Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slow Dance

I missed you today, did you miss me too?
would it be okay; one slow dance with you?
We could move far away from the noisy street
where the sand is like satin beneath our feet
as we hear the melody of our song on the breeze
accompanied by the roll of the seas
And there we could be, just you and I
beneath a warm and velvet sky.....
Did I misunderstand you, I thought your glance
suggested perhaps this soft slow dance..
I close my eyes, a kaleidoscope of emotion
vies with the force of the waves on the ocean
Warm colors spiraling in a dizzying haze
As your breath in my ear leaves me in a daze..........
Soft and subtle,we move to the sway
of the wind and the waves in their salty spray
Can I dance with you for the rest of my life?
Can I be your partner, your lover, your wife?
I missed you today, did you miss me too
Would it be okay, one slow dance with you?

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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