Monday, February 8, 2010

Universal Love-language

I reached out to touch you but you were no longer there
In my deepest yearning I could simply grasp air
And when I cried to God above for sweet and quick relief
He bestowed a healing balm for love's unspoken grief….with tears

I held within my thankful arms my precious new-born child
As I beheld this miracle from God I smiled and smiled
And as I gazed upon this tiny bundle heaven-sent
I couldn’t speak but God knew just exactly what I meant…with tears

I watched her as she struggled ‘neath a cross she had to bear
I simply could not understand; her life seemed so unfair
Words of comfort somehow sounded meaningless and trite
How could I tell her that I cared and it would be alright?...with tears

As Jesus saw them weeping for dear Lazarus who died
Many drew near to him as they called to him and cried
“If You were here our brother would be well and still alive”
But Jesus shared their sorrow in his most tender reply…with tears

Universal language of compassion, joy and love
I don't always understand it, this love-language from above
But God in all His wisdom gave the language of the rose
Needing no interpretation as we hold each other close…with tears

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus wept. John 11:35

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