Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keeper of my Days

In the doorway of my life
He keeps a watchful eye
Aware of all my toil and strife
As fleeting hours fly
He records the words I speak
Lifts me up when I am weak
Watches me with tender gaze
He’s the Keeper of my days

From His tender watchful eye
There is no hidden place
None can run and none can hide
In this relentless race
Every guilt and every sin
Every secret deep within
Arranged in shameful sad displays
To the Keeper of my days

I will never be alone
Nor will I be afraid
His grace sufficient for my own
My guilt on Him is laid
And every kind and gentle word
He records for He has heard
If I ask He leads the way
He’s the Keeper of my days

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He who watches over you
will not slumber. Ps. 121:3

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