Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If Love Were.....

If love were a tangible object
What do you suppose it would be?
Would it be a blooming magnolia
Or the golden maiden-hair tree?
Would it be a coral sunset
On the water in July?
Or the picture of our tango
‘Neath that sultry August sky?

If love were a tangible object
Would it be a rose?
A new-born babe, a diamond
Is that what you suppose?
Or would it simply be a tear?
Love’s wordless joy and sorrow
Or the arms that draw us near
As its warmth we borrow?

Would it be a moon-lit hill
Bathed in a misty shroud
Lingering o’er a tranquil sea
Beneath a silver cloud
Would it be a tender kiss
In silent ecstasy?
Or would it simply be this?
You here, next to me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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