Saturday, February 6, 2010


I feel you in the gathering dusk, a whisper in the air
A kin-ship to your spirit-trust, I reach to touch you there
And though sometimes the tears may swell within by longing eye
I softly whisper, “It is well, I’ll see you by and by”

The flowers nod their perfumed head in silent empathy
Mindless of the tears I shed as my heart longs for thee
And as the crimson turns to deeper blues in western sky
I hear your voice within the hues of twilight’s twinkling eye

My heart in anguish over-flows with tender thankfulness
I languish in the memory of your smile and your caress
I know that you are there for I can hear you softly sigh
In the dusty evening air and in the breezes lullaby

Soul-mates can’t be severed for their hearts still beat as one
Unified forever by a mystery of their own
So I smile as I sense you in the moon-light as it glows
For I know you are somewhere in the breeze that softly blows

Somewhere on a distant shore in silent reverie
I will reach to brush your heart in cherished memory
And deeper than the anguish beats a heart of thankfulness
That God for just a little while gave me a friend like this

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus, lover of my soul
Let me to your bosom fly
while the storms around me roll
safe upon this Rock am I......

One of my very
favorite hymns!

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