Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Turn Away

Don’t turn away, I’ll admit
The sky is a little gray
But tomorrow is
Another day
The sky might be
Another shade of gray
But it also might be
A perfect shade of blue
The kiss of the sun
On your down-cast view
So don’t turn away today

Don’t turn way, I’ll admit
There may be days
Like today
When you struggle a bit
But this too shall pass
So softly away
Tomorrow the grass
Will not be gray
But the perfect shade of green
And laughter will dance
Where your tears had been
So don’t turn away today

Don’t turn away, yes I know
There’s no easy street
Beneath your feet
The rock is gray
The climb is a little up-hill
The going tough
But if you trust My will
It will be enough
The gray sky will turn
To blue someday
So don’t turn away today

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

But He said to me,
My grace is sufficient for you…2 Cor 12:9

There is one word to perfectly describe
today; gray.....
Well, I think I'm going to go
for a long trek in a gray day:):)

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