Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If this is Good-bye

If this is good-bye, let the birds in the morning
Greet in silence another day
Then let the sun on a summer evening
Coldly, colorlessly slip away
Let the roses in ruby brilliance
Drop their petals like crimson snow
Blow out the stars, fade out the breezes
If this is good-bye, how can I let go?

Out on the hills soft winds ruffle grasses
Flowers bloom and gardens grow
Spring, summer, fall and winter passes
Seasons come and seasons go
But in my heart today blooms sorrow
Behind its walls the breezes die
God, help me trust you for tomorrow
Teach me how to say good-bye

Good-bye for now but not forever
For in God someday we’ll meet
Someday beside a crystal river
Gathering ‘round our Savior’s feet
No more parting, no more hurting
No more tear to dim the eye
Perfect love in perfect union
Where we’ll never say good-bye

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Isn't Fair

Oh Lord, sometimes I just don’t like
Your answers to my prayer
Instead of peace, in bitter grief
I crumble in despair
But even midst my hurt and tears
I feel Your Spirit nigh
You softly whisper in my ear
This too shall soon pass by

Oh Lord, sometimes You hear me say
That life just isn’t fair
But still You wait while I debate
Your answer to my prayer
For though I do not understand
Within the scope I see
You whisper, Child, what I have planned
Is surely best for thee

No Lord, sometimes I must confess
Your answers bring me pain
And while I fight I know You’re right
In spite of pleading vain
And as I weep in deep despair
Consumed in misery
You whisper, no it isn’t fair
But it is best for thee

All Rights Reserved

Show us Your unfailing love,
O Lord. Ps. 85:7

I'm Sorry, Lord

I’m sorry, Lord, forgive me please
Sad, broken refrain
Over and over upon my knees
I call to You again
Then Your mercy like a stream
Washes guilt away
Your love, a faithful steady gleam
Above life’s fragile sway

I’m sorry Lord, forgive me please
Once more these words repeated
Your mercy like a tender breeze
Restores a will, depleted
Lord, it seems I’m doomed to fail
Within my foolish reason
Once again Your grace prevails
Changeless through each season

I’m sorry Lord, forgive me please
I call to you again
Your love, more than a thousand seas
Washes out each stain
I’m sorry Lord, I don’t deserve
The mercy of a King
And yet You love without reserve
My humble offering

All Rights Reserved

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just
And will forgive us our sins and purify us from all
unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pining for August

Pining for August in December’s cold
Is like pining for youth when I am old
It’s as futile as yearning for yesterday’s friend
Or searching for gold at the rainbow’s end

Today is the brink between future and past
One brief moment of vapor and dust
And when it is gone I cannot draw it back
Or retrace one step of its elusive track

As I stand on the brink of yester’s tomorrow
Will it be a memory of laughter or sorrow?
Will I pine for its moments in soft reverie
Or try to erase it from my memory?

Lord, forgive me for my foolish pining
Teach me the merits of self-will resigning
Show me Your glory in every hour
Lest I find myself clinging to a wilted flower

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Come on, Everybody

We call each other sister and brother
And gather to worship the Lord,
We politely smile as we meet in the aisle
As if in sweet accord,
We sit through the preachin’, nod at the teachin’,
Discreetly watchin’ the clock,
But if God hung up charts to reveal our hearts
I believe we would get quite a shock…..

Good grief! Why won’t the preacher sit down?
Does he know how fast restaurants fill up in this town?
Did you notice that Suzie has another new shirt?
She probably needed it to match her new skirt,
Mrs. Parker’s shoes must have cost a mint!
And Freda’s new hairdo makes her look like a kid,
Why can’t we sing a more modern song?
Mrs. Brown says anything but old hymns is wrong,
Why does Hank have such a smug look on his face?
Does he think maybe he owns the place?

But still we nod and worship God,
This loving righteous King,
In ‘holy fear’ we gather here
To read His Word and sing,
We join in prayer, the cup we share,
Release to God each grudge,
And we admit there’s nothing hid
From this most righteous Judge…..

But isn’t the guy doing announcements boring?
Maybe that’s why someone behind me is snoring,
He should stop his rambling and ‘cut to the chase’,
Does he realize how much time he wastes?
Does nobody know how to keep it brief?
Oh, he’s sitting down, that’s a relief!
And we’re sitting on benches, though some prefer chairs
And still make mention of it in their prayers,
Which reminds me, they should pray for more discretion,
Last week they allowed a most lengthy confession!

The ‘House of Peace’ where worries cease
Then, why all these complaints?
They preach too much on such and such
And not enough to saints,
Too much on his glory, not on the Story
Too little on how we live,
And still we fret ‘bout what we don’t get
Yet never seek to give

Today I’d like to sing a brand new song,
In true humility and with one accord,
Lift up our voices and gratefully sing
To the God of our choices, Creator and King,
Let’s worship together in Spirit and truth,
It matters not whether we’re aged or youth,
Let God be our focus and not each other,
In true love let’s call ourselves sisters and brothers,
We’ll gather as servants around the Lord’s Table,
Worship in reverence, as long as we’re able,
And sing from our hearts His most worthy song,

All Rights Reserved

This is meant to be
a humorous look at something
that in reality is no
laughing matter.

Be completely humble and gentle;
be patient, bearing with one another in love.
Make every effort to keep the unity
of the Spirit through the bond of
peace. Eph. 4:2-3

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only Words

Only words, but they cut to the core
Like an arrow that reaches its mark,
Only words, but the vengeance they bore
Were vile as an angry shark,
Only words, but they made their kill,
And struck a heart of peace and good-will,
Left it wounded and bleeding there,
Turning hope to defeat and despair

Only words, someone came along
And tenderly viewed his pain,
Only words, kind words and strong
To make him whole again,
Only words, but oh what healing,
Touched his heart with gentle feeling,
Binding the wound left by another,
Words of compassion to a hurting brother

Only words, but it was all he needed
To encourage him to reach for the top,
Only words, but wise words that he heeded
When ever he longed to stop
Only words, but they gave him the power
To journey on another hour,
And offer help to others too,
The way that only words can

Only words, is that really so?
Only words and nothing more,
Only words, but did you know
That words help make you who you are?
They lift you up or tear you down,
Words can make you smile or frown,
Words bring joy and words bring hurt,
So they are never only words

All Rights Reserved

Let the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight. Ps.19:14

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sitting on my Front Porch

Sitting on my front-porch with loved ones at my knee
Drinking in the music of the twilight’s melody
Tiny sip of glory is this evening paradise
Sitting on my front-porch as my Maker paints the skies

Somewhere in the valley I can hear the cattle low
The pasture-land lies golden-bronze beneath the sunset’s glow
Faintly I can hear the church-bells chiming down the street
Beyond the noisy traffic and the muffled busy feet

Sitting on my front-porch, this my humble palace grand
Apartheid to an orchestra led by Heaven’s hand
Hummingbird and firefly and busy honey-bee
And little children’s laughter joins in Heaven’s melody

Tiny splash of paradise has dropped from Heaven’s brush
Landing on my front-porch in this sacred evening hush
Lemon tea or lemonade either one is fine
Sitting on my front-porch ‘neath the shadow of His vine

Sonny, grab your silver spoons so you can keep the beat
I’ll play my harmonica while sister taps her feet
Standing on His promises, praising Christ the Lord
Sitting on my front-porch I desire nothing more

All Rights Reserved

Our front porch is no great thing of
beauty to most passers-by....
but to me it's a little slice of
paradise as sweet memories
blow on tender breezes.

A Thing of Beauty

There is a thing of beauty that’s so wondrous to behold,
And if asked what is its value I would say worth more than gold,
The young can never own it or appreciate its worth,
But among life’s blessings it’s the greatest one on earth

It’s love that stands the test of time in all its imperfection,
Two people keep their solemn vow pledged in youth’s affection,
They build a home within its bounds and never walk away,
Faithful always to each other each and every day

They face the challenges and joys, the calm and stormy weather,
Accomplishments and disappointments both are shared together,
And never with a coward’s tongue do they say, this is it,
And never ever do they say when struggles come, I quit

The love that stands the test of time forgives and then forgets,
It does not cling to grudges or resentments or regrets,
But often it must kindly turn a gentle blinded eye,
And never can it be neglected for fear then it would die

The hands that joined so soft and young are wrinkled now and worn,
But only the vile or foolish would look at them in scorn,
For these are the hands that toiled together and dried each-others tears,
The hands that clasped each evening in humble, thankful prayer

This love that stands the test of time is truly a thing of beauty,
It seeks no selfish glory or performs simply for duty,
For some the test of time is long, for others it is short,
Oh, may God bless each one who loves each day til death doth part

All Rights Reserved

Happy 46th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Dreaming Tree

Wish I could throw caution to the wind
It's simply that kind
of a day............
A day meant for wasting
A day meant for tasting
the finer things in life......
wandering through blue strife
on a hill-side somewhere
without a care........
A day for trespassing innocently
Just to find the perfect tree
With perfect arms waiting...
Where I would sit whilst contemplating
with it's joy and strife
In the end, a perfect balance
For do we really have a chance
At true happiness without sorrow?
Waiting for the morrow
Hoping to dance
the dance of the free...
...of love and liberty,
But now I wait.......
Knowing the test of patience
Will ultimately create
A sweeter bliss
And what it is
I must simply wait and see
For I have no tree
In which to dream...............

All Rights Reserved

Knowing this, that the
of your faith works patience.
But let patience have her
perfect work, that you may be
perfect and entire,
wanting nothing. James 1:3-4

He is my Hope

In spite of the gloom that shadows my way,
In spite of the unanswered prayers that I pray,
In spite of the dreams growing dark with dismay
I’m glad there is one thing I know,
Out of the shadows a beacon I see,
Out of the silence He whispers to me,
In my disappointments, A Presence He’ll be,
For He leads where He needs me to go,
He is my hope today and tomorrow,
He is my hope in my hour of sorrow,
In despair He’s my strength, in the night He’s my song,
God is my hope all the day long

In spite of the trials which cause me to fear,
In spite of the pain I hardly can bear,
In spite of uncertainty, still He is near
And I’m glad there is one thing I know,
Though trials may cause my heart to ache,
In fear I tremble and sometimes shake,
He whispers then, I’ll not forsake
For I’ll lead where I need you to go,
He is my hope in spite of my weeping,
Faithful to me, His watch He is keeping,
Whisper of hope when my spirit sinks low,
He is my hope where ever I go

All Rights Reserved

For You have been my hope
O Sovereign Lord. Ps.71:5

Are You Hungry?

, There’s a hollowness inside me
That this world just cannot fill,
Though temptations here have tried me
And often try me still
It’s an endless hopeless yearning
With a void that grows so wide,
Reaching, turning, reaching, turning,
Yet not ever satisfied,
There is nothing I can buy it
And there’s nothing I can do,
I can’t seem to satisfy it
In my quest the whole day through,
And the voice that used to whisper
Sweet assurance in my ear
Has been drowned out by a master
That rules with greed and fear,
So I run with frantic panting
And I stumble in my haste,
I’m about to start a-ranting,
Fretting life is naught but waste,
When I cry in desperation
To the One that once I knew,
To the Ruler of creation
Who has mercies ever new,
I begged for sweet fulfilling,
For relief from all my woe,
And I told Him I was willing
To stop searching and let go,
But when I cried, Lord, fill me
As I looked up to the sky,
I felt His Presence still me
As I heard his reply,
My drink is living water,
I am the Living Bread
Will I be your desire?
Will you feed on Me instead?
Will My Word be your lantern?
A lamp unto your feet,
Will you drink from My cistern
Where the water is so sweet?
Will you fulfill your craving
By feeding on My Word?
Eat my Bread that’s living
And all men can afford
I will satisfy your hunger
If you will taste and see,
My bread will make you stronger
If you will feed on me

All Rights Reserved

O, taste and see that
the Lord is good.
Blessed is the man
who takes refuge in Him. Ps. 34:8

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everyday Living

What was your favorite day in your life?
Your favorite memory
I contemplate my collection of joy
As this question is asked to me
Was it as a daughter or a mother and wife?
Where my favorite memory lies
As I evaluate my treasured storehouse
I begin to realize

It’s all of my memories of everyday living
Not a singular one-time event
But in the hum-drum of life’s taking and giving
Is where I am most content
Dandelion bouquets and music of laughter
As children swing high in the breeze
Popsicle mustaches and rainy day baking
Ending each day on my knees

Everyday living- burnt toast and wild mornings
A floor that is cleanly swept
Impromptu tea-parties, friends that don’t judge me
Soft music while baby slept
Everyday living on the doorstep of Heaven
Where His very best gifts are free
I cherish the dances of everyday living
As the moon sails across midnight’s sea

Yes, my favorite day is everyday living
Doing the best I can
To treasure the gifts so lovingly given
By a gracious unseen Hand
Front porch picnics and back-yard basking
Popcorn and lemonade
Hugs and kisses are free for the asking
And sunsets are heaven-made

I’ll take the pleasures of everyday living
Above an adventure grand
To watch the sun drawn from the horizon
Waking a slumbering land
Then from behind me a soft little whisper
“Good morning, I love you”
Everyday living- sweet breath of Heaven
“Good morning, I love you too”…..

And now, yes I know in the morning dim
Its every day I spend with Him
Its every day in every place
Since I have been saved by grace!!!

All Rights Reserved

Angels in Disguise

Heaven sends its angels in wraps of pink and blue
To give us new perspective in everything we do
Angels fair with golden hair or black or red or brown
To fill with cheer our journey here He sends His angels down

His angels come all red and wrinkled with tiny hands and toes
Chubby cheeks and cherry lips and little button nose
Angels dear, they bring a tear of joy to watchful eyes
So sweet and pure we know for sure they’re angels in disguise

Angels with bright mischief sparkling in their little faces
Tiny hands and feet exploring all forbidden places
Thank-you Lord for heaven’s reward to touch our path with flowers
For with sweet joy a girl or boy will brighten dreary hours

Angels in frocks and bonnets, or trousers with patch-ed knee
With sand in all the pockets and dandelions for me
And if my laddie looks like daddy, ‘tis really no surprise
For God who made all sends these little angels in disguise

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Babies-don't you just LOVE them???
It seems to make our little worries
seem unimportant as wee cuddle and kiss
these little darlings!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shadow of the Past

My sins have been forgiven
God’s grace will hold me fast
So I cannot keep living
In the shadow of the past
In Him there is no darkness
He fills me with His light
Evil with its harshness
Prefers the dark of night

The Light shines in the darkness
It cannot comprehend
The loving grace and kindness
Of an Everlasting Friend
But I have been forgiven
To His dear hand I clasp
So I cannot keep living
In the shadow of the past

The old life far behind me
Oh, let me not look back
With Jesus here beside me
I’ll trust Him for what I lack
His precious love forgiving
My first sin to the last
So I will not keep living
In the shadow of the past

The shadow of the past will taunt
With vengeance and regret
The shadow of the past will haunt
So that I will forget
In Jesus there’s a sweet release
Redemption from the night
Demons flee and shadows cease
Walking in His Light

Janet Martin All Rights Reserved

If we say we have fellowship with Him
while we walk in darkness
we lie and do not live
according to the truth.
but if we walk in the light
as He is in the light
we have fellowship, one with another
and the blood of Jesus His Son
cleanses us from all sin. 1 John 1:7

Someday, My Son

My son will be a man someday,
It’s hard to believe as I watch him play,
But if he is blessed with ‘three-score and ten’
Then soon, too soon he must stand among men,
Oh my dear boy, what kind of man will you be?
Will you be a follower or will you take the lead?
Will you drift along or do all you can?
Someday, my son when you’re a man

One day you will run a little too fast
And you’ll look back to see that your childhood has passed,
As you realize this my son, what then?
Will you be glad to take your place among men?
And when you do, my dear little lad,
Will you stand tall or hang your head?
Will you look to God and seek his plan?
Someday my son, when you’re a man

Will you love the Lord; believe his truth?
Remember the Creator of your youth,
Will you talk to Him often throughout your day?
Will you read His word; will you kneel and pray?
Will you endeavor to run this race?
And fight the good fight ‘til you see His face?
Will He be your Guide, your trusted Friend?
Someday my son, when you’re a man

Do you dream, my precious son
Of whom you’ll be when you are grown?
What will you do; will you have a wife?
Are these your manly dreams of life?
Or do you hope someday to be
A man who follows where God leads?
Then start today son, while you can,
For someday soon you’ll be a man

All Rights Reserved

Remember also your Creator
in the days of your youth
before the evil days come
or the years draw nigh,
when you shall say,
"I have no pleasure in them." Eccl. 12:1

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maggie Swings

Dusty feet dangling free in the air
Sassy wind teasing and twirling her hair
’Neath swaying willow and bright harvest moon
Maggie is swinging and humming a tune

Out in the meadow a cricket replies
Adding its strain to the night’s lullabies
Across the cool garden, above rippling lawn
Maggie is swinging and singing a song

Maggie sings louder, her wee voice is drowning
The sound from the window under the awning
Daddy and Mommy and angry words flinging
Higher and higher Maggie is swinging

Louder and louder across the green sea
Maggie keeps singing ‘Jesus loves me’
Voice of an angel borne on the wind
Maggie keeps swinging and singing again

“Jesus loves me, yes this I know
Because the Bible tells me so”
Into the night with an invisible throng
Maggie is swinging and singing a song

Tears flow unheeded as Maggie is swinging
Her prayer is repeated as Maggie is singing
Dusty feet dangling free in the air
Maggie is swinging and singing a prayer

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

…however, let each one of you love his wife as himself
And let the wife see that she respects her husband. Eph.5:33

Saturday, September 19, 2009

At the Foot of the Cross (poem/song)

Nothing of value to bring you have I
My sin, my shame and my foolish pride
As I lift my gaze to the cloudless sky
I realize man has no place to hide
You know our coming and all of our going
You know the deepest intent of the heart
Lord, oh my Lord, you are all-knowing
Yet You still love me to my uttermost part

So take it away, Lord take it away
My humble offering of foolish dross
Show me Your way, Lord show me Your way
Lead me again to the foot of the cross

Here in my sorrow, you fill me with hope
Here in my nothingness You still find worth
There is no need in darkness to grope
Amazing Grace beckons to the whole earth
To each living soul Your mercy extends
Your love makes wanton sinners whole
While man excuses and pretends
Your grace calls out to every soul

Take it away, Lord take it away
My greatest feat without You is loss
Show me Your way, Lord show me Your way
Lead me again to the foot of the cross

There at Your feet ‘neath mercy’s atonement
There at Your feet ‘neath a crimson tide
There, let me touch You, if but for a moment
There….where I plunged a spear in Your side
Lord, you know all my coming and going
Yet You still love me in spite of it all
Redeeming love, endless mercy showing
You lift me up each time I fall

Take it away, Lord take away
Cleanse me Lord, from sin’s filth and dross
Show me Your way, Lord show me Your way
In mercy obtained at the foot of the cross

All Rights Reserved Set. 2009

For His eyes are upon the ways of man
And He sees all his goings. Job 34:21

Too Late

I had barely closed my eyes
When I heard him say, arise,
He gently took my trembling hand
And led me to a gate so grand,
I could not believe my eyes,
Then I began to realize
The ‘after this’ was really here,
And I began to shake in fear,
But He gave me a loving look
As carefully He searched His Book
On every page, his gaze would linger
Tracing each line with His finger,
Until with solemn, tender voice,
He asked, was I never your choice?
On His cheek now shines a tear,
Your name, He said, it isn’t here,
Was it simply too much bother
To get to know your Heavenly Father?
In sorrow now He turns His gaze
To a dark and dreadful haze,
Wait, I cry, I beg, Oh wait!
But I knew it was too late

All Rights Reserved

It is appointed unto man
once to die,
and after this, the judgment. Heb.9:27

Boundless Praises (song)

Oh, I will sing that precious story,
I will tell it o’er and o’er,
Til we bask in Heaven’s glory
Safe at last on that far shore

Can we know how much He loves us?
Can we ever grasp the cost?
Or catch a glimpse of His compassion
For a race, depraved and lost,
Oh could we ever try to measure
Or begin to understand,
A perfect love? Not here, but someday
When we touch His nail-scarred hands

Then we’ll praise our precious Savior,
Shout His victory ‘round the throne,
King of kings, Lord forever,
Worship Him and Him alone

Oh, how often here we struggle
With our foolish pride and sin,
While the evil of another
Seeks to pry his way within,
But the Savior never forces
Never pries the hardened gates,
But, gently in His tender patience,
There His perfect love awaits

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
King of kings and Lord of lords,
I can’t wait to sing Your praises
Over on that heavenly shore

Some sweet day we’ll rise together,
Sing at last the victor’s song,
Casting at His feet, our trophies,
Put the crown where it belongs,
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
We will shout it o’er and o’er,
Glorify the King forever,
Like we’ve never done before

Boundless praises, precious Jesus,
Boundless praises, precious Lord,
Perfect worship to our Father,

Boundless praise forevermore

All rights Reserved

I will praise you, O Lord,
with all my heart. PS.138:1

Tomorrow's Rivers

Tomorrow's rivers have never been crossed,
Tomorrow's battles have never been lost,
Tomorrow's clouds have not burst with rain,
Oh, we’ve never borne tomorrow’s pain,
So why do I constantly worry and sigh?
Tomorrow's fears may all pass by

Tomorrow's rivers may have bridges of gold,
Tomorrow’s mountains may hide blessing untold,
Tomorrow's cloud might break in two
And God’s love will come shining through,
So why do I constantly try to bear
All of tomorrow's worry and care

Tomorrow’s dreams are not broken yet,
Tomorrow’s foes I have never met,
The clouds and mountains may divide
Revealing treasures hid inside,
So tomorrow I will pray,
“Help me trust You Lord, today”

All Rights Reserved

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matt.6:34

Friday, September 18, 2009

Autumn's Descent

In dusty blues and rustic hues
Her steps at first descend
Then her hand sweeps all the land
As glorious colors blend
And, as we gaze at autumn’s blaze
Which sets the world a-fire
It’s like a breath of Heaven on earth
To calm us and inspire

The red and gold that we behold
O’er-takes the green and brown
And each hillside so far and wide
Is decked in autumn’s gown
The geese that fly across the sky
In spite of autumn’s smile
Have felt the call of chilling fall
Within each lofty mile

Man can’t use or ever choose
This perfect artistry
Although they’ve have tried with skillful pride
To paint her pure beauty
For up above a God of love
Is in perfect control
His touch will crown this glorious gown
Which claims all nature’s soul

All rights Reserved Sept. 2009

As for God, his way is perfect. Ps.18:30

While We Slumber

While we slumber dear souls without number
Plunge into an endless abyss
And children are crying and children are dying
Not knowing what true love is
Mothers are weeping for babes too soon sleeping
Deep in the cold, hard ground
Their tears flow like rivers across to forever
While we sleep without a sound

While we slumber lost souls without number
Plummet over life’s final brink
Crying in horror for endless tomorrows
Too late to stop and think
Daughters of Babylon doomed to destruction
Lying in filth on the street
Their only hope in a needle of poison
While we slumber they sleep

While we slumber precious souls without number
Are searching for one thread of hope
For sweet love unfailing midst weeping and wailing
As onward in darkness they grope
And sadly for many the brink of eternity
Claims lost souls without number
They’ve never known love, death is an enemy
Too late they see while we slumber

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

The hour has come for you
to wake up from your slumber,
because our salvation is nearer
now than when we first believed. Rom. 13:11

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stand Ready

In an hour when you think not the call may come
Someone has need of you,
In an hour when you think not you’ll leave this home
To fly beyond the blue
In an hour when you think not time and doubt
Will come to a swift end
In an hour when you think not your clock may run out
Are you ready, friend?

Ready to stand before that great throne
To meet the One who died
Ready to meet the deeds you’ve done
Read by the crucified
In that hour when you think not the trump may sound
Will you shout and cheer?
Or fall upon the cold, hard ground
Trembling in your fear

Stand ready friend, with your armor in place
For then you need not fear
Armed by the power of His grace
There is no greater gear
Stand ready for no man can know
His final day or hour
But if we’re washed within Life’s flow
Then death will have no power

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Therefore keep watch
because you do not know
on what day your Lord
will come. Matt. 24:42

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heedless Dance

In the world’s delightless songs
The devil hypnotizes throngs
Following, they laugh and dance
Destiny is left to chance
Sad, the music of your tomb
Marching blindly to your doom

Echoes of a joyless bliss
Clanging shells of emptiness
Who can break this evil spell?
Who can seal the gate to Hell?
Only Jesus’ love will save
He is hope beyond the grave

An obvious truth with no denying
Everyone is slowly dying
To ignore dark thoughts of death
Won’t save you in your dying breath
Life on earth will soon be over
Where oh where is your ‘forever’?

Won’t you listen to the pleading?
To the voice that well bears heeding
He alone will be your hope
Free you from the piper’s grope
He alone will break the spell
Draw you from the brink of Hell

We all share one common thread
Some day our bodies will be dead
But there is One in full control
It is He who owns your soul
Won’t you cease your heedless dance?
Don’t leave eternity to chance

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

(Jesus said)....Behold, I am coming soon. Rev.22:7

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't Peek Behind My Fence

You may gaze at all my flowers,
Marvel at their bright displays,
Stroll among these blooms for hours
Let their colors cheer your way,
Pinks and purples, red and golden,
I invite you to come hence,
But there’s one spot that is forbidden,
Don’t you look behind my fence

Barrier ‘round a little corner,
But if you should take a peep
I fear you would pull back in horror
When you see my compost heap,
Just a place to put my trimmings,
There they sit and there they rot,
I’m embarrassed, it’s quite brimming,
But it’s off limits….so I thought

So, how is your garden growing?
Mind if I should peek inside?
All your blooms will you be showing?
Speaking with a gardener’s pride,
Or will you show me just a portion?
Here and there with nervous glance,
Lest perhaps I get a notion
Just to peek behind your fence

Oh, ‘tis cunning, the hearts garden,
Oft it wears a bright disguise,
Flaunting borders of perfection
To draw away discerning eyes,
We strive to make a good impression,
But if we had any sense
We’d know the One with all discretion
Knows what hides behind that fence

All Rights Reserved

(God said,) Never again will I curse
the ground becausse of man,
...even though every inclination
of his heart is evil from childhood. Gen.8:21

Monday, September 14, 2009

Your Word

Your Word to teach, Your Word to reach
The lost ones all around us
Your Word to guide, Your Word inside
Your power when you found us
Your Word, a lamp unto my feet
A light unto my pathway
A precious roadmap ‘til we meet
Upon that sinless highway
Your Word a sword, can’t be ignored
Or what a day of reckoning
Your Word unchanged it will remain
In spite of foolish beckoning
Your Word is truth, wisdom for youth
And for man of all ages
It can’t be changed or re-arranged
Upon these holy pages
Your word is just, in it we trust
Oh, what a priceless treasure
Your Word is sound, a solid ground
For right and wrong to measure
Your Word is love and up above
You wait with tender yearning
‘Til all have heard Your precious Word
And long for your returning
Your Word is peace and it won’t cease
Faithful through the ages
Oh, my dear Lord, I love Your Word
And listen through Your pages

All rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Yesterday at our 'Grand opening'
we were challenged with....
'how often do we feed on His Word?'

Thank-you God, for using Dale
to encourage and challenge and remind
us that NOTHING replaces YOUR WORD!!!!

Thank-you Dale Ward, for letting God use you!
May He continue to bless you as
you serve Him!!!

All scripture is God-breathed,
and is useful for teaching, rebuking,
correcting and training in righteousness,
so that the man of God may be thoroughly
equipped for every good work. 2 Tim. 3:16

If I Should Die Tomorrow.....

If I should die tomorrow
what would I do today?
How would I spend my final hours
before I’m called away?
Would I run around in panic,
to set some wrongs a-right?
Would I get my ‘house in order’
and stay up half the night?
Would I call a long-lost brother
or visit all my friends?
Would I go to see my mother,
quickly tie up some loose ends?
Would I make a list of things to do
or would I toss it out?
Would I review accomplishments
or failures and my doubts?
Would I visit the sick and lonely
or would I get down on my knees?
Make sorrowful confessions,
for grace and mercy plead?
Would I look back upon my life
with joy or with regret?
Would I try to remember
or try hard to forget?
Would I write a lengthy letter
to read when I am gone?
Or would I get up this morning
and simply carry on?
Believing in God’s promises,
contented in His plan,
Because each day I know I try
to do the best I can

All Rights Reserved

Sept. 2009

May God be gracious to us,
Bless us and make His face
To shine upon us,
That Your ways may be known
On earth, Your salvation
Among all nations. Ps. 67:1-2

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is the day the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it
Glad for the years of praying and waiting
Glad for life’s lessons in seeking, debating
Thankful to God for His faithful guiding
Trusting Him still for His continued providing
As we gather together to worship and pray
What did we see as we assembled today?

What did we see as we came through the door?
Did we notice the new smell or the rug on the floor?
Did we come to test the cushioned pews?
Or listen to the first reviews?
Did we come with joy and anticipation
To see the new building or the God of creation?
Did we silently yearn for an era now past
Or did our hearts turn to the things that will last?

Such as God’s love and God’s grace
Cause it’s the same in every place
His mercy for the old and young
To every tribe in every tongue
We gather today, yes the building is new
But we’re still rescued sinners Lord, worshipping You
We’re here to humbly thank and adore
The One who gives and gives us more

For this place is more than wood or stone
It’s more than the sum of its contents alone
It’s more than a refuge in which we can hide
It’s more than the fellow-ship we find inside
It’s more than a building where families attend
It’s more than a place to meet a with friend
It’s more than a house where angels have stood
For it is God’s house, bought with His blood

Close your eyes, Can’t you see the river?
Flowing from the heart and the hand of life’s Giver
Look up and see the roughened wood
Stained with love by Holy Blood
Blood with power to cleanse and free
And give us hope eternally
Here we are, rescued sinners, now clean
Where once only sin and darkness had been

Here we are, both young and old
The door is the same going into His fold
To the One we worship we are all the same
Rescued sinners simply praising His name
So, while here on the outside it might seem strange
In the heart of the worshipper nothing has changed
And it matters little, the time or place
As we thank God for His love and grace

Yes, here we are to worship His Name
For in God there is no ‘different’ or ‘same’
While we see the outside He knows our heart
And God sees the whole as we see a part
God seeks but one thing whether aged or youth
The heart who worships in spirit and truth
Yes! This is the day the Lord has made
We will rejoice and be glad in it…..
Glad to worship in one accord
Here within the house of the Lord

Aug. 2009 All Rights Reserved

We had a very BLESSED church dedication
this week-end!!!!

Dean, thank-you for your help, my friend,
and may God bless you.

Josh and Bec, We missed you!

I rejoiced with those who said to me,
"Let us go to the house of the Lord" Ps. 122:1

Tom and June, thank-you for your prayers. God Bless you,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

There's Always an After

After the laughter
After the tears
After the heartbreak
After the fears
After the dancing
After the fun
After the sorrow
And after the sun

After the passion
After the night
After the reckoning
After the fight
After the anger
After the pain
After the triumph
After the rain

There’s always an ‘after’
The moment you’re in
Whether it’s laughter
Or a punch on the chin
Til’ we reach the thresh-hold
Beyond death’s dark sea
Where there is no
After eternity

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

And they will reign forever and ever. Rev. 22:5

This is no Game

( seems like Someone wouldn't let
me put down my pen this morning:)

There are winners and losers
There are beggars and choosers
And luck, if its fa├žade we claim
There are cheaters and players
And great demon-slayers
But brother, this is no game

We can treasure and taste it
Or choose to waste it
Then give to some other the blame
We can make our moves wisely,
Or secretly, slyly
But brother, this is no game

We have the free choices
To heed to the voices
That point us to fortune or fame
But there’s just one winner
And it is the sinner
Who calls on Jesus’ name

There is no re-play
But there’s who-so-ever may
Call on his holy Name
Yes, there’s winning and losing
Rejecting and choosing
But brother, this life is no game

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
with all your soul
and with all your strength. Deut.6:4

It's Needful

It’s bitter, it’s cold
It’s a switchblade knife
And as it unfolds
It can change our life
It’s painful, it’s needful
It’s beyond our control
Piercing the depths
Of our very soul

It’s torment, it’s a teacher
Without it we lack
The wisdom to nurture
As on it we look back
Its force can be crippling
When borne on our own
Unbearable enemy
If we walk alone

It respects no one
In its agony
But after it’s gone
It seems then we see
Without it we’re fickle
Selfish and apart
We must all bear this sickle
That slices the heart

But, if in its torment
We are not paralyzed
If, in its dark moment
We look to the skies
And call on the One
Who has borne every pain
Then our disappointments
Will not be in vain

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

The Lord is my Shepherd,
I shall not want. Ps. 23:1

You Are There

From the faintest, violet whispers
At the dawning of the day
To the darkest midnight hours
Midst the worry and the fray
From the gentle, rippling waters
To the wild and fiercest storms
You are there, my Rock of ages
Faultless, faithful loving arms

In my worry or confusion
In my calm or in my strife
When hope seems a mere illusion
You are there, my Light and Life
You are in my hour of laughter
Or the silent, secret tear
As sunshine streams from Heaven’s rafters
Or I’m trembling in my fear

Faithful, everlasting Father
You will never let me go
For I know there is no other
Who has ever loved me so
When I think I’ve been forsaken
In this world so full of care
Faithful, faultless, never shaken
Oh my Father, You are there

All Rights Reserved September 2009

You hem me in--behind and before;
You have laid Your Hand upon me,
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
Too lofty to attain. Ps. 139:5-6

For This I'll Praise You

A fickle shell made out of dust
Prone to envy, greed and lust,
Doomed to die, my sentence just,
For this, my Lord, you came,
Dark and evil deep inside,
Victim of my foolish pride,
Yet for this, my Lord you died,
For this I praise Your name

O wretched man, I surely am,
Sinful, selfish, filthy worm,
No hope here for me to claim,
For this You left Your glory,
To lift me from this mound of dirt,
To take away my guilt and hurt,
To fill this worthless shell with worth,
For this I shout Your story

O wondrous Savior, wondrous love,
You left Your perfect home above,
To give Your life, Your love to prove,
For this, My Lord, I praise You,
You have quenched my endless thirst,
Given hope to man most cursed,
Above all else You loved us first,
For this my Lord I praise You

O, wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from
this body of death? I thank God, through Jesus Christ
Our Lord, Rom.7;24-25

All Rights Reserved

Friday, September 11, 2009

Heaven's Drink

As the sun, like amber liquid
melts across the eastern sky
It warms the dark recesses
of the world and of the mind....
And as it climbs triumphantly
from the horizon's brink
It's hope seeps through my body
like a smooth celestial drink
And I pause in this moment
My cup to the sky.....
"Fill me with your Spirit
Dear Lord", I cry

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

Come,all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters. Isa.55:1

"Heaven's drink is coffee????!!!!
my son asked in amazement.
"Not quite," I replied,
"Coffee is second" :):)

I Think I Would.....

I’d like to think I’m the kind of man
Who would always do the best he can,
One who would be kind and true
Even when it’s hard to do,
I’d like to think I’d always try,
I think I would…….or would I?

I’d like to think that I would pray
Though pain and sorrow fills my way,
I’d like to think that I would call
Upon the One who loves us all,
Then I would feel His Spirit nigh,
I think I would…….or would I?

I’d like to think if I’d been there,
When they betrayed my Lord so dear
I never would have left His side,
And not like Peter have denied
That I knew Him or He knew I,
I never would……or would I?

Would I stand up straight and tall
Beside my Lord in Pilate’s hall?
Would I stand for Him today
If all others walked away?
I’d like to think at least I’d try,
I think I would…or would I?

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

Blessed are you when people insult you,
Persecute you and falsely say all kinds
of evil against you because of me.
Rejoice and be glad because great
is your reward in Heaven. Matt.5:11-12

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'd Rather Dance

I prefer the memory of the dance
To never dancing at all
I would rather take a chance
Than never fly or fall
And if the petals on my rose
Lie dormant now in rest
Its scent still lingers in my nose
It’s sweetness in my breast

Is life an open window
Through which my heart may fly
Or do I cower in shadows
Where I’ll never see the sky?
Is fear a heavy fetter?
Mistrust a ball and chain?
Ah, life can be much better
Dancing …never mind the pain

I’d rather dance while it’s summer time
For winter comes too soon
But my God is the God of winter-time
My midnight and my noon
So I’d rather trust and take a chance
Than never fly at all
For God is with me in each dance
To catch me if I fall

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

We're in His Hands

We’re in his hands, He’ll see us through
As He commands so we will do
Although our words and wisdom fail
We’re in His hands, He will prevail

We’re in His hands, each prayer we’ve prayed
In shifting sands and darker shades
As violent storms of life assail
We’re in His hands, He will not fail

The tranquil calm, the tempest sore
Within His palm we are secure
In every fierce and howling gale
We’re in His hands, He will not fail

Our broken dreams and pleas denied
His mercy gleams, He’s at our side
His faithful love it will prevail
We’re in His hands, He will not fail

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

But thanks be to God,
Who always leads us…..2 Cor. 2:14

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Changing Canvas

It does not seem to matter
How young or old I am,
One thing I must acknowledge
Is that nothing stays the same,
So, lest I stand too long and pine
For joys of yesterday,
This present treasure I must find
Before it slips away…..

….For life is a changing canvas,
Life is a flowing stream,
Some days are sparkling diamonds
And some are broken dreams
But the God who expels the thunder
Cradles the earth in His hand,
He fills each day with wonder
And blessings rich and grand

So, when I cling to the present
Because I’m afraid to let go,
May His sweet love incessant
Remind me of what I know,
My unchanging God is forever,
The God of my present and past,
And as I gaze into the future
I know He’ll hold me fast

So I’ll cherish every hour,
For tomorrow, its change will bring,
Without it a bud would not flower,
A butterfly could never grow wings,
And we would not grow in our wisdom
If it weren’t for the changes we face,
Our failures would be our prison
Instead of a door to His grace

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

Jesus Christ the same
yesterday, today and forever. Heb. 13:8

I'll Settle For More

There’s so much talk, it seems, these days
‘Bout settling for less,
It’s time to change or find new ways,
New roads to happiness,
So people frown and people sigh
As they contemplate
What they must do to just ‘get by’,
Or help their sorry state

But I am not about to fold
Nor do I feel inclined
To settle for less as I get old
So I’ve made up my mind
Instead of less I’m having more!
Now don’t you judge my greed,
But I’ll ‘set by’ a little store
To satisfy my need

So Lord, I’m asking You today
For just a little more,
Increase my lot, Dear Lord I pray,
Unlike You have before…..
….More love I need for fellow-men
Who scorn me to my face,
More compassion Lord, and then
More humbleness and grace

More faith when I can hardly see,
More hope within my night,
More trust that You are here with me
Within my thickest fight
More time to spend with You alone,
More hunger for Your word,
More letting of Your will be done
Surrendering to You, Lord

Less of me and more of Thee,
Hear me Oh Lord, I pray,
Help me desire Lord, to be
More like You each day,
More gentle, meeker, kinder too,
More ready to obey,
More and more and more like You,
This is my need today

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches and
honor and life. Prov. 22:4

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old Man

He sits in his chair by the window,
And watches the children at play,
He listens to their carefree laughter
And in it is carried away,
Back to the days in his memory,
And oh, its music is sweet,
Before the days when he’s simply
The old man who lives down the street

Once he was that boy on the sidewalk
Full of vigor and vim,
He recalls happy hours on the ball-field,
Playing ‘til daylight grew dim,
And the laughter that drifts through the window
Could well be his friends as they’d meet,
Never dreaming that someday he’d just be
The old man who lives down the street

He watches the faces of young love
As arm in arm they go strolling by,
And, as he smiles in wistful reflection
A teardrop escapes from his eye,
For he too was once a young lover
With many a girl at his feet,
And his youthful dreams never pictured
An old man who lives down the street

He sees young mothers and daddies
With all of their youngsters in tow,
Their chatter and quarrels and laughter
Are just as it was long ago,
When all of that noise was heaven,
To be busy and weary was sweet,
Now he rocks, alone in the silence,
The old man who lives down the street

Once he was the one who was busy
With a family to feed and to teach,
Bills to pay and dreams to fulfill
With one always out of reach,
The hours and days, they flew by
With many a dead-line to meet,
Too busy to think of an old man
Alone in a house down the street

Now he sits in his chair by the window
To watch all the passers-by,
If you stop you would see he is smiling,
But oft with a tear in his eye,
For everyone is still so busy
With many a dead-line to meet,
And, after-all, he is simply
The old man who lives down the street

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

I spoke to an elderly person who said
something that struck me....
"They don't mean to, but people are just
so busy....they forget about us." (shutins)

His Masterpiece

We take with our first breath, a brush,
Straight from the Master’s Hand,
And while our mothers cuddle and hush
And heed our each demand,
The first soft strokes are dabbed upon
This canvas large and bare,
And none but the most Awesome One
Will know what’s painted there.

Some will have splashes of laughter and light,
Some will have clouds filled with rain.
Some colors will be brilliant and bright
While some will be muted with pain,
Some will have blends of shadow with sun,
And reach for the mountain top,
Some will have barely begun,
And the Master their brush will stop.

Some faces we paint white or black,
And some are in between,
Some hills are barren, gray and dark,
While some are lush and green,
Some have seasons, warm and bright,
And some are cold and bare,
Some canvas is mostly black or white,
But the Master’s hand is there.

Some painters seem in such a rush,
While some will dilly-dally,
From glorious heights, some gaily brush,
While some stay in the valley,
But on each canvas, tone on tone,
There is sorrow mingled with song,
And blends of rainbow with sullen stone
Will touch the weak and strong!

Some artists travel far and wide,
While others stay at home,
Some will paint when the laughter has died,
And some with mirth and song,
But then, one day the brush will still,
The painter’s hand will cease,
And only then, will the Lord reveal,
His perfect masterpiece!

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Your love, O Lord, endures forever,
Do not abandon the works of Your hands.Ps. 138:8

Monday, September 7, 2009

Life or Death

In flagrant fields, in wait she lies
To weave her deadly snare,
She winks her dark and cunning eyes
To all who wander near,
Then, as she spins her deadly web
And spreads her garments wide,
She scorns the praying mother’s dread
And laughs with poisoned pride

The venom in her charming smile
She hides with tempting sway,
Her single mission to beguile
Her unsuspecting prey,
Oh, flee her bitter, flattering charm,
And run from Satan’s daughter,
The ruby wine, the jeweled arm
Will lead you to your slaughter

But turn and face Golgotha’s field,
View Calvary’s crimson hill,
Oh, see and taste the priceless yield
Upon the cold rocks spill,
Salvation’s gift in humble form,
Revealing all its glory,
Oh, flee the wrath of Judgment’s storm
And cling to Love’s Great Story

Life or death, we all must choose
When at our crux we stand,
For Satan’s field, will we refuse
The gift from Heaven’s hand?
Death blooms bright in sin’s fair meadows,
Oh, do not taste her dross,
Life awaits beyond dark shadows
Through victory in the cross

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

Thomas said to Him,
"Lord,we don't know where you are going,
so how can we know the way?
Jesus answered, " I am the way, the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father
except throught me. John 14: 5-6

Small Kindnesses

It’s the small kindnesses in life that make our load worth bearing
A breath of calm amidst the strife, a smile of tender caring
A gentle momentary touch upon a weary shoulder
Encourages so very much when struggling ‘neath life’s boulder

It’s all the little murmured prayers for sad or lonely brothers
Its little deeds to show we care to fathers and to mothers
Oh, spread the sunshine of His love, put kindness into action
Draw a ray from Heaven above avoiding earth’s distraction

Those little whispers, ‘I love you’, the softly ‘you can do it’
‘Don’t give up’ and ‘God’s with you and He will walk you through it’
Little kindnesses will grow and in life’s darkest hour
The tiny buds will bloom to show us Heaven’s earthly flower

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Be kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving
One another, even as God for Christ’s sake, has forgiven
You. Eph.4:32

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Who Will Share the Tears?

It’s easy to share my laughter and smiles
And sunshine as it lingers awhile
To brighten up a weary mile
And fill my heart with cheer
And many gladly join my side
As we enjoy life’s pleasant ride
But oh, what do we really hide
And who will share the tears?

Many dance out in the sun
In pleasant fields we laugh and run
It’s so easy to have fun
When summer time is here
But as a chill wind starts to blow
And clouds obscure the sun’s warm glow
I wish somehow that I could know
Why many disappear

The dancing and the song is done
The laughter and the mirth is gone
And suddenly we’re all alone
Without a comrade near
Ah, there is One who will abide
He will never leave our side
In Him we may each care confide
And He will see each tear

Was anybody there with Him
As crucifixion’s eve grew dim
To wipe His tears and comfort Him
In Gethsemane?
In agony He wept and cried
No human friend there at his side
We slept…He died
‘Tis He who comforts me

All rights reserved Sept. 2009

Then He said to them,
“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow
To the point of death,
Stay here and keep watch with me.”
…..then He returned to His disciples
and found them sleeping. Matt.26:38-40

Thornless Rose

Oh, do not say it isn’t fair
If we are called a cross to bear
Do we surmise somehow that we
Deserve a fairer road than He?
He, who in His agony
Carried His own cross for me

Do I demand a sweet rose garden?
While Jesus, as He signed my pardon
Wore upon His brow, the thorns
Midst desertions jeers and scorns
No ruby petal there to grace
The tears of sorrow on His face

Can I upon a selfish quest
Decide the easy road is best?
When Jesus walked a road for me
A road which led to Calvary
No rose adorned the skull-wrought trail
But crimson tears for sin’s dark veil

Forgive me Lord, if I complain
Fix my eyes on You again
In my distress help me to see
Your grace will be enough for me
Upon this road, Lord be my power
A thornless rose is but a flower

All Rights reserved Sept. 2009

Teach me Your way, O Lord,
And I will walk in Your truth;
Give me an undivided heart,
That I might fear Your name. Ps. 86:11

Thank-you Jesus (song)

Tonight as I lie here unable to sleep
I think of Your love how vast and how deep
I simply can’t grasp its eternal wonder
The God who expels the lightning and thunder
Still cares for me so weak and so small
I’m overwhelmed by the wonder of it all
My heart over-flows in this midnight calm
In Heaven’s repose I rest in Your palm

And I want to sing, yes I want to shout
In the arms of the King, no longer without
I am forgiven, I’ve been set free
Thank-you Jesus for dying for me

You healed the blind man who sat in the street
You loved and washed the disciples feet
You called to Zacchaeus come out of that tree
You walked on the waves of the stormy sea
You reassured Mary as she wept at the cross
Though You were forsaken by those You loved most
And here in the stillness of the midnight calm
You reassure me as I rest in Your palm

And I want to shout in the still of the night
Come, all you blind men and He’ll give you sight
Come, every lost son, each straying daughter
Trust in the One who walks on the water

Fall on your knees, oh, won’t you surrender?
In the hush of the breeze hear His plea so tender
Out of the storm and into the calm
Oh won’t you come and rest in His palm?
His love so amazing, His grace so free
Patiently waiting for you and me
Will you turn away from His out-stretched hand
And shun His great love that flows through the land?

Or will you join voices to shout and to sing?
It’s all about Him, it’s all about Him
Thank-you, thank-you for love full and free
Thank-you Jesus for dying for me

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Father, I want those You have given Me
To be with me where I am,
And to see My glory,
The glory You have given Me
Because You loved Me
Before the creation of the world.

Part of ‘The Prayer’ John 17:24

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When our Cup is Empty

When our cup of joy is empty
When our lips are parched and dry
When our panting soul is thirsting
For sweet water from the sky
We are so tired and teary
In this barren desert land
Give us strength, though we are weary
To keep holding to Your hand

When we crave sweet satisfaction
As we view life’s tempting fare
Designed for fool’s distraction
Help us not to wander there
For persuasions from the devil
Will not be what they appear
Lord, keep our feet from evil
Do not let us wander near

But help us to raise up our hands
And glorify Your name
Across the deserts burning sands
We lift Your holy flame
The righteous man You will uphold
So onward we will march
Help us to be strong and bold
Although our lips are parched

From dawn to dusk all through the night
To You our soul shall cling
We sing for joy beneath the respite
Of Your mighty wing
The enemy will be destroyed
Your power shall prevail
The righteous will be overjoyed

The barren hills will flourish
And Your streams will overflow
Heaven’s showers nourish
Every flock and field below
And we will shine and shout for joy
Each hill and tongue proclaim
Exalting praise as we employ

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Psalms Ch.63-65

Paper Memories

Nothing makes us cry or laugh
Like a paper photograph
Paper memories, what a treasure
Poring over them with pleasure
There’s dear dad so long ago
Before his hair was white as snow
There’s young Bud in his snow suit
My oh my, but he was cute
There’s my school where braids were pulled
The old T-bird with gas tank full
Oh what memories, oh what laughs
In this book of photographs

There’s the house of yester-years
Rooms that echo smiles and tears
There’s the pump out in the yard
A splashing drink when work was hard
There’s the family, prim and proper
And little Tom, the real show-stopper
Lady, the dog I well remember
Flaming maples in September
Oh, here’s you, taken by surprise
Look at the fire in those eyes
And see young Charles, he looks like you
Way back in nineteen seventy- two

Here’s a photo of my mother
Paper treasure like no other
I gaze into her loving eyes
And hear her distant lullabies
Dear Lord, sometimes I feel like sighing
Life is short, there’s no denying
Help me treasure every smile
In thankfulness, walk every mile
So I can cherish by-gone stages
As I fondly turn the pages

Paper memories, paper treasures
Think I’ll take an hour of leisure
To sit awhile, to cry and laugh
And linger o’er each photograph
I’ll thank my God, through smiles and tears
For every loved one through the years
And someday others here will look
At my photo in some book
They’ll speak of when I passed away
I wonder what else they will say
Will they thank God and cry and laugh
As they look at my photograph?

All Rights Reserved May 2009

My teenage daughter was entertained for a while
this morning as she looked at my photos....
and how 'FUNNY' we all looked:)

Life's Merry-go-round

First a smile, then ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’
Then before you know it you’ve made a friend or two
But just as you begin to know more than their name
Instead of ‘hello’ it’s good-bye again

If I could then I would if a way could be found
I’d grab on and stop this merry-go-round
But we all climb back up and ride for a while
Until it’s good-bye and a farewell smile

We share our joy and sometimes our sorrow
Tell them of dreams in a hopeful tomorrow
We laugh together and shed tears when they cry
Then suddenly, just like that…it’s good-bye

If I could I would stop this merry-go-round
But it seems to this merciless circle we’re bound
For almost before our tears are dried
We dare to climb on for another ride

Why do we fail to treasure today?
But wait ‘til we see someone walking away
And then, how our hearts o’er-flow with pain
To know we may never see them here again

If I could, then I would stop this merry-go-round
But I can’t bring this moving circle aground
So I climb back up, forget that I cried
Smile, say ‘hello’ and go for a ride

All Rights Reserved Sept.2009
Janet Martin

Friday, September 4, 2009

If It Wasn't For the Tears

If it wasn’t for the fences
Freedom wouldn’t be so sweet
If it wasn’t for the parting,
There’d be no pleasure when we meet
If it wasn’t for the hard times
Good times wouldn’t be so dear
And laughter wouldn’t be as sweet
If it wasn’t for the tears

If it wasn’t for good memories
I think I’d just sit down and cry
For there would be no comfort
When we have to say good-bye
If it wasn’t for the shadows
The sun would bring no cheer
We’d never know a fuller joy
If it wasn’t for the tears

If it wasn’t for the tears, I know
We really could not treasure
The days of joy and laughter
And the hours that bring us pleasure
The memories would not linger
On and on down through the years
Of sweet and precious moments
If it wasn’t for the tears

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin