Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter's Seduction

Oh yes, I know what you’re trying to do
As you show off your coat brand-new…
You believe that you can seduce this summer heart
As you boldly flaunt your new work of art
I’ll admit you are quite stunning
White becomes you, though I much prefer
The blue-green of June
So while others gasp and swoon
I concede within myself
Yes, you are a true beauty…..
Especially as the light of the moon
Adds its silver accent
Or the sun at noon
Bedazzles you with glistening diamonds,
Mocking the man with jewel-laden hand
You laugh; for no one compares to you
In your dazzling robe of frozen dew
As your taunting gaze lures me in
I come face to face with you…
….and I grin
Almost, almost you had me fooled
But when I reached to touch you….
….you were cold.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I keep looking at this tree…..
It seems to be talking to me
“For two days I have been
Wearing my new coat!!!
When are you going to take my picture???!!!”
So I did

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