Sunday, February 28, 2010


OH!!!! MY!!!!!! GOODNESS!!!!!
What a nail-biter!!!
What a blast!
Thank-you to all the Olympic athletes
for entertaining and inspiring!!!!!

Farewell Olympics 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gold Medal Cookies

1 cup shortening
¾ cup wh. Sugar
¾ cup br. Sugar
2 Eggs
Cream these 4 ingred. Until light and fluffy.
Mix 2 ½ cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
Add to shortening mixture
Add 1 cup oatmeal
¾ cup chopped pecans
1 pkg. or 1 ½ cups choco-chunks
1 cup milk choc. Chips
I pkg. toffee bits
Bake at 350 F. until golden. Approx 8 min.

We wanted something special
to celebrate the last days of the Olympics
so we created this recipe.

(may use whole-wheat flour)

Friday, February 26, 2010


The Thing I Hate About Love

Do you want to know
the thing I hate about love?
It seems in love,
sometimes everything you say
comes out wrong
and then you end up hurting those
you love most
and who love you most.
Why is it that my feelings are not
always portrayed in my words?
Instead of the 'nice' coming out
of my mouth, it's the 'not so nice...'
That's the thing I hate about love
We hurt those we love most,
often in the little things..
...because in love, the little things
are the big things.
It's the little things that often
hurt more than the big things
because we never really deal
with the little things...
and then we end up hurting those
we love most
and who love us the most.
God, teach me to love
in the little things,
so I will not hurt those who
I love most.

Janet Martin

No Doubts

If I told you that I’d never disappoint you
If I told you that I’ll never do you wrong
If I told you that I’d never say the wrong words
I don’t blame you dear for doubting my fair song
So I won’t make a never-ending promise
About the things that I won’t ever do
But above all things my darling you may know this
You will never need to doubt my love for you

I have failed you more than I care to remember
Without meaning to I have made love a lie
But as surely as a Christmas in December
Or the warmth of summer sun-shine in July
There is one thing you will never need to doubt, dear
In spite of all the things I never do
Tis my love you’ll never need to live without, dear
So you’ll never need to doubt my love for you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Just another love poem.
I was vacuuming when.......

I have a feeling the love theme
will carry through March with Easter being
on April the 4th.

By the way.....CONGRATULATIONS!!
Canadian Women's Hockey!!! You did it!!!
We love you!!

I Have Been Loved....

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing a sunset
Tasting a word as it slips off my tongue
I have been carried through the clouds on a memory
Seen the windows of Heaven flung
I’ve heard the music of love’s sweetest passion
Bled in the trenches where the down-cast fall
I’ve known love and craved it, taken and given
And I have been loved by the best love of all

I’ve known the love and the joy of a soul-mate
I’ve tasted bitter tears of regret
But I’ve felt the love in a distant heart-beat
And the touch of a hand I have never met
I have been loved, sometimes for a season
Languid chords of a chilling fall
I have let go for all the wrong reasons
But I have been loved by the best love of all

God, for some reason you just keep on loving
Faithful companion, wonderful Friend
In every season of life You are proving
You will be with me until this life shall end
God, You are the Giver and Taker
You are the Lover of my soul
You have promised to love me forever
So I have been loved by the best love of all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin
The 'month of love' may be drawing to a close,
but never the season!!!!
Every day is an opportunity to love!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Slow-burning Memory

Slow-burning memory
Flickering in the wind
Burning through the pages
To a chapter in my mind
I’ve got no desire
To snuff out its flame
For here in its fire
I still see your name

Slow burning memory
Carry me away
Warm me with the kiss
Of a sweet yesterday
Just like a swallow
Of love’s finest wine
This slow-burning memory
Lingers in my mind

Slow-burning memory
Smoldering ember
Love’s tender offering
As I remember
Slow-burning memory
Bitter-sweet pain
Here in its flicker
I see you again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Going for Gold!!!!

Cast off your doubts, dry all your tears
Cease your sorrowing, shake off your fears
The race isn’t over, so come young and old
We won’t play second fiddle, we’re going for gold

The joy in our triumph will be worth every mile
So lift weary shoulders, and for goodness sake’s, smile
We’re in this together, let’s run a good race
Cause we’re not gonna settle for second place

Someday we’ll look back as in sweet victory
We carry the gold through the land of the free
So keep the faith, there’ll be joy untold
When we win the victory…GOING FOR GOLD!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes, hockey fever is raging in this house!!!
We are hoping for a re-match of last Sunday’s game…..
This Sunday! Go Canada!

GO GIRLS!!!! Tonight!!!!


Beneath a dark and morbid sky
In love's silent soliloquy
I recall the fairer day
Where in green pastures we would play

Where stars would glisten over-head
Suspended on an unseen thread
And we could almost touch the lights
On those sultry summer nights

But now the sky is inky black
The darkness like a smothering wrap
The barren wilderness my curse
As I tremble in my thirst

Then, your quiet memory
Stirs a little light in me
Oasis in my wilderness
Life within its barrenness

Cool, cool drink of nectar sweet
Soft green grass beneath my feet
Friendship's softest touch to bless
In love's lonely wilderness

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ode to my Camera...and other losses

I see you lying on the floor
I can’t hold you anymore
Our walk was short and sweet
Now you’re lying at my feet
Don’t you know I still need you
Oh, what am I going to do
You are like a vault to me
Tracing every memory

I beg for another chance
You return a dormant glance
Like a sullen stone you lie
Like a girl alone, I cry
Won’t you please come back to me
I will hold you carefully
But in silence you reply
As my pleading you deny

When it rains it pours, tis said
Rain is pouring on my head
There is nothing I can do
To make our friendship good as new
I must quietly resign
To this tragedy of mine
Yes, you used to be my friend
But it seems we’ve reached the end

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes, I know it’s just a camera
Yes dear, I know, it was an accident
But warranties do not cover dropping!!!!
Man, it was fun while I had you:(:(

My attempt to bring humor to life's
little disappointments........

Time Well Wasted

If you should come and walk with me
Or sit beneath the willow tree
This one thing I can guarantee
It will be time well-wasted

If we should watch the full moon climb
It’s cloudy slope in heaven’s time
And you would have your hand in mine
It would be time well wasted

And should you look at me like this
Or contemplate a tender kiss
Where simply being is pure bliss
It will be time well-wasted

Who would dare to count the hours?
I prefer to count the flowers
In this solitude of ours
And time well wasted

I will melt into your smile
Stop the clock a little while
I must say I like your style
Of time well wasted

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The Other Side of Me

They see the face of a woman’s love
They see the face of a smile
They see the mask that I hold to protect me
Or the sorrow that flows from my eyes
They see the outside and what it reveals
They cannot see what the outside conceals
Behind my mask no one can see
What forms the other side of me

But You see every hidden part
Beyond a surface smile
You know the deepest intent of the heart
You see to my very soul
For there is nothing hid from You
No secret deed that I can do
No mask through which You cannot see
To the other side of me.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


His golden fields are rich with grain
His store-house over-flows
I see his pleasure ‘neath my pain
My cross beholds his rose
And in my state of discontent
I cry out “Father, why”
In wickedness his field was sown
Yet wealth is Your reply

In tenderness He takes my hand
And lifts my face to Him
“Child, when You don’t understand
When hope and strength grow dim,
I will still be at Your side
Your grandest wealth awaits
The wicked in this world abide
Heedless of their fate.

The sun shines on the just, unjust
The rain on all as well
On he who’s only god is lust
His reward is hell
My child, too soon the Reaper comes
To those who shun My love
Too soon these hopeless fields shall burn
As I My Words shall prove

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Beyond this bleak horizon-line
Somewhere, I am told
Is a glorious land divine
Where streets are paved with gold
And in this land not made with hands
Where there is no night
He will wipe away our tears
In rapturous delight

Gone forever, all our care
He heals the broken-hearted
Gone the worry and despair
As loved ones are united
With tender trace He will replace
Each memory of grief
As we rest upon His breast
In Heaven’s sweet relief

With his grace, yes I can face
The sorrows of my day
The lonesome hour, the trampled flower
All soon shall pass away
He’ll fulfill His perfect will
For He holds everything
As He reminds me I’m his child
A daughter of the King

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin My Father's house are many mansions.
If it were not so I would have told you.
I go to prepare a place for you
and if I go to prepare a place for you
I will come again and receive you unto
Myself, that where I am there you may be also. John 14:2-3
unto myself, that

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mere Humor or Mirror Humor

Time is a ruthless painter, so I do declare
I despise my mirror but the mirror doesn’t care
If it’s the truth it’s telling well I’d beg to differ please
Cause I’m still feeling dapper but for creaking in my KNEES!!!!

Some mornings I sprint out of bed just like I used to do
But then a cramp assails me and I holler out for you
We limp like weary soldiers to the nearest easy chair
You bring me an ice-pack and cushion for my REAR!!!!

I stopped counting wrinkles when the wrinkles became me
My blue eyes still twinkle, I just wish that they could see
But when we turn the lights out it’s so good to be alive
Because when I am sleeping I still feel like twenty-five!!!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

okay...I know this is a little corny!!!!
I was inspired after being regaled
with tales of what we ladies get to
look forward to at menopause!!!!!

While it isn't really what I used in this poem
I decided our only coping mechanism may be
a good sense of humor!!!! So, CHEERS!!!!!!

Forever in my Heart

Here on a carpet of sorrow
Your cherished memory lies
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Now I realize
Though you are gone from my presence
We will never be apart
You will be with me forever
Always in my heart

Like a garden of fragrant memories
You linger on my mind
I hear your laughter on the breeze
Your voice so soft and kind
They say you are gone forever
But I know we will never part
Until I meet you in heaven
You will remain in my heart

I’ve borne my hour of torment
Suffered love’s agony
Now I know I can be content
For I know where you’ll be
And this is my eternal comfort
My candle in the dark
For you are right here with me
Forever in my heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


If Love Were.....

If love were a tangible object
What do you suppose it would be?
Would it be a blooming magnolia
Or the golden maiden-hair tree?
Would it be a coral sunset
On the water in July?
Or the picture of our tango
‘Neath that sultry August sky?

If love were a tangible object
Would it be a rose?
A new-born babe, a diamond
Is that what you suppose?
Or would it simply be a tear?
Love’s wordless joy and sorrow
Or the arms that draw us near
As its warmth we borrow?

Would it be a moon-lit hill
Bathed in a misty shroud
Lingering o’er a tranquil sea
Beneath a silver cloud
Would it be a tender kiss
In silent ecstasy?
Or would it simply be this?
You here, next to me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Song

Sometimes it plays upon my heart like the strain of a violin
And though it’s tearing me apart I beg to hear it again
I let its sorrow linger like a kiss upon my pain
As you run your fingers through my memory again

I feel the tender passion of the music as it plays
I hear the breakers crashing on a sea-shore far away
I let its sonnet linger as it sets my spirit free
I reach to touch the fingers running through my memory

As the chorus fades away like waves return to sea
As the turquoise turns to gray and touch to memory
As the silence of the present drowns out its melody
I reach to clasp your fingers running through my memory

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin



Sometimes I pray that you’re happy
That the sun smiles down on you
I pray that you will be richly blessed
In everything you do
Sometimes I pray for your loved ones
That God will bless them too
And sometimes I pray that you miss me
As much as I miss you

Sometimes I pray for patience
Or for the rights words to say
Sometimes I simply pray for grace
To take me through the day
I pray that God will keep you
Wherever He may lead
And sometimes I pray without meaning to
That you also miss me

God alone can hear me
And understands my prayer
He knows what I’m thinking
And how very much I care
Sometimes I pray for wisdom
For I can see only a part
And sometimes I pray that somehow
You feel His touch on your heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Hey Emma, from Canada to England!!
How long has it been? 18 years?
This pic was Sat. night.

I Was Wrong

I thought I could get along without you
I thought I’d be fine on my own
So I tried not to think about you
Or the love that you had shown
I thought I knew what I needed
I would write a new love song
But there’s nothing to do but admit it
You were right, I was wrong

Cho. Cause I need you like the air that I breathe
I need you, not just your memory
I need you, oh there’s no other way
I need you in my life to stay

I thought in time my guilt would fade
Along with your memory
I’d forget about the sacrifice you made
So I could be set free
I thought I would get over you
The memory of love’s song
And I could live without loving you
But now I know; I was wrong

Cho. Cause I need you like a flower needs the sun
I need you in my every day
I need you Lord, I need you, I was wrong
I need You in my life to stay

And I need you like the air that I breathe
I need you to be the life in me
I need you forever, Lord I believe
I need You, I need you to be
The life in me
I need you, I need you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Good Time

Grab the shovel it’s snowing again
Who left the key turned on in the van?
Get it boosted, empty light comes on
Lord, have mercy on a country mom

Open the fridge for the last bit of milk
Somebody drank what isn’t spilled
Supper plans change, left-overs are gone
Lord, have mercy on this country mom

Pick up the phone, I know it’s late
Hon, when are you home, we need a date
Trip on a toy, Lord guard my tongue
And please have mercy on this country mom

It’s Saturday night, mom’s starting to smile
In a way she hasn’t in a very long while
Listen up children, I know you’ll be fine
But your dad and I need a little ‘good time’

Dishwashing hands and floor-scrubbing knees
Tired ‘mommy brain’ move over please
God, I love all these blessings of mine
But once in a while we all need a ‘good time’

Tip-toe in at twelve o’clock
Way too late for old folk like us
I kind of missed these kids of mine
But honey, we sure did have a good time

Check the fridge, plan tomorrow’s lunch
After church we’re a hungry bunch
Thank God above for these blessings of mine
House full of love, and a good, good time

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....but a cheerful heart has a continual feast. Prov.15:15


In my head I know what I need to do
Lord, I need to give it all to You
All the fear of the known and unknown
Every tear when I am alone
Every thought of hate and torment
Would disappear in Your arms heaven-sent

But in my heart it seems like I need to cling
Stubbornly, foolishly to the very thing
That keeps me from wholly trusting You
And robs me of peace and love so true
Why won’t my heart listen to my head
As I cling to the things I see instead?

Lord, give me the faith to let it all go
Faith to believe that You love me so
Faith to listen to Your words in my head
Faith to know without works it is dead
Lord, in my head I know it in part
But help me to believe it in my heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

What a wretched man I am.
Who will rescue me from
this body of death?
Thank be to God--
through our Lord Jesus Christ.Rom.7:25

My grace is sufficient for you,
my strength made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor.12:9

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sad, Sad Good-bye

I see you etched in the silent moon-rise
The hint of sorrow that gleams in your eyes
I know the reason as I start to cry
In the bitter-sweet moment of a sad, sad good-bye

Blow out the stars; pluck the moon from its crest
Trample the roses and the blooms I love best
Take away all the lilies; snuff the light in my eye
In this bitter-sweet moment, in this sad, sad good-bye

Tomorrow, the blossoms may float on the breeze
Their scent be the perfume in sweet memories
But here in the matrix of honor, love lies
In a bitter-sweet moment of sad, sad good-byes

In a beautiful memory down a long winding road
Someday my darling, perchance I shall go
But my broken heart can only cry
In this bitter-sweet moment of a sad, sad good-bye

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everybody Needs A Friend

Everybody needs somebody
Everybody needs a friend
Everybody needs a shoulder
To lean on to at day’s end
And I know that everybody
Needs somebody they can love
Everybody needs somebody
Everyone needs God above

Everybody needs to hear it
Kind and loving sentiment
Everybody needs somebody
Who can make their heart content
Oh, I know that everybody
Needs a friend that they can call
Everybody needs God’s loving
He’s the best Friend of them all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Knowing that you stand by me
Makes all the difference in the world
Knowing you will never leave
Helps me when this life is cold
Knowing there’s a shoulder near
That will never turn away
Keeps me walking through my fear
To a better day

Knowing You promise victory
For all who will endure
Helps to keep me fixed on Thee
For your Word is sure
Knowing there is Heaven waiting
Past this present pain
Keeps me pressing onward knowing
This race is not in vain

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Never will I leave you,
Never will I forsake you. Heb. 13:5

Forgetting what is behind and straining
toward what is ahead,
I press on toward the goal to win the prize
for which God has called me heavenward
in Christ Jesus. Phil. 3:14

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Butterfly

My winter butterfly wears pink pajamas
Barefoot blondie with her eyes of blue
She likes to flit about my little kitchen
Asking if there’s something she can do
She’s my February splash of sunshine
She’s my laughter when the skies are gray
She’s my little butterfly in winter
Please oh please don’t ever fly away

Next to mother she is quite a baker
Busy as a little bumble-bee
Full of life, an endless stream of chatter
Sweetest music in the world to me
She is always full of hugs and kisses
Cheerful as the sunshine in the sky
How I love her heart of tender kindness
How I love my winter butterfly

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I have one very willing helper
in my long as it isn't DISHES!!!
Seems Victoria and I often end up being
the only ones at home...
And we all agree that she is living,
breathing sunshine!!! This little girl
NEVER has a bad day!!!!
God, I love her. Thank-you for this blessing!!!
In the top photo she is helping me make 'redemption dessert'.
That is what I call a special dessert when the first
course is a little bland:):)

On the other photos we are baking valentine cookies
on a stick for her class-mates.

No Apologies

Sometimes I know I’ve said some things
I shouldn’t say
I know I should apologize
Right away
And I’ve done things I know that
I should never do
But I make no apologies
For loving you

It seems I disappoint the ones that
I love most
If failure is a fortune
I can boast
For it seems I’m master of this
Hateful art
But I’m a lover too
With all my heart

I do apologize for every
Sad mistake
The things I say or do that
Cause your heart to break
But I am satisfied in this
One thing I do
I make no apologies
For loving you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


It's Me Again

You said don’t do it
You were right
I knew it
But I did it anyway
You said, start walkin’
I heard you talkin’
But I ignored
Your whisper Lord…

Now here I am
It’s me again
Wishin’ I had listened
Right away
But I am such a fool
First need to break the rule
Before I’m ready
To obey…

Now I’m sorry Lord,
Sorry I ignored
Your gentle whisper
When I said
I can
Yeah it’s me again
Asking You again
Will you forgive again
Will you forgive
This sinful man

Yeah, it’s me again
Lord, I’m so ashamed
But You love and
You never turn away
So here I am again
Broken and unclean
Needing you to
Wash away my sin
Needing You to
Love this sinful man
Needing Your forgiveness
Once again

Yeah, it’s me again…..

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


I don’t have to say a single word
‘Cause I know that You know
You know my deepest sorrow, Lord
You know each hurtful blow
And as I kneel before you
To tell you of my needs
I do not need to say a word
Your mercy intercedes

Lord, I know you hear it
Each sad, wordless confession
And with Your Holy spirit
You make intercession
I do not need to say a word
No perfect line or phrase
For I know that You understand
With Your Amazing Grace

As I weep and as I groan
Unable to express
In love and mercy you atone
My unrighteousness
On my knees I cry to You
Without verbal expression
You know better than I do
And You make intercession

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....but the Spirit himself intercedes for us
with groans that words cannot express....Rom.8:26

Mixed Blessing

When you’re with me my winter is a garden
Blooming in the glow of love’s soft shine
I can wander in its sweet perfection
Holding close to me this rose of mine
It perfume lingers here in tender pleasure
I can taste its sweet eternal kiss
I’ve been handed life’s most valued treasure
Blessed with love as comforting as this

But when you’re gone the garden lacks its luster
The flowers bloom in muted shades of gray
It takes all the courage I can muster
To walk through its loveliness today
The fragrance of the night has sadly faded
As longing, like a tempest sweeps my soul
It seems the garden our love created
Needs the love of two to make it whole

Love, you are a package of mixed blessing
Blending bitter sorrow with the sweet
But still I know in you we are possessing
The only gift that makes our life complete
Love,you are my gardens rarest flower
Love, you are my pleasure and my pain
If I had the chance to start all over
I would do it all with you again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Is the dawning of your day
Robed in gowns of charcoal gray?
Are mere words just sounds we say?
Keep your eyes on Jesus

Does it seems this heavy shroud
Keeps you from the laughing crowd?
There is hope above its cloud
Keep your eyes on Jesus

Keep your eyes on grace prevailing
In the storms of life assailing
There is perfect love unfailing
Keep your eyes on Jesus

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

...because His compassions fail not. Lam.3:22

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In a Prayer

She smiles in the daylight softly waning
Gazing past the gold horizon line
There doesn't seem to be a prayer remaining
That she has not prayed a hundred times

So instead of praying she just stands there
Listening to the evening breezes sigh
Wishing she could reach and touch his hand there
Dancing in the twilight lullaby

Wishing she could hear him softly whisper
Sentimental nothings in her ear
Wishing for the music of their laughter
But all her wishing will not bring him near

She will bear her state of constant sorrow
She will send him kisses in the air
For she knows he will be home tomorrow
So tonight she'll love him in a prayer

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin



Some prefer the busy bustling boardwalk
Where the sun is warm and life is fine
Some prefer their second cup of coffee
Standing in some ticket-window line
Some prefer the voices and the laughter
In a crowd of stranger, comrade, friend
Some prefer a room of bantering chatter
Wishing that the party would not end

They can have their boardwalks in the summer
They can have an all night rendezvous
I prefer a moonlight walk at midnight
In a party made for only two
I prefer my second cup of coffee
Leaning on my darling lover's knee
And I admit I do enjoy a party
Big enough for only you and me

I prefer a show across the water
Silent as the stars on midnight blue
I could sit and gaze at it for hours
In the arms of tender love so true
Some prefer a theater of fine arts
I prefer a hillside with a view
I prefer soft kisses in the moonlight
In a party made for me and you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Swift as a flowing river in spring
Faint as a breath on a butter-fly’s wing
Brief as the tear wiped quickly away
Simply a flicker on a canvas of gray

Precious as a babe in a new mother’s arms
Priceless its value beyond this world’s charms
One tiny foot-print in the vast blue sky
One tiny flicker before we die

One tiny flicker, one transient breath
One fleeting dance twixt life and death
One tiny flicker, one God, one Way
But two destinations on Judgment Day

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Just as man is destined to die once,
and after that to face judgment,
so Christ was sacrificed once to
take away the sins of the many people;
and He will appear a second time,
not to bear sin, but to bring salvation
to those who are waiting for Him. Heb. 9;27-28

His Blue-print

He holds the blue-print of my life
In tender caring hands
No randomness, coincidence
No circumstance unplanned
And as I fret and then forget
Whose hand in control
He replies to thankless sighs
With love to save my soul

He beholds my bitter tears
The fruit of my mistakes
He beholds my doubt and fears
The twists and turns I take
My stubborn pride draws me aside
Whilst sadly I must learn
Yet patiently He waits for me
The prodigal’s return

He holds the blue-print of my life
In His all-knowing hand
He desires my trust in Him
Though I don’t understand
If I resign to His design
Instead of asking ‘why’
I rest in this; His promise is
A mansion in the sky

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Do not let your heart be troubled.
Trust in God; trust also in me. John 14:1

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heart of Hearts

Your lips say that you really do not love me
Your eyes, my dear can never really lie
As blue as the blue sky way up above me
They whisper, I’ll love you until I die

Take away the roses in the garden
Take the song that whispers on the breeze
I toss away the bouquet of your pardon
Without you what joy are one of these?

In my heart of hearts I know the truth, dear
In my heart of hearts there is no lie
I can hear the words you do not speak, dear
They whisper, I’ll love you until I die

In my heart of hearts is where I’ll hold you
In my heart of hearts your heart will be
Perhaps my dear, I never really told you
What a precious love you are to me

In my heart of hearts there is no parting
In my heart of hearts is where you’ll be
In my heart of hearts you are my darling
And no one ever can take that from me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

If the Moon Could Talk....

If the moon could talk
What tales it could tell
Stories of youth and
Of old folk as well
He is the all
Encompassing eye
King of the night
In a velvet sky

If the moon could talk
He would write a best-seller
And folk would call him
A lucky feller
For there are no secrets
On his silver knee
No rendezvous
That he cannot see

If the moon could talk
Do you think he would tell
Of our midnight walk
Beneath his spell?
But the moon cannot talk
So no one will know
Save for the sassy
Breezes that blow

If the breeze could talk
What tales it would tell…..

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


He gave His very best for us
Heaven’s perfect lamb
Clad Himself in flesh for us
In form of a servant
He was led by hatred’s hand
To a cruel slaughter
Bringing hope to hopeless man
To every son and daughter

He gave His very best for us
Left His glorious throne
The King of kings and Lord of lords
God’s only precious Son
Knew every blow that lay ahead
The sorrow He must bear
Rejection, torture, pain and dread
A cross, alone, a spear

He gave His very best for us
Offered man His glory
To crucify upon a cross
In tender love out-pouring
Dare we then offer in return
A weak, half-hearted knee?
And such a glorious offering spurn
With mediocrity

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Your attitude should be the same
as that of Jesus Christ…. Phil.2:5

There is no athlete at the Olympics
who gives a weak, half-hearted effort.
They give their ALL in the moment
they have been training for!!!
in the sport they love, in hope of a prize!!
Is the race we are running in not
of far greater significance?
Is the Object of our love not much greater??
Is the Prize not priceless?
Are we then giving our best effort?

Prayer Meeting

From the trucker on the highway
To the lofty business suite
From a laborer in some byway
To the houses down the street
From conductors in high towers
To the ships way out at sea
There comes a cry to tender ears
A begging earnest plea

Someone needs your prayers today
Faithful soldier will you pray?
In your service for your Lord
Rich will be your last reward
Halt your labor, lend an ear
We are neighbors far or near
To man or woman, boy or girl
We’re having a prayer meeting ALL OVER THE WORLD

From missionaries in the jungle
To the desert wilderness
From your distant German uncle
To your Irish relatives
From down under in New Zealand
To the frigid Northern Pole
We have a common zeal and
We share a common goal

Someone needs our prayers today
Lay your weapons down and pray
Farmer in your dusty field
There among the sheaves you kneel
Invalid upon your bed
There in love you bow your head
Man and woman, boy and girl
We’re having a prayer meeting ALL OVER THE WORLD

To His glorious throne in Heaven
From this vast and weary land
A Father ever-loving
Hears a tender chorus grand
From tribes in every nation
Every tongue, communal plea
All across His great creation
Waft the prayers for one in need

Someone needs Your help today
Hear us Father as we pray
Shine upon him with Your love
Watch him from your throne above
Man and woman, boy and girl
All around this great wide world
Fight the soldiers fight today

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Will You Miss Me?

Will you miss me when I’m gone, he softly whispers
With unshed tears of sorrow in his gaze
Reflecting our candle as it flickers
In the silence of the parting of our ways
Will your music be the echo of our laughter
Drifting down a dusty summer lane?
And as you wander through the dewy pasture
Will you dance a little now and then?

The breeze that stirs the tree outside the window
Croons in low despondent melodies
Its mournful serenade my only answer
Words are trite in moments such as these
But I could tell you now how much I miss you
In a thousand countless little ways
I would say I miss you just a little…
I miss you just a little every day

A little with my morning cup of coffee
Or when the dawn breathes on the eastern sky
I miss the scent of love among the lilies
I miss you just a little in each sigh
I miss you in the anguish of the flicker
Of someone else’s candle in the eve
A little when I try not to remember
Just a little every time I breathe

Will you miss me when I’m gone, he softly whispers
Tell me, will you ever think of me?
Will you smile perhaps as you remember
The rapture of our silent poetry?
Yes, I miss you dear, when you’re not with me
As days reply in low and doleful chime
I miss you, oh my darling let me tell thee
I miss you just a little all the time

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Like the sound of an accordion, a steady sullen beat
It’s music softly drifting down a sultry summer street
It stirs my slumbering senses in a mournful soulful tune
And in it I am carried to that lane beneath the moon

The notes like silky satin run their fingers through my mind
The present is forgotten in this melody so fine
And deep within it fans a flame of my dormant desire
As softly I call out your name I cannot quell this fire

The melody entwines itself around my trembling soul
In it I resign myself to live as though I’m whole
For I am the lone dancer in this memory sweet and kind
As I sway to the music of the tango in my mind

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Love, The Best Gift

Love, surely the best gift sent from heaven above

We will never out-live our need for love

Soft, warm contentment as the heart over-flows

Sweet is its sentiment, pure as the rose

Its color more brilliant then a summer sun-rise

Its light most resplendent in a loved ones eyes

Its shelter the comfort of arms that enfold

Its value unmeasured in silver and gold

Its pain more wrenching than a switch-blade knife

Its scars far-reaching to the end of a life

Its loss much greater than pen can tell

Its rejection a sad beginning of hell

Gift of salvation, God’s hope to man-kind

Beyond explanation, and oft gently blind

Tolerant, patient, faithful and true

Heaven’s song in three words, I love you

(last verse optional)

Love, a warm blanket when cold winds blow

Love, a sweet flower that blooms in the snow

Love gives me wings, makes me feel like I’m flying

Love laughs and sings, then tell me, why am I crying?

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

My Valentine

My Valentine

We’ve weathered quite many a storm my love

Battled the wind and the snow

We’ve left some dreams in its wake my love

But new dreams are born as we go

In spite of the chilling wind my love

In spite of the lost sun-shine

I am so glad to know this my love

You are my valentine

You are the one who is there my love

When other friends fly away

You are the one who is strong enough

To weather life’s winter day

Summer will come again my love

Bringing its warm sunshine

Until then I am glad my love

That you are my valentine

Together we’ll weather life’s storms my love

Together we’ll weather its tide

Together we’ll share every tear my love

Until every tear is cried

For winter is never forever my love

And soon the sun will shine

And there we will be together my love

My darling, my valentine

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

The Tree

You reign, a stalwart silhouette against the evening sky
And for a moment I forget the woes which bring a sigh
As I drink in the beauty of the power in each limb
Ignore the voice of duty as I sense you’re beckoning

What glory in your mighty strength, I gaze in silent trance
A living breathing testament of faithful endurance
Your limbs have borne the testing tide of wind and snow and hail
Yet through it all you still abide so strong and beautiful

You are a stunning figure in this calm tranquility
In silence you deliver pure masculinity
I have no resistance; willing victim of your charms
At your wordless insistence I climb into your arms

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When I was out on my afternoon ‘trek’
I was inspired by the silhouette
Of a tree against a blue, blue sky……
it was nice to see a color besides
gray in the Master Painter's palette....
five shades of blue AND a little sunshine too!!!

Highway to Hell

The sun sure feels nice on my face today,
Spring hovers a short sweet mile away
Returning in splendor fresh and clean
I yearn for its tender ever-green…

The sky smiles above me in sparkling hue
Miles and miles of perfect blue
If I had wings I think I would fly
Where freedom sings in an azure sky…

The flowers in abundance sweetly bloom
Buds of fragrance dismiss winter’s gloom
I revel in the perfumed, balmy bliss
Of passion formed in springtime’s kiss….

But, as I look up to the clear blue sky
Suddenly a tear-drop dims my eye
This perfection would all be useless waste
But for redemption through God's loving grace

But for salvation, mercy and love
Hope for all nations in one true God above
Nature’s song would be an empty shell
Simply the scenery on a highway to hell

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

For the wages of sin is death;

First Love

Do you remember when your heart raced
At the mention of My name
The brilliance of your love-light blazed
In glowing radiant flame
Remember when your love for me
Transformed your every thought?
You longed in true humility
The wisdom that I taught

Remember how you wept with joy
As you first realized
My eternal love for you
Was pure and undisguised
Remember when you bowed your knee
Confessed undying love
And how you would serve faithfully
Your deepest love to prove

Oh, do you remember
All the praises you would sing?
Oh, do you remember when
My love was everything?
My precious, I remember
And it makes me very sad
For oh, how I desire
The first love that once you had

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yet I hold this against you;
You have forsaken your first love. Rev.2:4

The Fringe

Somewhere in the hour of the dawning’s fragile light
Somewhere in silent power in the shadows of the night
Somewhere in the twinkle of your mesmerizing gaze
My little fringe of normal melts away

Somewhere between the budding and the autumn leaf that falls
Somewhere in time suspended comes the wonder of it all
A mutual understanding breathed in wordless poetry
My little fringe of normal melts away

Leave normal for the faint of heart, for very young or old
I have no desire for the very thing you stole
You whisper in my heart-beat and you kiss my memory
My little fringe of normal nevermore shall be

The soft touch of your finger-tips when we are far apart
The music of your gentle lips warms my heart of hearts
God, you sure must love me; that is all I’m going to say
As my little fringe of normal melts away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Turn Away

Don’t turn away, I’ll admit
The sky is a little gray
But tomorrow is
Another day
The sky might be
Another shade of gray
But it also might be
A perfect shade of blue
The kiss of the sun
On your down-cast view
So don’t turn away today

Don’t turn way, I’ll admit
There may be days
Like today
When you struggle a bit
But this too shall pass
So softly away
Tomorrow the grass
Will not be gray
But the perfect shade of green
And laughter will dance
Where your tears had been
So don’t turn away today

Don’t turn away, yes I know
There’s no easy street
Beneath your feet
The rock is gray
The climb is a little up-hill
The going tough
But if you trust My will
It will be enough
The gray sky will turn
To blue someday
So don’t turn away today

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

But He said to me,
My grace is sufficient for you…2 Cor 12:9

There is one word to perfectly describe
today; gray.....
Well, I think I'm going to go
for a long trek in a gray day:):)