Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Butterfly

My winter butterfly wears pink pajamas
Barefoot blondie with her eyes of blue
She likes to flit about my little kitchen
Asking if there’s something she can do
She’s my February splash of sunshine
She’s my laughter when the skies are gray
She’s my little butterfly in winter
Please oh please don’t ever fly away

Next to mother she is quite a baker
Busy as a little bumble-bee
Full of life, an endless stream of chatter
Sweetest music in the world to me
She is always full of hugs and kisses
Cheerful as the sunshine in the sky
How I love her heart of tender kindness
How I love my winter butterfly

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I have one very willing helper
in my long as it isn't DISHES!!!
Seems Victoria and I often end up being
the only ones at home...
And we all agree that she is living,
breathing sunshine!!! This little girl
NEVER has a bad day!!!!
God, I love her. Thank-you for this blessing!!!
In the top photo she is helping me make 'redemption dessert'.
That is what I call a special dessert when the first
course is a little bland:):)

On the other photos we are baking valentine cookies
on a stick for her class-mates.

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