Friday, February 26, 2010

The Thing I Hate About Love

Do you want to know
the thing I hate about love?
It seems in love,
sometimes everything you say
comes out wrong
and then you end up hurting those
you love most
and who love you most.
Why is it that my feelings are not
always portrayed in my words?
Instead of the 'nice' coming out
of my mouth, it's the 'not so nice...'
That's the thing I hate about love
We hurt those we love most,
often in the little things..
...because in love, the little things
are the big things.
It's the little things that often
hurt more than the big things
because we never really deal
with the little things...
and then we end up hurting those
we love most
and who love us the most.
God, teach me to love
in the little things,
so I will not hurt those who
I love most.

Janet Martin

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