Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strong Enough

Lord, when I’m determined to do things on my own
When I ignore your mercy and the goodness you have shown
When I think I’m strong enough; forget to hold Your hand
Soon it seems I need your loving arm to help me stand….

Oh my Lord, oh don’t let go
When I’m too weak to say no
Gird me with Your tender love
Lord, until I’m strong enough

Lord, when I’m determined to take the harder way
Against my better judgment, foolishly I stray
And soon the sorrow of my sin draws me to Your love
As I cry, Jesus, hold me until I’m strong enough

Oh my Lord, oh don’t let go
For you know I love you so
Oh my Lord, without Your love
I never could be strong enough

Out of my barren desert where temptation led astray
Into Your arms Lord Jesus, lift me as I pray
Out of sin and darkness into Your hope and love
Only there my Savior, will I be strong enough

Oh my Lord, oh don’t let go
‘Round me demons ebb and flow
But within Your arms of love
There I will be strong enough

Forgive me Lord, if I let go
Jesus loves me this I know
For You wrap me in Your love
Where I can be strong enough

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

God is our refuge and strength.
A very present help in trouble. Ps. 46:1

Friday, January 29, 2010


After the busy toil and strife
After another day of life
After the sun has slipped away
As we hail the end of another day
After the moon climbs into its throne
Wrapping the world in a silver gown
After our words of the day have gone forth
For better or worse across the earth
After our worship, complaints and fears
After our laughter or silent tears
After all is said and done
And this day is forever gone
Did we make a difference as we lie down to rest?
Did we give God our very best?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

A Friend like You

I sure don’t deserve a Friend like you
You know the shameful things I do
You know the unlovely side of me
And yet you love me completely
I am so amazed and humbled too
For I do not deserve a Friend like you

I don’t deserve a Friend so dear
You who are always compassion and care
Me, a stumbling, fumbling fool
Breaking every golden rule
Yet still you remain tender-hearted and true
I sure don’t deserve a Friend like you

I don’t deserve a Friend so great
Giving, giving whilst I take
Loving, loving without end
Such a precious lovely Friend
Lord, there’s nothing I can do
To deserve a Friend like You

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

What a Friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer
Oh, what peace we often forfeit
Oh what needless pain we bear
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer.


Before the fingers of the ruby dawn
Have stretched then faded to noon and beyond
Before they brush the western sky
Directing heavens lullaby
Before another day is past
As its charcoal shade is cast
And twilight fills the western sky
Will we have made a difference, you and I?

Before we lay again to rest
Will we have striven to do our best?
To touch another life with love
A foretaste of our life above
Will we have reached to hold the hand?
Of one who needed help to stand?
Before the evening ruby sigh
Will we have made a difference, you and I?

Will we have paused to kneel and pray?
Before the close of another day
Will we, in everything we do
Serve a higher calling true
Before the golden-ruby tones
Splash upon our streets and lawns
Will we have given our best try
To make a difference, you and I?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The sun-rise began with a narrow strand
Along the horizon-line,
It continued to grow til its ruby glow
Burst into brilliant sunshine!!!!

I'm drawn again to one of my favorite verses...
When I consider the heavens,
the work of Thy fingers.....
what is man that you are mindful of him? Ps. 8:3&4


I am a lover of simple things
The gifts that simply living brings
Sunshine splashing on my face
Another day of His sweet grace
Gold butter-fly on purple bloom
Listening to the breezes tune
Whispering in the limbs above
Or humming nature’s song of love

I am a lover of simple things
Mother of the child who sings
Recipient of soft sticky hugs
Feathers, frogs and lady-bugs
Treasures from a wee lad’s hand
Discovering a world so grand
Delightedly, with joy he brings
The gifts unsurpassed, life’s simple things

Yes, I am a lover of simple things
The joy a beloved soul-mate brings
The gifts that can’t be bought or sold
But are more priceless far than gold
A gentle touch, a tender word
With these ah yes, my heart is stirred
With these I hear God’s angels sing
For I am a lover of simple things

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

May the glory of the Lord
endure forever. Ps. 104:31

Thursday, January 28, 2010

When I Trust

When I doubt You, my dear Lord
Living Truth and Life
When I doubt Your holy Word
Victim of this strife
When I listen to the voice
Of hate instead of love
You remind me there’s a choice
You will not be moved

When I doubt Your mighty power
And trust in my weak will
When I stumble in an hour
You desire to fill
Remind me of Your love so true
Oh, how can I forget?
To put my every hope in You
You have not failed me yet

When I doubt the devil laughs
Victor of his spoils
Master of the dust and chaff
The fruit of evil toils
But when I trust the angels sing
And heaven draws so near
God, help me trust in everything
Your perfect will so dear

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding. Prov.3:5

And I Beheld.......

As hand in hand we climbed the hills
Far from the noise and daily spills
Into the silence of nature’s hush
Get-away from life’s ceaseless rush
As the whisper of beech, of elm and pine
Serenaded your heart and mine
I turned to get lost in your azure gaze
And I beheld the glimpse of another face….

We paused to view the fields below
A-wash with green and golden glow
The late day sun seemed to enhance
This canvas where the shadows dance
A splash of wordless paradise
Lay silently before our eyes
I softly kissed the hand I held
And suddenly another hand I beheld….

As the sun dropped low and out of sight
And its red glow faded to shades of night
As we drank in the scent of dust and dew
And the fields below disappeared from view
Still we stayed ‘neath this canopy
Of star and moon in a deep blue sea
In arms of love how pleasant this sod
And I beheld a glimpse of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

How beautiful you are, my darling.
Oh, how beautiful. Song of songs 4:1

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Once More

I wish that I could laugh with you
Just once more
Taste the midnight sky so blue
Walk through its door
If I could have just one more dance
I’d let you go
If I could have just one more chance
I’d love you so
But the breezes blow
And the rivers flow
The days roll on….
You are gone

I wish that I could hold your hand
Just once more
Then run through summer’s fields again
Just like before
If I could have just one more hour
I’d love you so
Maybe then I’d have the power
To let you go
But the clouds drift by
In the clear, blue sky
The days roll on….
You are gone

If I could have just one more day
Would it be enough?
One more day to softly say
Sweet words of love
One day to run through fields so green
Or breathe its floor
Would be enough or would I plead
For just once more?
The flowers cry
I whisper ‘why?’
The days roll on….
You are gone

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

No Holdin' Back

No holdin’ back,
No holdin’ back
No holdin’ back today
Oh my Lord, this morning
I’m going all the way
No holdin’ back
No holdin’ back
Teach me how to pray
And follow You completely Lord
No holdin’ back today

The elements surrender
To Your holy hand
The butter-fly so tender
The mighty oak tree grand
The lily-of-the-valley
The lonesome morning dove
Symbols of Your goodness
And wonder of Your love

Yet somehow still I doubt You
When I am feeling low
There is so much about You
That I can never know
But you know every heart-beat
Each whisper and each thought
Before I breathed the breath of life
My every day was wrought

No holdin’ back
No holdin’ back
No holdin’ back today
You know what I am thinking
Beyond the words I say
No holdin’ back
No holdin’ back
Teach me how to pray
And follow You completely Lord
No holdin’ back today

Trust isn’t something I can see
And then decide to take
Trust is letting go of me
And choices I would make
For if I’m clinging to my will
In spite of words I say
I’ll never know Your love until
I let You lead the way

No holdin’ back
No holdin’ back
No holdin’ back today
Help me trust and follow you
As You lead the way
No holdin’ back
No holdin’ back
Teach me how to pray
And follow You completely Lord
No holdin’ back today

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

AS Jesus went on from there
He saw a man named Matthew
sitting at the tax collector's booth,
"Follow Me" He told him, and Matthew
got up and followed Him. Matt. 9:9

A Good Thing

I want to be a good thing for you
I whisper as I gaze at this babe so new
Fresh from heaven placed into my arms
Already I’m a goner with your innocent charms
As I kiss the face of this babe so new
Oh Lord, help me be a good thing for you

I want to be a good thing for you
I vowed in the arms of love so true
To be the woman I need to be
And love what God has given me
And even when it is hard to do
Oh Lord, help me be a good thing for you

I want to be a good thing for you
As I look into your eyes so blue
I will not worry ‘bout life’s next bend
All I want to be is a faithful friend
To be worthy of your friendship true
Oh Lord, help me be a good thing for you

In all of the love Lord, You have placed in my life
Whether as a mother, a friend or a wife
Help me cherish each with a heart so humble
And never cause their hearts to stumble
Help me love with Your love true
So I will be a good thing through You

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Let your light so shine before men
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father in Heaven. Matt.5:16

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You were so important to me that day
Or so I thought
But heedlessly I walked away
And you were soon forgot
Is that then, really love at all
Momentary affection
A name I can hardly recall
Now in my recollection

Life, you hand me a vast array
Of choices on your platter
I gaze at your taunting display
Oh, does it really matter
What I see and taste and touch
My hidden word or thought
Does it matter very much?
Or is it soon forgot

Yes, it matters very much
The choices that we make
What we see and taste and touch
What we leave or take
For He who loves us; He who gave
His only Son begotten
Did not come down our souls to save
Just to be forgotten

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When I fed them they were satisfied,
when they were satisfied they became proud
then they forgot me. Hosea 13:6

I Missed You Today

I missed you today
You ignored my call
I whispered your name
You didn’t respond at all
I gave you a gift
But you turned your head
And chose to acknowledge
Someone else instead

I missed you today
We went out for lunch
But you never thanked me
Such a lively bunch
Of friends surrounded you
With gaiety
You left without once
Even noticing me

I missed you today
You’ve turned out your light
You never even paused
To whisper good-night
You didn’t breathe
A single prayer
I missed you today
Do you even care?

I missed you today
You are sound asleep
I’ll watch over you
And silently weep
I love you, my child
Forever, always
But I wish you knew
How I missed you today
Love, God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Have you ever REALLY missed someone?
Has Someone ever REALLY missed you????

What's the Rush?

There’s no rush, relax, take a deep breath
Gaze around you at the beauty of the earth
The clouds that drift in yonder sky
Are in no hurry to pass by
The gentle slope of weathered hills
Staid, unruffled, calm and still
Beckon; oh have you ever strayed
Into their haven for one sweet day?

Slow down; can you hear the whisper?
Of the roses, the daises, their silent laughter
Did God create all of this beauty?
For us to ignore as we heed Sir Duty
I say, nay, for what’s the use
Of life marched solemnly in duties shoes
Come; lay down your weapons of life for a while
Play hooky beneath fair heavens smile

Slow down, take a breath, relax, and close your eyes
Open them now…do you see the sun-rise
Or the shadows that dance in a soft serenade
With laughing sun-beams that twinkle and fade
Do you hear the breeze, a splendid sigh?
As through the trees it passes by
Do you hear God, within the hush?
As you slow down, take a deep breath, oh, what’s the rush?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This is the day which the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it. Ps.118:24

Monday, January 25, 2010

Slipping Away

Little pink mittens are slipping away
They waved at me from the bus today
But they are much bigger than they used to be
Soon those pink mittens will not wave to me
God, help me cherish each moment I’m in
Lest in vain longing Your love is unseen

Freckled cheek and face of tan
Lord, I love this little man
But he’s not as little as he used to be
Soon he will be much taller than me
As I watch my wee lad of yesterday
Softly, slowly slipping away

Little pink mittens and baseball caps
Precious mementos in memories wraps
Here amidst the muddle and mess
Lord, I’m a little ashamed to confess
Sometimes I miss your gifts of the day
Lord, let me see before they slip away.

All Rights reserved
Janet Martin

Every morning those pink mittens wave to me.
They all took their turn...
waving til they could no longer see mom.
We're down to the last one...
how many more waves, Lord?
I think I hear Him saying
'one year at a time, dear mother':)
or day at a time????


So, this is perfection then
I surmise as I watch the moon
In silent, invisible ascent
The star-studded hallway
‘neath a royal blue tent
Its silver light a misty veil
On a globe now pale
Until a silent unseen Hand
Draws across its light a strand
Of purple cloud and the world below
Loses its enchanted silver glow
But still I know
This Hand which is in control
Of heaven, earth, each living soul
Watching over you and me
And my breath becomes a prayer
Breathed into the velvet air
Lord God of creation
Thank-you for letting me behold

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sunday, January 24, 2010

You Gave me Life

When I was down You picked me up
When I was low You filled my cup
When night was dark You gave me light
When I was dead You gave me life

I was bound, You set me free
I was lost and You found me
You gave hope amidst my strife
When I was dead You gave me life

You gave a song amidst my tears
You gave me peace amidst my fears
You gave me strength to fight the fight
When I was dead You gave me life

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life....John 14:6

Saturday, January 23, 2010


There’s a time to go and a time to stay
A time to say no or yes, you may
There’s a time to cling and a time to let go
A time to sing or to let the tears flow
Time; fleeting moments like dancing sun-beams
Time; an illusion as the dreamer dreams
Time; oh of you there is never enough
But darling there is always enough time for love

There’s time to linger in the sun-sets glow
To dance in December upon the snow
There is time to rise for the day is at hand
With the sun in our eyes we can no longer stand
For there’s so much to do and time is swift
Oh give the weary heart a lift
Time; of you there is never enough
But friend there is always enough time for love

Time; you’re a subtle and silent deceiver
Stealing the thoughts of the unbeliever
Convincingly, cunningly slipping away
And whispering ‘there will be a better day
To give your life to Christ the Lord’
But sad will be our last reward
Time; of you there will not be enough
If we reject our One True Love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy
of this book: for the time is at hand,
He that is unjust, let him be unjust still,
He that is filthy, let him be filthy still,
and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still,

and he that is holy let him be holy still.
And behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me,
to give every man according as his work shall be.
I am Alpha and Omega,
the beginning and the end,
the first and the last. Rev. 22:10-13

Friday, January 22, 2010

Frank and Joe

They meet every morning about nine o’clock
Down at the local coffee-shop
There isn’t always a whole lot to say
But they like to sit there anyway
Frank says, ‘It’s a nice day’ and Joe says ‘yep
Better now that the sun is up
No more snow today, I hope
Or did you like the storm?’ and Frank says ‘nope’

Frank and Joe are best buddies again
They’ve known each other since way back when
And only between the two do they know
What they’re really saying; Frank and Joe
Sharing their hearts with barely a word
As muffins are eaten and coffee is stirred
But they both know what the other is thinking
As they talk about weather and the coffee they’re drinking

‘It sure is cold and lonely at home
Just not the same since the missus is gone
I didn’t know silence could be so loud
Glad that the coffee-shop has a good crowd
These muffins are nothing like Sally made
I’d trade them for love and lemonade’
Frank says, ‘seems busy in here today’
Joe says, ‘I kinda like it that way….’

Frank and Joe, best buddies again
They’ve known each other since way back when…
And only God above really knows
The depth of their sorrow; Frank and Joe

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I happen to know a few
'Frank and Joe's'
some of them- women.....
I went out for lunch with an
elderly widow-lady this week,
She commented, Nothing in the world can prepare you for
what it is like to live alone day after day,.....

Pure religion and undefiled
before God the father is this,
To visit the fatherless and the widows
in their affliction,
and to keep himself unspotted from the world. James 1:27 KJV

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just As We Are

There is no status we need to achieve
To come to Jesus we need to believe
No inspired words or sentiments
But a heart that is stirred to true repentance
No fame or fortune we need to acquire
A spirit of submission is His one desire
No beauty contest first to be won
We are all beautiful in the eyes of the Son
No huge bank account, no fancy car
For God so loves us JUST AS WE ARE

Al Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

John 3:16

For God, the Creator of Heaven and earth
The King of kings, life’s breath in each birth
So loved this sinful, wretched world
Each man and woman, boy and girl
That He gave; no, He was not taken by any man
But gave, for His ultimate, Sovereign plan
His one and only precious Son
So death’s battle could be won
For whosoever believes on Him
This Lord of lords and King of kings
Will never perish, though he was cursed
Has life within the Last and First
Everlasting life in Heaven above
All because a God so loved

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I read this verse today….
It is the first verse I memorized when
I was a little girl.
And some days it still over-whelms me!!!
Oh, what a God!
Oh, what love!

If Heaven has Winter

If Heaven has winter with its icicle kiss
I think it will be a day like this
Pure, pristine, this crystal gown
Resplendent ‘neath an azure crown

If Heaven has winter on such a day
I think that it will be okay

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

As long as the EARTH remains,
Seed-time and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Summer and winter,
Day and night,
Shall not cease. Gen.8:22

Yes, He’s talking about EARTH!
Personally, I think Heaven’s seasons
Are going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

Here are some shots I took when
I was out on my run this morning.
They really do not capture
the pristine silent beauty
of God's handiwork!!!

Not My Own

On my own I’m doomed to fail
An utter hopeless cause
When life’s cruel winds prevail
How great would be my loss
And when the clouds of bitter woe
Would crush me where I stand
I could not go where I should go
Without my Father’s hand

On my own my greatest wealth
Would be my foolish pride
My ignorance would be my fame
If You I have denied
I would have no hope at all
And truly be alone
The battle lost before it’s fought
If I were on my own

But because of Calvary
I’ll never be alone
Because of Christ’s blood shed for me
I am not my own
And so in spite of this world’s doom
And fear of the unknown
I can face each day with hope
For I am not my own

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Be ye therefore followers of God
as dear children; and walk in love as
Christ has loved us and has given himself for us an
offering and sacrifice to God.....Eph.5:1-2

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I can only reach you and beg for your grace
With the very thing I would like to erase….

I have one solitary tool
With which to be wise man or fool…

God, grant me the discretion to choose
Very wisely which ones to use….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

But the tongue can no man tame;
therewith bless we God, even the Father
and therewith curse we men
which are made after the similitude of God.
Out of the same mouth proceeds
blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things
ought not so to be.
Doth a fountain send forth at the same place
sweet water and bitter? James 4:8-11

I'll Take The Grey with You

The skies cannot always be blue, my love
Sometimes we need the grey
But we both know the truth, my love
After the clouds pass away
The sun will shine warmer and purer, my love
Because of the storm we’ve passed through
No, the skies cannot always be blue, my love
But I’ll take the grey with you

The road cannot always be smooth, my love
For then how would we know
If ever our love was strong enough
To weather the winds that blow
And if there were only smooth roads, my love
Would we reach out to find
If our love was strong enough, my love
To trust these ties that bind

No, the skies cannot always be blue, my love
But even within the grey
There is the warmth of the (sun) Son, my love
And no one can take that away
The road cannot always be smooth, my love
For then we would never need
The One who has promised to be, my love
Our truest Friend indeed

The skies will not always be blue, my love
Grey must have its day too
But there's one thing I'll promise, love
I'll take the grey with you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Lucky One

A row of books upon a book-shelf
Colored covers hide the tales within
And only if we stop to turn the pages
Will we find how each story begins….

He came back home today, they call it furlough
A well-earned rest from all the bloody scenes
They say he’s changed, the boy from Silver Hollow
Is not the jolly lad he once had been
They cannot see beyond the blue reflection
As he stares off somewhere beyond the stars
Seeing all lined up in sad perfection
His bloody souvenirs, his hidden scars

They all agree he’s one of the lucky ones
So many of his friends will not come home
They slap his back in grand congratulations
And say ‘drop over for a drink sometime’
But he’s not like a book that they can open
Nor can he close the covers of his mind
As he returns unbidden to the pages
Of horrors that he thought he left behind

He longs to scream aloud, ‘there are no lucky ones
No winners in this bloody hell called war
But silently he turns to count his trophies
His crimson souvenirs, his hidden scars
Only God can see what’s on these pages
The torment of the echoes in his mind
Oh God, he did not want to be the author
Of a story that he just can’t leave behind

A row of story-books upon a book-shelf
Pretty covers hide the tales within
And only if we stop to turn the pages
Will we know how each story begins….

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin


A New Kind of Grace

I’d love to wander alone with you
Past the winter where skies are blue
And the kiss of the sun would warm our bare-feet
In the late after-noon in solitude sweet
The sigh of the breeze and the stir of the grass
The breath of the trees as we tip-toe past
Would be the music of our choice
As we roam the hills beyond the noise
Of everything plain and common-place
Discovering again,a new kind of grace

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Come On....

Come on, let’s kick off our shoes and run in the sand
The water is warm, the day is grand
The sun a robe truly sublime
And all we have in the world is time….
So come on, let’s take a break today
Will anyone notice if we slip away?
Everyone needs a break now and then
So come on, let’s dance in the sun
I reach for your hand and open my eyes
You disappear in my winter sun-rise

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Our Secret

Betcha didn’t think I’d notice
With that twinkle in your eye
And the little glow of mischief
As you softly tiptoed by….
Bet you’re thinkin’ that I’m thinkin’
You’re a mighty little man
So just between the two of us
I’ll keep our secret if I can

Bet you’re thinkin’as you’re reaching
For the stars, the clouds, the moon
That before so very long
You’ll be a big tough man real soon
And that’s why you keep saying things
That you hear ‘big guys’ say
I know, it’s our secret
So I’ll try to keep it that way

Yeah, you’re so tough and strong and cool
You’re the leader of the gang
Well, almost…and you would be
But you sorta like it here at home
So I will keep our secret
You’re tough and have no fear
‘Cause you and I both know it…
You're just a great big teddy-bear

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Mighty Sword

Oh what a mighty sword we wield
This tiny little quill
If we our hand to God’s Hand yield
Tuned to Heavens will
This sword can waken hearts that sleep
Melt hearts as cold as stone
For through this quill our God can speak
To earth from Heavens throne

This tiny quill a mighty sword
As words so fitly written
Waken sinners to God’s word
As by His voice we’re smitten
I look upon you in my hand
This tiny stem of ink
Oh can I write of God’s love grand
In words to make us think?

Can I with just a tiny quill
And by God’s wondrous grace
Stir a heart that’s sleeping still
With humble lines I trace?
Can I, as with a mighty sword
Draw lost men to their knees?
Arouse desire for God’s word
As we behold our need?

This great day, this day of grace
One day soon will end
We’ll meet our Maker face to face
Are we ready, friend?
For God so loved this wretched world
He gave His only Son
An offering for each boy and girl
So that we may live on

Oh, tiny quill within my hand
What mighty awesome power
For God can work His wonder grand
Through one small pen of ours
Help me move it ‘cross this page
In tune with Heavens voice
Oh parchment, you’re a mighty stage
Where man may make a choice

All Rights Reserved

For the Word of God is living and active
Sharper than any two-edged sword
It penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit,
Joints and marrow; it judges
the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Heb.4:12

If Only we Had Known

If only you’d have told us, surely someone cared
If only we had known would your life have been spared?
The winds still blows, the sun shines on…
Day and night, the noon the dawn
Roll on and on, but you are gone….

Was there really nothing left worth living for?
When one door closes there’s another door
Now your mother’s tears will never dry
Your friends can only weep and wonder ‘why’
As those who loved you most can only cry

Star still twinkle in the night sky up above
We still all have someone here to laugh with and to love
But there will never be another you
No one here will ever fill your shoes
We would have held your hand, if we only knew…..
Oh God, help us understand and walk us through

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Inspired by the Rascal Flatts song ‘Why’

In loving memory of Henri S.

By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept....
then we remembered Zion. Ps. 137:1

My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the
depths of the earth,
Your eyes saw my unformed body.
All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be. Ps. 139:15-16

Friends Again

Shadows from the past are hanging low again
The sky is overcast, it looks like pain
The thunder in the distant sounds its warning
It’s going to more pain again this morning

Waves crash heartlessly against the moorings
Good intentions lost within its current
As regret and heart-ache flow across my mind
I can’t seem to leave its flood behind

Somewhere between the loving and the living
Somewhere between the taking and the giving
Somewhere between the sun and shadow-blends
We’ve forgotten how to be just friends

The tight-rope where we balance isn’t very strong
We’ll be meeting in the middle before very long
Will it be a new beginning or a bitter end?
As we fall into the water will I be your friend?

God, You are the Father of compassion
You know the sun shines on beyond the crashing
Of the waves and angry torrents dark with pain
God, I know with You we will be friends again

You are hope and love that’s never-ending
Beyond the clouds another dream is waiting
You are the Healer of life’s bitter pain
God, with You I know we will be friends again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Winter's Seduction

Oh yes, I know what you’re trying to do
As you show off your coat brand-new…
You believe that you can seduce this summer heart
As you boldly flaunt your new work of art
I’ll admit you are quite stunning
White becomes you, though I much prefer
The blue-green of June
So while others gasp and swoon
I concede within myself
Yes, you are a true beauty…..
Especially as the light of the moon
Adds its silver accent
Or the sun at noon
Bedazzles you with glistening diamonds,
Mocking the man with jewel-laden hand
You laugh; for no one compares to you
In your dazzling robe of frozen dew
As your taunting gaze lures me in
I come face to face with you…
….and I grin
Almost, almost you had me fooled
But when I reached to touch you….
….you were cold.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I keep looking at this tree…..
It seems to be talking to me
“For two days I have been
Wearing my new coat!!!
When are you going to take my picture???!!!”
So I did

This Broken Man

Soft as the mist in the morning
Over the wooded vale
Soft as the kiss of the dawning
After a midnight gale
Soft as the sun on my shoulder
After the driving rain
You touch my heart, dear Father
And heal this broken man

After the lonesome hour
When its cold shadow is cast
After the brightest flower
Joins its comrades in the dust
After the fleeting friendship
Common to this earth’s span
You restore our fellowship
And heal this broken man

Just like a child in the evening
Seeking its mothers arms
Lord, as I lean on your shoulder
This life with its countless alarms
Grows dim in Your comforting Presence
As I reach for Your faithful hand
Remembering Your precious promise
You heal this broken man

All Right Reserved
Janet Martin

I will never leave You
Nor forsake you. Heb.13:5

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where is Poetry?

From whence comes inspiration?
And where is poetry
This the serious question
One day was asked of me
And without hesitation
I said from God of course
But now in contemplation
I could have said much more
For as I slowly waken
To greet another day
Before my eyes are open
I’m privileged to pray
To the great Creator
Of Heaven and of earth
This Holy Mediator
Gives this new day birth
Ah surely, surely this must be
A treasured bit of poetry

Then from my bed I hasten
To view dawn’s tender kiss
Where lawns and gardens glisten
In this solitary bliss
But here and there a feathered friend
Cannot contain its praises
As pinks and gold and purples blend
His heavenly glory blazes
Golden warmth melts shadow-lands
And deeper blues surrender
To the touch of Heavens hand
And daylights kiss so tender
Faintly in the morns dawning
A new-born baby cries
And mother smiles and softly sings
Her gentle lullabies
Ah surely, surely this must be
A treasured bit of poetry

The brilliant blossoms open wide
And soundlessly unfold
A seed so tiny, brown and dried
Is now a lily gold
And everywhere I turn to see
God’s magnificence
Ah, there is glorious poetry
In His omnipotence
As He opens up His hand
And showers blessing down
I simply cannot comprehend
The priceless wealth I own
As children's laughter, loving arms
Wrap their warmth around me
A thousand, thousand wondrous charms
Softly here surround me
Ah surely, surely you agree
Everywhere is poetry

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Broken Mirror

I’m still young and beautiful
I’ve still got a sparkle in my eye
I’m filled with great ambition
I just wish somehow that time would cease to fly
Oh, I’ve still got a lot of dreams
Things I think that I would like to try
And I’m still young and beautiful
Sometimes I wish the mirror wouldn’t lie

God sure must have loved me
As I behold my cherished friends of youth
And we’re not really very old
Mirrors these days just do not tell the truth
And if you asked me just how old
I feel, well I’d say twenty and a day
But oh, you broken mirror
I just wish you wouldn’t look at me that way

I’m still young and beautiful
Those wrinkles are just laugh-lines on my face
And I’m not really very old
I’ve just lived a few more days of grace
And I’m sure if you caught my stare
You’d see a youthful twinkle in my eye
I know, ‘cause I can feel it there
Sometimes I wish the mirror wouldn’t lie

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin