Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Storm

Upon the shore-line of my heart
The ruthless waves are crashing
It’s tempest tearing me apart
As on the rocks they’re dashing
Dark above, the grumbling sky
Threatens retaliation
Its pewter mumbling mirrors my
Rebellious indignation

In anger I resist the tide
The rising tumult surging
My will refusing to subside
To the Spirit’s urging
As on the rolling ocean-crest
The boiling tempest rages
With cloven tongues of lightning-flash
Upon the foaming stages

The moaning timbre of the wind
Lashes out in fury
As my raging tear-drops blind
Me to a love enduring
And still the waves in anger crash
Against the Rock abiding
The thunder rolls, the heavens flash
Rebuking, loving, chiding

In the climax of the storm
I sense a sudden waning
As I cry out for loving arms
So long I’ve been refraining
And out above the howling gale
On my will defeated
He steps out; the storm clouds pale
With blessed words repeated,
"Peace be still, peace be still
AS you trust your Father's will
Peace be still, peace be still
As you trust My perfect will"

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

In fear and amazement they asked
they asked one another, "Who is this,
that even the winds and the waves obey Him?" Luke 8:25

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