Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will You Miss Me?

Will you miss me when I’m gone, he softly whispers
With unshed tears of sorrow in his gaze
Reflecting our candle as it flickers
In the silence of the parting of our ways
Will your music be the echo of our laughter
Drifting down a dusty summer lane?
And as you wander through the dewy pasture
Will you dance a little now and then?

The breeze that stirs the tree outside the window
Croons in low despondent melodies
Its mournful serenade my only answer
Words are trite in moments such as these
But I could tell you now how much I miss you
In a thousand countless little ways
I would say I miss you just a little…
I miss you just a little every day

A little with my morning cup of coffee
Or when the dawn breathes on the eastern sky
I miss the scent of love among the lilies
I miss you just a little in each sigh
I miss you in the anguish of the flicker
Of someone else’s candle in the eve
A little when I try not to remember
Just a little every time I breathe

Will you miss me when I’m gone, he softly whispers
Tell me, will you ever think of me?
Will you smile perhaps as you remember
The rapture of our silent poetry?
Yes, I miss you dear, when you’re not with me
As days reply in low and doleful chime
I miss you, oh my darling let me tell thee
I miss you just a little all the time

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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