Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sad, Sad Good-bye

I see you etched in the silent moon-rise
The hint of sorrow that gleams in your eyes
I know the reason as I start to cry
In the bitter-sweet moment of a sad, sad good-bye

Blow out the stars; pluck the moon from its crest
Trample the roses and the blooms I love best
Take away all the lilies; snuff the light in my eye
In this bitter-sweet moment, in this sad, sad good-bye

Tomorrow, the blossoms may float on the breeze
Their scent be the perfume in sweet memories
But here in the matrix of honor, love lies
In a bitter-sweet moment of sad, sad good-byes

In a beautiful memory down a long winding road
Someday my darling, perchance I shall go
But my broken heart can only cry
In this bitter-sweet moment of a sad, sad good-bye

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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