Thursday, February 11, 2010

One More Day

Let me hold you just a little longer
Then I’ll let you fly away
Wait til I’m a little stronger
Won’t you wait just one more day?
Then perhaps I will be able
To release my hold on you
One more day is all I’m asking
Just for one more day with you

Let me touch your cheek, my darling
Listen to the twilight blue
Let me wake another morning
To spend one more day with you
If I had just one more hour
Maybe I could let you go
One more dance among the flowers
Or beneath the moon-light glow

Let me kiss your cheek, my darling
Linger in your tender sigh
Let me walk with you my darling
Where our dreams and angels fly
I’m not asking for a fortune
Or for things so fine and new
All that I am asking darling
Is for one more day with you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Dedicated to all of those who
wish for 'just one more day'.

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