Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Morning After

I have discovered
A wonderful truth
At last I have found it
The fountain of youth
Not in the nectar
Of a rain-forest mist
Nor in the potion
Of a rose heaven-kissed
Not in the dew
Of a night lullaby
Nor in the hue
Of a turquoise sky
Perhaps it is found
In the song of the rain
In it’s gentle sound
On the window-pane
Of the midnight hour
Or in the gray dawn
While the world is ours
And two become one
As I fall and I fall
Into oceans of blue
Over and over
Born anew
Where heart and soul
Are forever young
Becoming whole
In the lover’s song
Here is fullness
Here is bliss
Eternal youth
In loves soft kiss
Eternal youth
In perfect blue
In the morning
After you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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