no doubt
For Jesus himself rebuked those who sang not
And said if we keep quiet then the stones will praise God
This song of Jesus in not just for one season
But a song to be shouted from valley and mountain

Oh, what a wonderful chorus will rise
From gladdened hearts to His throne in the skies
This is a gift fit for old and young
Oh, praise this One Jesus in spirit and song
Glad tidings of joy that will not fade away
For Jesus was born on Christmas Day


Let this be written for a future generation,
that a people not yet created may praise the Lord;
"The Lord looked down from His sanctuary on high,
from heaven He viewed the earth,
to hear the groans of prisoners and release those
condemned to death".
So the name of the Lord will be declared in Zion
and his praises in Jerusalem
when the peoples and the kingdoms assemble
to worship the Lord. Ps.102:18-22

Praise the Lord, oh my soul;
All my inmost being, praise
His holy name.
Praise the Lord, oh my soul
And forget not all His benefits…..
Ps.103: 1-2

Monday, December 13, 2010


Sometimes in the busyness of life
It’s easy to get lost in details
We forget the most important things
The wonder of a sudden smile
The warmth that one kind word will bring
The hand that holds a door
The laughter of a little child
And oh, there’s so much more
But life keeps us engrossed in things
And wee cares of the day
We miss the twilight as it sings
In heavenly majesty
We miss the ‘merry’ in Christmas
And sometimes we miss the ‘Christ’
Simply a casual greeting
Because it sounds quite ‘nice’
And then, before we know it
Another Christmas time has passed
Another year ticks off the clock
No different than the last
Always seven steps behind
With just too much to do
I wonder, in life’s busyness
And when it all is through
What will be our legacy?
As we lay down to rest
For no one is too busy
When at last they meet with death….

….sometimes in the busyness of life
We might forget to pray
Or think at all of One named Christ
Before the Judgment Day


Let’s keep Christ in CHRISTmas
And all year through!!!

Immanuel is His Name

Out across the frozen turf
There rings a joyous hymn
Behold, the king of heaven and earth
Is born in Bethlehem
And weary hearts are lifted up
As hope ignites a flame
Behold, behold the Son of God
Immanuel is His name

The song that first the shepherds heard
Still rings aloud today
And just as ancient hearts were stirred
It lives in the same way
Across the years to hearts of men
The message is the same
Behold the Babe of Bethlehem
Immanuel is His name

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God
Jesus, Prince of peace
Out across this sin-cursed sod
This anthem will not cease
And just as in the days of yore
Humbly we acclaim
The gift in form of Christ the Lord
Immanuel is His name


…and they will call him Immanuel
Meaning- God with us. Matt.1:23


Sometimes I do not want to move
It’s warm and comfortable
I long to hang ‘do not disturb’
Outside my little shell
If I just close my eyes awhile
The storms might disappear
I care not for the wind so vile
Its sorrow and its tear

Oh we all know we cannot stay
Inside a wee cocoon
We must work while it is day
For night is coming soon
We must lend a helping hand
And spread a little cheer
Or help a weaker comrade stand
Or dry another’s tear

There is no solace in a shell
A parched and empty skin
Too soon we hear the mournful knell
As night is closing in
Sometimes I do not want to move
But as I start to pray
God gives to me the heart of love
To face another day


This was one of those mornings…….:0
We are being hammered with a winter storm
And the bed was warm….
But it’s Monday and duty calls!!!!

As long as it is day we must do the work of him
That sent me.
Night is coming when no one can work. John 9:4

I'm So Glad.....

I’m so glad there is no one He will turn away
And there’s nothing that we can do
But simply believe that He is the Way
To Heaven, when this life is through
I am so glad there is just one God
There is no other God but He
Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Oh Glorious Trinity
I am so glad He loved us so much
That God sent His Son to man
Knowing that through His perfect blood
We will receive hope again
I am so glad He loved us so
Sinful and wretched, we
Yet He came down so we may know
His passion for humanity
I am so glad that he did not withhold
The best that He could give
But on a hillside dark and cold
He died so we may live
I am so glad for Bethlehem
I’m glad for Calvary
For now each one who comes to Him
From sin’s curse is set free
I’m glad that He said ‘whosoever will’
For that means you and me
I’m so glad He loved us and loves us still
Once eternally


He was pierced for our transgressions,
He was crushed for our iniquities;
The punishment that brought us peace
Was upon Him;
And by His wounds we are healed. Isa. 53:5

…and him that comes to Me
I will in no wise cast out. John 6:37

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Old, Old Song

I sing an old song or so some declare
The song of a hillside and angel-filled air
The song of shepherds and Bethlehem
Some call it old or a vague tradition
But I sing this story so precious and dear
For this old, old story is new every year

I sing an old song of a lowly manger
A King of glory sent to earth a Stranger
I sing the song of three wise men
Who followed the Light to Bethlehem
Yet many will scoff if perchance they hear
This old, old story that is new every year

I sing an old story of wonderful love
The King of glory left Heaven above
Spotless perfection wore a robe of flesh
To bring us redemption and righteousness
Oh, I sing an old story of a cross and a crown
Of Jesus, who so-o-o-o loved us and came down…..

……down to a place where He knew he’d be hated
And killed by the very hands He created
Down from Heaven to a sin-cursed land
Jesus has come, bringing hope to each man
This old, old song takes my breath away
For this old, old song is new every day

How can a song of love become old?
Or in hearing it still we turn calloused and cold?
How can an offering of perfect love
Fail to convict us, assure us and prove
That this old, old song cannot pass away
For this old, old song is new every day


And the angel said unto them,
‘Fear not, for behold I bring you good tiding of great joy
Which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of
David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you;
You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,
Lying in a manger.’
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of
Heavenly host praising God and saying,
‘Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good-will toward men.’
Luke 2:10-14

…and when they saw the Star
They rejoiced with exceeding great joy! Matt 2:10

Friday, December 10, 2010

In The Soft Eve.......

In the soft eve’s gentle cradle
Lies the murmur of my day
Over head in silent vigil
Beams a star in white array
It is there through all the sunshine
In the darkened shadow too
But I don’t see it until evening
When the toil of day is through

In the soft eve’s gentle cradle
I will place my cares someday
There is One whose loving vigil
Waits to help me ‘cross the way
He is there though I can’t see Him
Someday He will call for me
As He draws me o’er the river
To heaven’s eternity


Come unto Me, all you who are weary
and heavy-laden and I will give you rest. Matt. 11:28

Blessed are those who wash their robes,
That they may have the right to
The Tree of Life and may go through the gates
Into the city. Rev.22:14


Once an angel came to Mary
Speaking of great mysteries
Once, she trusted in God humbly
Saying, be it unto me
Once angels came to the shepherds
Telling of a wondrous birth
Once they heard, and thus came quickly
To the God of heaven and earth

Once, just once…they beheld His love
But oh, praise to Jesus
Once is enough

Once a cross was slowly lifted
In Golgotha, place of the skull
Once, the Son of man was on it
For the blood of animal
Would never be enough to conquer
Death; it could be only One
And His blood-drops sealed our pardon
As He cried once, ‘it is done!’

Once, just once He poured out this love
But oh, praise Jesus
Once is enough

Once, a Voice of deep conviction
Revealed to me my hopeless state
As I beheld my sad condition
How I trembled at my fate
Once, though it was just a whisper
Jesus heard my humble plea
As I cried, oh God forgive me
I believe you died for Me

Once I tasted saving love
But oh, praise Jesus
Once is enough
To be saved in One


We think a lot about gifts this time of year, don't we?

but the gift is not like the trespass.
For if many died by the trespass of one man
how much more did God's grace and the gift
that came by the grace of the one man
Jesus Christ, over flow to many!! Rom.5:15

Read Romans 5 and 6....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Search of Christmas Day.....

Twas Christmas Eve and all through town the lights blinked red and green,
Snow was softly falling down where naked worlds had been,
Last minute shoppers rushed on home, discarding final lists,
While others packed up and left town to see dear folk they’d missed

Then, as I gazed on up the street I spied a form alone,
He wandered as if searching for something a long time gone,
He paused to view the festive scenes in windows twinkling bright,
Where ‘Merry Xmas’ signs were strung in honor of this night

Then up the silent street He trod, his steps were sad and slow,
Unlike the rush these walks had known a few short hours ago,
Past Santa’s smiling face he walked, past a twinkling Christmas tree,
Up to a window brightly lit where he could stand and see

Inside each person rushed about dreaming of Christmas day,
Dressing up the turkey or tucking last gifts away,
Dreaming of feasts, laughter and gifts, tables o’er-flowing with food
Trees laden down with presents for all, oh, what a holiday mood

Stockings were hung at the fireplace, everything was complete,
The table was set with cookies and milk for Santa’s special treat,
While folk all sang the Christmas carols and talked of Christmas cheer,
The stranger outside the window turned away and wiped a tear

Tis true, he cried, tis awful truth, I see it all too well,
The reason why they choose to cross out that first syllable,
Tis Merry Xmas, that is sure, the baby and Bethlehem’s star
Are simply traditions from the past, so faint and far

They’ve forgotten the ‘Christ’ is what this day is really all about,
That the true meaning is all gone if they choose to cross Him out,
They forget it is Christ, not Santa, that represents Christmas Day,
And in truth it is Merry Xmas if they choose to put him away

He wiped his tears and whispered, I’m sorry but I can’t stay here,
I simply do not feel at home amidst this festive cheer,
I watched him turn with broken heart and slowly walk away,
Twas then I saw the Man was Christ in search of Christmas Day

Janet Martin

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Want to Know Him....

I want to know Him
That tiny baby
Born in Bethlehem
In humility
The King of heaven
Gracing earth
In the form
Of human birth
Oh, I want to know Him

I want to know Him
The One who walked
‘mongst sick and poor
He healed and taught
Creator of
The universe
Freeing us
From evil’s curse
Oh, I want to know Him

I want to know Him
He who died
A perfect Lamb
Was crucified
So sinful man
Within His blood
May become
The sons of God
Oh, I want to know Him

I heard a soft Voice
In the twilight dim
He said, come to Me
Come to Bethlehem
Kneel at the manger
Bow at the cross
I am no stranger
I am God
And you may know Him…..

You have my Word
Faithful and true
Timeless message
Given for You
You have My word
Given to men
So all who have heard
May come to know Him….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The Son is the radiance of God’s glory
And the exact representation of His being,
Sustaining all things by His powerful word. Heb. 1:3

Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Living Thankfully....

Help me not to waste my days
Pining for what cannot be
Teach me how to sing Your praise
Oh, teach me to live thankfully

Janet ~

Another Book......

When all of the chapters are written
When this book is put away
When God takes a look in another Book
Oh tell me, what will it say?

Will He find on those blood-bought pages
Your name written down with care?
Or will He tenderly look through every Book
And not find your name anywhere?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Another book was opened which is the
Book of life…..Rev.20:12

Friday, December 3, 2010


No matter how oft we stumble
No matter how oft we fall
No matter how oft we grumble
Dear God forgives it all
No matter how oft we ask Him
He hears us, if we call

No matter how heavy our burden
No matter how big or small
None escapes His compassion
Our Lord God sees them all
There is none too insignificant
To Him, if we should call

No matter how hidden the sorrow
No matter how secret the tear
There is no prayer we can murmur
That our dear God does not hear
Not matter what comes tomorrow
We know that He is near

His love is vast, immeasurable
And so His mercy too
A tear-drop is the ocean
In His love for me and you
What comfort to know that nothing
Will escape His tender view

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Read Psalms 139

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Jesus said, let them come unto Me
Do not forbid them to sit on My knee
I love all the children of the world
In all creed or color, each boy and each girl
The greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven above
Must surely be each little child that I love

Bring them to me, all the sick and the poor
All who have not heard My name before
My arms open wide, their misery I see
For them I died, oh bring them to Me
For surely the Kingdom of heaven above
Will be full of children; the children I love

Bring them to me, the girl on the street
Who pays with what she has so that she may eat
Bring them to me, the homeless lads
Who have never been held by loving dads
I am their Father, my Kingdom their home
They are My children, oh bid them to come

Bring them to Me, those who curse and swear
That they do not believe I am anywhere
They condemn themselves for they know not My love
I have a mansion for them up above
If they believe that I am He
I love them so, oh bring them to Me

Bring them to me, every boy and girl
Rich or poor all over the world
Do not forbid them or drive them away
I long to wipe every tear away
I know each one of them intimately
For they are my children, oh, bring them to Me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked,
Who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven?
He called a little child and had him stand among them.
And He said, I tell you the truth, unless you change
and become like little children, you will
never enter the kingdom of heaven. Matt. 18:1-3

Jesus Wept.............

I stretched my arms to you
But you turned away
Choosing the darkness
Where cold demons prey
You were so hungry
I brought you some food
Enough for a life time
Wholesome and good
But you chose the filth
And the husks at your feet
Spurning the Bread
You chose crumbs on the street
I brought you water
To quench your thirst
But as you walked by Me
You stumbled and cursed
Ignoring the cup
In my out-stretched Hand
You chose a desert
Of burning sand
I offered you life
Beyond your last breath
But oh, you rejected it
And you chose death

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem
You who kill the prophets and stone those
Sent to you;
How often I have longed to gather your children
As a hen gathers her chicks under her wings,
But you were not willing!
Look, your house is left desolate.
I tell you, you will not see me again until you say
‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the
Luke 13; 34-35

This verse to me is one of the most beautifully poignant
Pictures of His incredible love for us as He came to earth.
Oh, let us celebrate in spirit and truth this Christmas!!!