Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Four Best Words

Tender little soft pink cheeks
Blue eyes and warm arms
Every night I am
The lucky victim of her charms
Girly-giggles, bed-time wiggles
I say, ‘time to sleep’
Bed-time prayers and teddy-bears
Good-night my dear, sweet dreams

As I turn to leave her room
She whispers ‘I love you’
And I can say these four best words
“I love you too”
In order to say these four words
Someone must first say three
And I am so very blessed
To have them said to me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It occurred to me last night ,
These truly are the best words in the world!
You can only say them if someone says
'I love you' first.
I get to say them EVERY night as I go down the stairs
After good-night hugs and kisses,
They wait until they hear my steps on the stairs
And they call ‘Good-night Mom, I love you’
And I always say,
“I love you too!”

The Waltons would be proud!

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